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Puzzle of my heart Episode 41 & 42

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 41
I got to dad’s company with the police and I walk inside the company. The plan is that I’ll go inside and bring him out and he will be arrested. We’ve got his investigator already and the fool is in jail serving a severe punishment.
I got to the reception and the receptionist was there looking really busy.
“Hi!” I said simply to get her attention.
“Hi…welcome to B’s Wine Company, the best wine producing company in Mexico. Please how may we help you young lady?” She said politely and I like her already for her manner of approach.
Some receptionist are not that nice. People like this lady tend to increase the growth of an organization.
“Em…I’m Maya and I’m looking for the CEO of this company” I said and she smile.
“Does he know you’re coming to visit him?” She ask
“No…but just tell him that Maya is here to see him” I said
“Alright…just give me a few seconds” she said and dial some numbers in the telephone before placing it in her ears.
“Sir…there’s one Maya looking for you here” she said and after a little while she remove the phone from her ears and turn to me.
“Maya who please?” She ask
“Brooks” I replied
“Maya Brooks sir” she said
“Alright sir” she finally said and turn to me.
“You may go in now…the Sixteenth floor is where his office is located” she said
“Thank you so much” I said
“You’re welcome” she said and turn back to what she was doing and i walk into the elevator. It took me to the last floor and I walk out of it. I saw CEO printed at the front of a door and I knock on it.
“Come in” I heard from inside I push the door open and went in. I met him in a busy state and i felt like smaching his head against the desk but I don’t want to soak my hands in that dirty blood of his.
“Hi Mr Clifford” I said and he raise up his head.
“Maya…how are you doing” he said with a smile and you would think that he’s very innocent.
“I’m fine Mr Clifford…please I’ll like to show you something outside if you don’t mind” I said
“What’s is that you want to show me that you can’t talk in here huh” he ask
“Its meant to be a surprise” I said
“But im busy…can’t you see?” He said
“I know…but going out a little won’t make you loose a fortune you know” I said
“Alright..fine I’ll go with you but just wait for me outside” he said and i nod and went out. I called the police to get set so we won’t let him escape.
“Let’s go” he said and I saw a little tense on his face. Why is he worried?
We came out of the company in no time with the help of the elevator.
“Where’s the surprise you said you have for me?” He said looking everywhere.
“Mr Clifford…your time of doing a lot of evil has ended” I said to him looking so angry.
“What’s the meaning of the rubbish you just vomited from that mouth of yours?” He ask.
“Mr Clifford…you can’t reap where you didn’t sow. This company belongs to my late father whom you killed in a cold blood and by right, this company automatically belongs to Liam and I but out of your greed, you killed my mum and still, you’re planning to kill Liam and I too?” I said
“Yeah…I killed your father and so what? I killed your mother and Mr Benjamin because of this same company so who are you little rat that i can’t kill?” He yell.
“Alright I’ve gotten what I wanted…” I said and his face was in a confused state, not understanding what I just said.
The police came out of their hiding place and I smile.
“You’re under arrest for the case of murder” a cop said and handcuff him.
“You set me up you little rat…I’ll make sure you pay for this” he said as the police took him away.
I saw Liam and I went to hug him. It’s all over now. I can’t be more than happy. People were already gathered around by now watching the scene of Mr Clifford being taking away.
Immediately, I heard a gun shot and I release the hug from Liam and check to saw the police dragging a gun from Mr Clifford.
“Maya…you’re bleeding” Liam said and I became weak all of a sudden. My left arm was bleeding and i was loosing so much blood.
“We need to get you to the hospital” Liam said with so much worries in his eyes.
We’re already in the hospital and the doctor has commenced treatment on Maya but she was asleep. My sister is the most beautiful sister in the world.
I don’t know what her reasons are for leaving Mr Ryan but i really want them together. I’ve caught her crying sometimes and saying something like *I need to get over him, he’s not meant for me. Charlotte will never allow me have him*.
I feel for my sister. I don’t ever want to see her hurt…not for any reason. I felt something vibrating in my pocket and I brought it out and found out it was Maya’s phone.
I check the caller ID and saw that it was *Mr Ryan*. Why is he calling her? I place the phone in my right ear after swiping the screen to the right.
“Maya” was the first thing he said.
“Em…good afternoon Mr Ryan…this is Liam speaking and not Maya. Maya was shot and she’s in the hospital right now” I said
“Oh my God…which hospital?” He ask
“G.W.H. Hospital” I said
“Alright I’ll be there in no time” he said and hang up and i turn to Maya.
Don’t worry sis, your heartthrob is coming….
Chapter 42
“I think she’s awake…she just moved her hand on mine” someone’s voice that sound like that of Mr Ryan said.
“Oh…I can see it, she’s opening her eyes already Ryan” another one said but this time, it was a female voice and I open my eyes slowly to see who was talking.
