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Puzzle of my heart episode 5 & 6

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 5
I walk down the stairs, dragging my luggage along. I’m already prepared to leave. I wouldn’t want Mr Ryan to make my life miserable.
“Good morning mum” I said
“Morning my princess, how was your night?” she ask
“Nice mum, thanks” I said and took a seat at the dinning.
“So I can see you’re ready to leave already” she said
“Yes mum, I have to get ready as early as possible before they change their minds and withdraw the job from me” I said.
“I understand my child. The Greenville are never to be dealt with” she said
“Thank goodness you know mum…where’s Liam?” I ask
“You’re asking as if you don’t know your brother”she said smiling and I couldn’t help but laugh. Liam is always at the dinning early.
“Good morning mum” Liam said as he took a seat at the dinning. He was already dressed for school.
“Good morning my little boy” mum said dishing out the food.
“Mum, I’m not little okay. I’m eighteen – a young adult and not little!” liam said making mum and i went into a round of laughter.
“Why are you guys laughing ? I’m saying the truth okay ” he said and roll his eyes. He’s always fond of doing that.
“Nobody said that you aren’t a young adult. Mum called you little because you’re the baby of the house and no one can change that fact” I said and laugh again.
“Okay…fine, let’s eat already, I don’t want to be late for school ” he said making us laugh before we started eating.
We talk about so many things and kept laughing. Gosh! I’m going to miss them so much. I wonder how my life in the Greenville’s mansion will be.
Will it be fun? or everyone will be minding their business ? I pray it will be fun so that I can work with smiles on my face.
It was time for me to leave already. I hug mum and Liam, advising Liam to take care of mum and himself as the young adult that he has become and he said he will try his best.
I bade them one last time before entering the cab and zoom off. This will be the first time I’ll be leaving my family. Gosh! I wish dad didn’t die, I wouldn’t have thought of working as a maid.
Especially working at the Greenville’s mansion. I hope it goes well while working there. I heard that Mr Ryan’s sister is back. I heard his sister is really cruel.
What’s her name again…Charlotte. I heard she’s really wicked and that she wouldn’t want anyone not even the maids to talk with his brother. They are to nod their heads when he’s giving order.
So many personal maids @ssigned to him in the past was fired by Charlotte because they talk to Mr Ryan.
I found out about all these last night while browsing the Internet. I wonder if she’s going to marry her brother.
Well it’s none of my business. I’ll just make sure I don’t talk with Mr Ryan to keep the job so I can use the salary to take care of mum and Liam.
The cab stop at the Greenville’s gate and I paid him and came down. I walk to the gate and was careful this time not to press the bell more than twice.
The gate was opened after waiting for about five minutes.
I walk from the gate to the main house with the guard that opened the gate. Everywhere was looking so beautiful and sparkling.
I wasn’t chanced to look around yesterday because of what happened. The mansion is really heaven on earth just like everyone has said. They must have invest a lot of fortune to build it and it really worth the fortune.
I was taken inside and they got to where…OMG! they got to where Charlotte is and stop. Is she the one to discuss my duty as personal maid to Mr Ryan ?
“Good morning ms” I said bowing.
“Keep your dirty greetings to yourself and what are you doing here anyways” she yell.
“I’m…sorry. Em..Mr Ryan told me to resume my duties as his personal maid today. That’s..why I’m…here” I said shuttling
“So you are the dirty swine @ssign to be my brother’s personal maid…hmm…interesting” she said as she stood up and started checking me out and all the while, my head remain bow.
“Do you think you’re qualify enough to be my brother’s personal maid?” she ask
“I don’t know ma’am but I promise to do my best” I said still bowing. I dare not raise my head.
“I can see you’re determined to work here. I’ll give you the rules you’re to abide to while working as Ryan’s personal maid” she said and walk back to sit down.
“Your work as his maid is to
•Make his meal,
•Fix his bath,
•Clean his room,and
•Follow him everywhere he goes and make sure to be there at his beak and calls. But…never you talk to him. You’re to nod while he gives his orders.
