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Puzzle of my heart Episode 7 & 8

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 7
I was done getting the pineapple juice all thanks to Lydia who helped me…and not that bitch who thinks she’s more than a maid in here.
I walk towards Ryan’s room with the glass of juice in my hand after thanking Lydia. I got to the room and thought of knocking…but I kicked against it.
He must be sitting on the couch, waiting for me to bring the juice.
I open the door and saw…OMG! Mr Ryan was stark naked in front of me. My eyes went to his d**k and i couldn’t believe what i saw. It was so big and long. I was too shock that the glass of juice in my hand fell off.
“I’m so sorry Mr Ryan…I should have knock” I said turning around to leave.
“Wait!” I heard his deep voice with so much authority and I felt my legs stuck to the ground.
How can he tell me to wait when I’m invading his privacy? Is he mad? What does he want to do ? Gosh! my heart was beating so fast.
I felt him walk very close to me. His breathe with everywhere around me.
“Do you think you can just walk in and see my nakedness, only for you to leave just like that?” he said and started careressing my skin
“Sir I’m sorry…please” I said shaking. What does he want to do to me? Does he wants to rape me just because I saw his nakedness? Gosh! I’m doom today.
“Do you think sorry can solve anything” he said and kissed my neck and I close my eyes so tight. There was a new feeling I was having in my body.
He was about saying something but a knock from the door stop him from saying it.
“Who’s there?” he ask
“Oh please Ryan its Charlotte” I heard Mr Ryan’s sister’s voice.
“You may leave now. Make sure to clean up the mess” he said before walking back to his wardrobe.
I took a deep breathe before walking to the door. I open it and here comes an angry face.
“What the hell are you doing here all alone with my brother?” she yell and I bow my head. I dare not say anything.
“She’s my personal maid Charlotte…remember that” I heard Ryan’s voice from inside.
“Gosh! Ryan…really?” she ask
“You can go now Maya and make sure you come back to clean this mess” He said with so much command and I left after bowing.
What is wrong with Charlotte? Why’s she acting so protective over her brother ? Well it’s not my business.
“What was the meaning of that Ryan?” I yell angrily.
“What wa the meaning of what Charlotte?Don’t I have the right to do what I want huh?” he yell at me
“I know you have the right but must it be a common maid” I yell back at him.
“And how us it your business? Charlotte, stop deciding for me” he said
“I’m not deciding for you Ryan. I’m only doing what a sister would do for her brother” I said
“What is it you’re doing that other sisters haven’t done for their brothers ?” he ask.
“Ryan, you aren’t like this. Why are you acting this way?” I ask so surprise at his behavior.
“Charlotte, you’re being over protective and I don’t like it. Stop controlling my life” he said
“Really?…I’m controlling your life? Alright fine, I’ll stop controlling your life” I said angrily and turn to leave.
“Charlothe common, are we going to fight because of a maid?” he ask holding my shoulders and I smile.
“But you’re changing Ryan. You aren’t this way” I said turning to face him.
“It’s okay Charlotte, just forget about what just happened” he said and I smile.
“Alright…I came to tell you that mum called and she said they’ll be coming next week. They’re coming back to celebrate my success” I said so happy.
“So you’re now a fashionista” he ask
“Of course ” I said turning around with pride.
“You won’t stop being a drama queen Charlotte” he said
“Yeah…I’m the queen of the house” I said and he laugh and I stuck out my tongue.
“Alright bro, I want to go check on something. I’ll check on you later okay” I said and stand up to to leave.
“Okay” he said and I smile and walk out of his room. That maid thinks she can come from nowhere and put a differentiation between me and my brother right. I’ll make sure I show her.
I walk outside and saw a guard.
“Go get Maya, the new maid for me now” I command and he bow and left.
She was brought to me in no time. She make sure that her head was bow.
“You idiot” I said and pull her hair.
“Please stop…you’re hurting me” she said holding my hand.
“What makes you think you can get Ryan, you slut” I yell and left her hair. I turn to the guard
“Whip her 15 strokes” I said before walking away. Next time she’ll learn her lesson. I just hate her guts. She irritates me. I can’t let any lady have my brother while I’m alive…
[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 8
[] RYAN []
I finish dressing up and decided to lie down and do some business but my phone ring out. I check the caller’s ID and it was Alexis. I swipe it to the answer mood and place it in my ear.
