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Puzzle of my heart episode 9 & 10

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 9
I came down from my car and put on my fez cap. I wouldn’t want those low lifes to recognize me and start taking pictures. Then, ask me for my autograph.
I told my guards to remain inside as I walk into the restaurant. I sighted Alexis at a far end. He was talking with someone who was backing me.
“Look who we have here Damian” I heard Alexis said as I walk closer.
Damian? that name ring a bell.
OMG! My buddy is back!!! Damian is back in Mexico. Immediately Alexis say what he said, damian turn his back to see me.
“Ryan!” He called
“Damian!” I said and we ran into each other’s arm.
Damian has been my best buddy together with Alexis, back then in Australia, When we were still college students. We got separated when my dad became very ill and I had to come back and take over his company.
I was receiving lectures from home and running the affairs of my dad’s company. Well yeah…apart from being a model, I’m also the CEO of Greenville’s Wine Company. But majority of people in Mexico thinks I’m only a model.
Dad was later flee to India for his treatment. He was suffering from kidney failure. He was successfully operated and now he’s well again.
Now back to Damian, my buddy is back. Damian is really an handsome guy but I’m more handsome. I’m not bragging about it. It’s just the truth.
Between the three of us, I’m the most handsome. Damian comes next before Alexis. Damian is a girls man just like me. He’s a womanizer just like me.
Alexis is just a baby in those type of things. He believe in true love but that doesn’t mean he isn’t hot just like the both of us. He’s our adviser…lol
“Wow Ryan you’re now a big man” he said and gave me a side hug.
“Shut up you man whore” I said laughing and he laughed too.
“I can’t believe I’m seeing you again Ryan. You left us in Australia and came to Mexico to enjoy right! You jerk!” He said
“Common man, let’s sit and talk” I said walking to get a sit for myself.
“Yeah, you have so many explanation to give Ryan. I want listen to them. First, you never told me that you were one of the Greenvilles. Secondly, you left college without telling me. You really have a lot if explanation to give” he said after sitting down and I laugh and look at Alexis.
“First if all, I need a drink to w€t my throat.” I said and turn to Alexis. Alexis already knew why I left because he’s closer to me than Damian. Just that Damian and I do things in common.
I thought Alexis already told Damian about what happened five years ago. You see why Alexis is a d!¢k?
“fv¢k! I’ll cut off your d!¢k and feed it to the vultures if you don’t start talking” Damian said giving bad glares.
“Calm down man, stop roaring like a dog” Alexis said
“Shit, does dog roar? I wonder what you went to learn in school. You were only concerned about true love that’s why you couldn’t read your books. Instead, you went yo read love books. Jerk!” Damian said and I bow my head and started laughing.
“What the hell did you just call me Dami?” Alexis ask
“You’re a jerk Alexis” damian said and I continue laughing. This is how they always talk back at each other. They like arguing and I’ll be the one to separate the fight when I’m tired of laughing.
“Common guys stop arguing over nothing…waiter” I said and called a waiter nearby.
“Get us a bottle of champagne” I said and he bow and left.
“You guys don’t have to argue each time you see each other…don’t you think” I said
“Damian starts it first” Alexis said
“Common I was just correcting the dumb skull in you” damian said
“Who the fv¢k is a dumb skull? You are the dumb skull here” Alexis fired back and that was it. They’ve started arguing again and I was just there laughing.
The waiter return with the champagne and he ask for my autograph wish I gladly gave him because I was happy. The waiter is a teen, Maybe 18 or 19 years of age.
“Thank you so much” he said happily and left and I turn to the two young men arguing in front of me.
“Guys it’s okay if you don’t want to take some champagne. I’ll drink it all by myself. You guys can argue for all I care” I said and both men turn to me
“What the hell do you mean by you’re going to take that alone huh?” Damian ask
“I didnt want to disturb the argument between you two. I just wanted to mind my business” I said smiling
“The fact that we’re arguing, it doesn’t mean that we’re blind” Alexis said and I couldn’t help but laugh. These guys are really crazy.
“So Ryan, is there any girl we don’t know about?” Damian ask.
“There’s no girl damian. I don’t believe in true love. All ladies are only after money and nothing else. That’s why I fv¢k them and dump their @ss. I can’t have anything to do with gold diggers” I said rolling my eyes.
“That’s where you get it all wrong Ryan. Lyla isn’t a gold digger” Alexis said
“You haven’t seen her true self Alexis. Just taste her honey pot and leave” Damian said
“Damian,must you say something as disgusting as that?” Alexis ask
“I’m just trying to speak some s£nse into you” Damian said laughing.
“You’re such a jerk” Alexis said and the rest was argument and I couldn’t stop laughing.
The pain I was feeling was too much. I lay on the bed to rest a little bit but I slept off.
“Wake up you bitch” someone said slapping me so h@rd to wake up. I open my eyes to see the lady that spoke rudely to me in the kitchen earlier.
“What do you want?” I ask yawning
“You’re just too lazy for this job. Why don’t you leave when there’s still time?” She ask
“And who are you to tell me to leave? You’re just a maid like me in this mansion” I said
“By the time I’ll start with you, you won’t see me as a maid but as a…well I shouldn’t tell you that” she said
“Did you come here to threaten me?” I ask
“I don’t threaten people dear, I always do what I say so be careful” she said before turning to leave. She stop while trying to open the door.