If you try to disobey me in this mansion, I won’t only fire you…I will make sure you suffer before firing you and you won’t want to get into my black book” she said and walk away.
Gosh! I knew it…I knew that working in the Greenville’s mansion is like working in the Lion’s den and I hope I survive it…
[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 6
“Dad,what are you talking about” I ask climbing down the stairs with dad following me.
“What I’m saying is make Ryan fall for you by all means,that’s all” dad said as we got to the living room.
“So you mean I should seduce Ryan?” I ask turning to face him.
“Something like that…look piper, making Ryan fall for you will make us very wealthy” dad said
“Are you then saying that I should date Ryan because of what I’m going to get?” I ask again
“Piper, stop talking like a child. Reason like an adult” he said
“What if Ryan doesn’t fall for me dad?…and why are you so bent on me making Ryan fall for me?” I ask
“Common Piper, enough of the questions. Just do as I say and you won’t regret it” dad said and i look into his eyes and saw so much greed inside.
I’m definitely going to make Ryan fall in love with me but I’ll make sure dad’s plan doesn’t get accomplished. I know he’s up to something.
I wipe the sweat in my face after cleaning Ryan’s room. The room was just too wide. I’ve never done this type of cleaning in my life and here I am in the Greenville’s mansion doing it.
I went to the equipment room, where all the cleaning materials are kept and drop the mop stick, the broom and bucket.
I was walking back into the house when two cars drove inside the compound and stop at the parking lot.
A guard came out of the front car and open the car door at the second car and Ryan came out looking so handsome as ever.
He was putting on a white sleeve shirt with two loosed buttons and a black p@nts to match. He’s looking really s£×y right now but who am I to drool when he’s sister is around.
He saw me on his way in and he stop walking.
“Meet me inside” he said before walking inside and I follow behind. I wouldn’t want to make him angry.
I walk behind them till we got to his room door. He dismiss his guards and turn to me.
“Go get me a gl@ss of pineapple juice” he said before walking inside the room and I nod and left.
You all know why I had to nod. I wouldn’t want to get into trouble on my first day in this mansion.
I got to the kitchen and I wow at how wide the kitchen is. Maids we’re walking in and out of the kitchen. It was really busy in here.
I walk to a lady, who was carrying cabbage to the freezer. Actually there were a lot of freezer in the kitchen. I guess up to seven of them. I wonder what they use them for.
“Hi, I’m Maya and please can you show me where I can get some pineapple juice?” I ask and she turn to look at me. She stare at me for sometime before turning back to what she was doing.
“Hi…i just talk to someone” I said getting impatient. Mr Ryan will be waiting for me by now.
“And do I look like your errand girl?” she said harshly
“Oops…sorry. I didn’t know I was talking to a bitch” I said about leaving before she draw me back holding my arms.
“Don’t think that you can talk back at me because you’re Ryan’s personal maid. I can make your life miserable” she said and left my arms.
“I should have known that you’re just being jealous” I said and walk away to another part of the kitchen to get the pineapple juice. I had to look for the freezer where pineapple juice are kept this time.
Immediately she left, I walk into my room and remove the sleeve I was wearing. That Maya girl is really beautiful.
Since that day I first saw her, I couldn’t get her off my head because her beauty and her body shape were so captivating.
I would have punish her that day for disturbing the mansion, but after seeing her that day, all my thoughts of punishment changed.
All my thoughts were to have her in my bed. Thank goodness that maid came to inform me of Charlotte’s arrival on time else I would have…Gosh!
I walk into the bathroom to have a cool bath. Today’s shot was stressful. I’m sure by tomorrow, Vivi’s Fashion House will be booming with customers.
I was done in no time. I tie a towel around my waist and walk out of the bathroom. Maya isn’t back with the juice yet.
I search through the wardrobe to look for a nice thing to wear and I found one. I remove the towel from my waist and was about keeping it on the towel stand in my room when the door open.
It was too late to tie the towel around my waist as Maya was already in the room. Immediately she saw me, the gl@ss in her hand fell and our mouths were left wide open….
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