“Hey bro” he scream and i had to remove the phone from my ear a little bit.
“He..yyy, do you wanna make me go deaf?” I ask
“Oh please that’s just an irony. Ryan you need to see this” he said and I imagine him smiling.
“What the fuck is that?” I ask
“Just start running down to Dian’s Restaurant. I mean now Ryan” He said before hanging up.
Gosh Alexis is a dick. He’s just a pain in the ass. I wonder how I came across him.
I took my other phones and put on one of my palm slippers before walking out of my room. I saw Charlotte sipping some wine in the second living room and she smile at me.
“Where to Ryan?” she ask
“I’m going out but I’ll be back before you know it” I said and sip from her wine.
“Ryan that was mine, remember! ” she said
“I know that little sis” I said and kissed her on her forehead before leaving.
I walk outside and the guards knew I wanted to leave. They quickly open the car door for me and I entered.
“Dian’s Restaurant ” I said
“Yes boss” the driver responded and ignite the car before zooming off.
Few minutes after Ryan left, Piper walk in smiling. She look so sexy in her off shoulder gown.
“Hey Girlfriend” she said and sat down
“How did you know I was here?” I ask smiling
“One of the maids directed me here” she said and drank from my wine.
“Hey girl…that was mine” I said
“Oh please…you can always have another one because this is your house. Allow me enjoy this glass of wine in peace” she said and relax very well on the chair.
“Of course I will your majesty” I said and bow. We both burst out laughing.
“Is Ryan around?” She ask looking around.
“No sweetheart, he just left the house” I said giving her a suspicious look.
“What?” she ask
“I know you’re having feelings for my brother” I said smiling.
“What…I…no…em..” She said stammering and I laugh.
“I got you Piper, you have a feeling for my brother” I said
“Okay fine Charlotte, I do love your brother. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for a handsome and popular model like your brother!” she said
“Yeah I know my brother is hot. Sometimes I wish he wasn’t my brother so I can date him” I said
“You silly girl…stop wishing for the impossible” she said and I laugh.
“Common who wouldn’t want to date a hot guy” I ask and stuck out my tongue.
“Well you can’t change the fact that he’s your brother. So please Charlotte, can you help me in winning your brother’s heart? I really love him and will want him to be mine” she said with pleading eyes.
“Of course girl, what are friends for? I’m already working on that” I said.
“Wow I can’t believe it. Thank you so much Charlotte. You’re indeed a friend” she said and hug me. I disengage the hug and smile at her.
“Don’t worry Piper, Ryan will be all yours. I’ll make sure of that okay” I said
“I trust you on that. We need to celebrate to this” she said and went to take another glass cup from the bar. She poured more wine to my wine and pour wine in the other glass cup.
“Cheers to making Ryan mine” she said and we cheered, drank little from our wine and laugh.
The rest was chatting, chatting and chatting.
“Ahhh take it easy Lydia, it’s painful” I said as Lydia touch the wound I receive from the whipping.
“Why would Charlotte do such to an innocent lady like you? Is it because we’re poor? I know you’re older than her. She’s just being jealous that you’re spending time with Ryan” she said so annoyed.
“It’s okay Lydia…There’s nothing we can do okay. Please can you help me with some pain killers?” I ask
“Of course I will. Look at the pain she has inflicted on you just because of her stupid jealousy” she said
“Are you helping me or not?” I ask
“I’m coming” she said and left.
I took my lips into my mouth as I moan the pains I was feeling. Charlotte is so mean. Look at the marks she inflicted on my skin. If not that our lives depend on the salary I was gonna get after working here, I would have quite.
I walk to my room in the maids quarters and sat down on the bed thinking. It hurts to see that another maid has taken the position I’ve always dreamt of.
Oh yes…I’ve always wanted to be the personal maid of Ryan so I can be going with him anywhere he goes and also make him fall for me but Ryan has never notice me.
When the last maid was finally fired, I made sure to fill the space of the personal maid for him. But the young man still went ahead to paste the need of a personal maid.
The post I’ve done everything to get. I did all my possible best to make sure the last maids were fired and yet, I still didn’t get that post.
Only for that bitch to start asking me stupid questions. I’ll crush her…I’ll make sure i make her life so miserable in this mansion.
I’ll make sure Charlotte fire her from this mansion so I can start my mission. I smile inwardly before working out of the room….
T. B. C


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