“Meanwhile, Charlotte ask for your pres£nce” she said before walking out and I was left to think.
Who’s this lady anyways? And what identity was she trying to reveal before she realize her tongue ?? I must find out ….
[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 10
We were talking and laughing at different jokes, when Maya walked in.
“Ms Charlotte, you s£nt for me” she said bowing. I could see the marks that Zack inflicted on her skin. She must have learnt her lessons.
“Look who we have here Piper” I said and sip a little from my wine before turning to Piper.
“She’s Ryan’s new maid. Ryan’s personal maid.” She said laughing
“Really!…she’s too beautiful to be called a maid” Piper said
“That was the same thing I thought Piper but Ryan won’t listen” I said and turn to look at the Maya girl.
“What’s her name?” Piper ask
“Maya!” I replied
“Oh really…Maya or whatever,I’m piper and I’m here to warn you, make sure to know your limits between you and Ryan because he’s mine. Don’t even try to seduce him,thereby making him fall for your silly @ss” Piper said giving her deadly glares.
I trust Piper, she’s going to talk fear into Maya. I just this Maya of a girl so much, for coming here to work as a personal maid to Ryan. It isn’t only she, but the other maids that has worked for Ryan. I hate any lady that comes to work as Ryan’s personal maid.
“Bitch, say something” Piper said but she still remain mute.
“Cat got your tongue?” I ask
“No ms but I don’t have anything to say” Maya said.
“You won’t have anything to say because I know your mission in this mansion is to make my brother fall for you. You gold digger” I said
“That’s what this low lives are good at. They only want to steal from wealthy people instead of them to work very h@rd and become rich like us” piper said
“I’m not a gold digger. I’m only here to work and take care of my family” she said
“Lies!… All lies. You’re here to be with my brother. Who wouldn’t want to be with the most hottest model in this city huh?” I said so angry.
“I said I’m not a gold digger!!!” Maya yell.
“How dare you talk back at a Greenville?” I said and slap her cheek so h@rd. Immediately, her eyes turn red and she started breathing heavily.
I turn to Piper looking scared. What’s going on? Is Maya a witch?
“I’m not a gold digger and I’ll never be. I shouldn’t be here working as maid for some wicked people if my dad didn’t die. Don’t think you have the guts to slap me Charlotte, because you weren’t the one that employed me to work here. The money you’re spending isn’t yours, so why bragging about it.
And you Piper, you’re a shame for heeding to a bad advice” she said and run off.
“Did you just hear what she said? You allow her to go just like that?” Piper ask and I turn to her with my mouth opened. I’m really speechless right now. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life since I was born.
“Piper, didn’t you see her face?” I ask
“Of course I saw that but…oh! Are you afraid of that?” She ask
“Of course…I should be” I said
“Common Charlotte, let’s go deal with her. She’s just trying to get us scared of her by her acting” she said and I reasoned it with her. There might be truth in what she’s saying.
“You might be right Piper” I said
“Yeah” piper said
“Alright let’s go, I know what to do” I said and stood up. Piper stood up too and we went in search for Maya. That bitch, how car she?
}}} MAYA {{{
I sat down on my bed weeping. If dad was still alive, all these wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t be here receiving insult from a lady of my age.
I mean…my father was also wealthy but the people he worked with were greedy people. They manipulated his will and took everything that belongs to us including my father’s cars. They left only the house for us.
Well, my dad and four other men came together to form a wine company named De B’s Wine Company. It was named De B’s because all the men were having a name starting with the letter B
They all acted like brothers anywhere they are and other companies envied them. They always choose who will be their head every two years.
It was when my dad was made the head in his second tenor, that was when he was murdered. According to my mum, she said dad left home hurriedly on the day he was killed, saying that he had an emergency at the office.
Never did he know that he was going to be killed on that fateful day.
“So you’re here, ms Charlotte request for your pres£nce now” a maid said taking me out of my thoughts.
What does she want this time? I didn’t know what came over me when Charlotte slapped me. Something inside of me was provoked. I thought about dad and wished he was alive. That was why I said what I said.
I walk out of the room to meet an angry Charlotte outside the house with her friend.
“You dare talk back at me right. You’ve grown wings” Charlotte said
“Now, today marks the end of your working here” she said and turn to the guards.
“Take a maid to go get her things” she said giving me dead glares. If looks could kill,I would have been six feet below.
The guards return with my things and I took it from him in tears. I look at Charlotte and she was staring back at me looking so angry.
I haven’t walk half way from the mansion when the gates open and Ryan’s cars drove in. It stopped at the parking lot and Ryan with two other guys came out looking so happy.
“What’s going on here? Why is Maya holding her luggage?” Ryan ask immediately he got to ever we are.
“Ryan, can you imagine this low life talking back at me? I told her to leave. She has been fired” Charlotte said.
“Yeah I was there Ryan” Piper added.
“Is that true Maya?” He said in anger and I just stood there crying.
Ryan walk up to me and hold my wrist. He turn to the rest.
“Charlotte, she isn’t going anywhere. Come with me Maya” he said and everybody’s mouth were left hanging. Did Ryan just defend me? OMG! I can’t believe it.
Ryan defend me in front of his sister!
He really did! That means…I didnt loose my job
Ryan defended me!


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