“Sis…you’re awake”Liam said immediately my vision became clear and it became clear to me now. Mr Ryan and… OMG!…Charlotte is also here.
“Go and get the doctor” Ryan said and Liam left the room to get the doctor. It was really awkward with Charlotte and Ryan in the room.
Nobody is speaking to each other and only God knows what’s going on in their minds.
The door to the ward open and Liam and the doctor came inside and the room was no longer awkward.
The doctor did some check up on me and she smile and remove the stethoscope from my chest.
“Miss Maya…you’re doing well by responding to treatment so fast. The injury in your arm wasn’t a deep one though but I have to make sure that you’re kept under our observation for two days so that you can get heal on time” she said
“You mean I’ll staying here for two horrible days?” I ask feeling sick already. Their antiseptic and all is already making my stomach turn. Gosh…Doctors and nurses are trying in staying here for a whole year, trying to heal sick people.
God knows I never plan in being a doctor. I can’t even see myself being such else I’ll just vomit on the patients body.
“You just have to okay…but for now, you have to rest so that your arms can recover faster” she said and touch the bag of drip…satisfied by what she saw, she turn to me.
“Alright everyone…I have to leave now…need to check on other patients” she said
“Thank you doctor” Liam and and she nod and walk out. Ryan haven’t said anything since. What’s going on?
“So guys…I’m hungry and I need food right now” I said.
“I don’t think you need food while you’re still on drip” Charlotte said to me for the first time without yelling or being angry. Gosh…hope I’m not dreaming?
“Yeah…I think the doctor forgot to say that” Ryan said.
“You can only take water” Liam said.
“Alright fine…food, water…just get me something to fill my stomach” I said and Liam stood up and walk to the bed stand.
He took a bottle of water there and open the lid of the bottle before giving me some to drink
“Careful…so you won’t hurt her…remember what the doctor said” Charlotte said and believe me when i say I almost choke.
Liam kept the bottle back in its place and went to take his seat and everywhere became quite again. Everything is really awkward now..
“Maya…” Charlotte called and I turn to her.
“I know its really awkward but please…I’m sorry for every bad thing I did to you. Piper made me do all those things without me realizing it. Please forgive me for all my ill treatment towards you” she said and i felt so dumbstruck right now.
Did Charlotte just ask for my forgiveness or I’m still imagining things?
“Please Maya…I know it’s difficult but im ready to wait till you forgive me” she said
“No Charlotte…I’ve forgiven you okay…I hold no grudges. Maybe if I were in your shoes, I would have done the same so Charlotte…right here and right now, I forgive you from my heart” I said and she came and hug me roughly causing me to wink a little because of my arm.
“Sorry…” She said and release the hug a little.
“Its okay” I said and hug her with my other arm.
“Thank you for forgiving me Maya…you’re so nice” she said smiling and i can’t imagine that this is actually Charlotte smiling in front of me.
Someone cleared his throat and we all turn to Ryan. Of course he’s the one.
“So…I heard that you’ve been hugging a lot of people lately and I’ve been here dying for it too” he said and everyone laugh.
“Common…don’t be a jealous freak Ryan…I’m not stealing her away from you” she said and Liam was just there smiling the whole time.
“But seriously…I’m confessing to you again Maya…for the second time. Please be my girlfriend” Ryan said with so much worries on his face. Charlotte was in a pleading face while Liam was smirking at me with smile on his face.
Gosh…maya, you’re taking too long…he’s asking you to be his girlfriend in the hospital again even though I don’t care that he’s asking me out in the hospital.
“I’ll be your girlfriend Ryan” I said and I heard some peopl releasing the breath they’ve been holding since.
Ryan immediately klzzed me and they both g@sp and me too and by the time he broke the klzz, I felt like the ground should swallow me.
The door burst open and Ryan’s friends came inside the room.
“What did we miss?” The one with the name ale…yeah Alexis said. I’ve heard Mr Ryan call him that once.
“Damian and Alexis…how did you guys know that i was here?” Ryan ask
“That shouldn’t be your headache Ryan and besides you shouldn’t be saying that when we taught we’ve lost you as a friend” the one ryan called Damian said
“It turns out that you didn’t loose me after all” Ryan said
“You guys are disturbing Maya’s peace…please take your loud voices outside” Charlotte said.
“Who’s she? I think I’ve seen her before” Alexis said
“She was once Ryan’s maid” Charlotte said
“So what happens to now?” Damian said
“She’s his gi…”
“Charlotte…” Ryan called cutting Charlotte off.
“Ryan…so you’ve gotten a girlfriend and you didn’t bother to tell us? You’re such a d!¢k” Damian said
“Is she the Mrs Right? She’s such a beauty. I wish I met her first”Alexis said and Ryan was just giving him dead glares.
“You should know that I was only joking okay” he said to defend himself and everyone laugh and the rest was talking from Mr Ryan’s friends. Oh..I mean my boyfriend friends.
Gosh…they’re such a talker….
T. B. C


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