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Puzzle of my heart episode 37 & 38

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 37
I walk into the little apartment I rented for Liam to stay. Gosh…I don’t know how he has been coping without me and mum all these while. I hugged him immediately i saw him and im sure that he was glad to ses me too.
I was really exhausted and when I walk in that i just jump on the chair and left my things on the floor.
“You know that you can just go to your room and keep those things and stop being a lazy freak” he said with his bad mouth.
“Shut up Liam…you’re suppose to come take the things off my hand before going to sit your @ss down “I said
“Really?” He ask
“Yes…really” I replied and he laugh.
“You know what?” he ask
“What?” I replied
“Just go back to where you are coming from because I can’t tolerate you” he said
“You’re joking… aren’t you?” I ask
“I’m serious here okay” he said
“You’re gonna miss me if I leave” I said
“Who’s gonna miss a lazy @ss sister whose gonna kick your @ss around…when she eventually leaves?” He said
“Gosh…Liam i hate your bad mouth” I yell and i remembered something and my mood changed.
“What’s wrong Maya?” Liam ask
“I just remembered that mum isn’t here to separate our fight. She’s the only one who separates us when we’re fighting” I said and i felt tears building up in my eyes.
Liam walk up to me and wrap his hands around me like i was his lover.
“Its okay Maya…what has happened, has happened…all we have to do is move on. Mum will be happy where ever she is on seeing us happy” He said
“I know but its h@rd Liam…we can’t forget mum and dad no matter how much we try” I said finally releasing the tears.
“I know that they will always be in our heart. Its the two of us now and we have to figure out who killed our parents and made us orphans” he said and i dis£ngage the hug.
“I never knew that you were thinking the same thing as me” I said staring at him.
“I’ve been doing some investigations about dad’s company. I mean it doesn’t seem right that they will just take everything that belongs to us” he said taking me to his room.
We entered his room and I saw a computer set. It was showing various parts in the B’s Wine Company.
“How were you able to do that?” I ask.
“I have my way big sis. All we have to do is check if we can find any clue to dad’s death first and take what belongs to us. Then we can find about mum’s death later” he said like a professional detective.
“Wow…I can’t believe this Liam but we’re in this together” I said and he nod.
“So…let’s keep our mouth shut about this…don’t say it to anyone” he said
“I’m suppose to tell you that kid brother because I have no friends” I said
“I’m not a kid and I don’t have friends too” he said and i laugh.
“See who’s talking…” I said and laugh more.
“fv¢k…you have over stayed your welcome in my room… Please leave” he said.
“Shut up okay…I don’t even know what I was doing here anyways” I said and walk out of the room.
Gosh…I guess bringing Mr Clifford won’t be as h@rd as i thought..
“What was the meaning of the rubbish you were saying over the phone Charlotte?” I rasp as i walk into Charlotte’s room.
She called me earlier to inform me about aborting the plan of killing the bitch Maya and I rush down here as soon as possible.
“That wasn’t rubbish okay…I’ve told you my mind. I’m not doing that killing stuff anymore” she yell back at me and thank goodness that her room was soundproof. Infact, the whole house is sound proof.
“Really?” I yell
“Yes..really” she fired back
“Then what happens to me…your friend, how am i going to get Ryan without your support?” I said a little calmer this time trying to convince her.
“Look Piper…I don’t care how you’re going to do it. All I want is Ryan’s happiness” she said making inside of me to boil in anger. She shouldn’t dare me.
“So you’re saying that I’m Ryan’s sadness right?” I said
“No…I didn’t say that okay” she said
“I don’t understand you Charlotte…one minute you’re like this and the other minute you’re like that…what’s going on?” I yell
“Nothing is going on…look piper no matter how we try, we won’t be able to force Ryan to love you…don’t you get it” she yell.
“So i should walk away just like that?” I ask.
“You can try your luck to see if Ryan will fall for you but count me out of this” she said.
“Really?” I ask
“Look Piper…you’re a beautiful lady that guys are ready to trip for. You don’t have to force yourself on a guy that doesn’t love you. And besides…why my brother? Why not someone else?” She ask
“Because I’ve ki…” I was about saying my secret of killing Amara to Charlotte. Gosh what is wrong with me. I’m just going mad right now.
“You’ve done what?” She ask staring at me.
“Never mind” I said to cover it up
“I’ll leave your brother alone and move on” I said but i know what’s in my mind.
“That’s a nice thing to hear…You know…”
“I don’t want to hear any rubbish from you anymore” I said shutting her up. I eyed her and walk out of her room.
I’m never taking what Charlotte said to heart. I’ve done a lot of terrible things to have Ryan all to my self and I cannot just left someone come and take him away from me just like that. Never!
Maya must die and Ryan will be mine…
Chapter 38
I knew it…there’s more to piper that I don’t know. Why was so dumb all these while that I couldn’t even notice it?
The way she was behaving and all tells so much about the things i never knew she has. She was about mentioning something before she stopped herself.
Something ki.., what if its kill she was about mentioning? Or is it klzz or kid ? I don’t think so. With the way she was in a range, I think it’s kill. At least let me place my mind on kill and find out who she has killed or klzzed before.
But how do I go about it? I don’t even have glue to how im going to know that she’s doing something wrong.
I was thinking when a light sparkle into my eyes. I turn to the direction and saw her – piper’s phone lying on the bed. She must have forgotten it because of how angry she was.
I smile when o thought came inside of me…
I drove out of the Greenville’s house with anger thinking of how to get kill Maya. Draco always do a good job and that’s why I’ll still call him to go on with the plan.
Charlotte is saying trash. I felt like calling Draco now but i decided against it because i won’t be able to concentrate on the road.
I got home and walk inside the house as I find my way to my room. I open my bag to bring out my phone but couldn’t find it. I turn the bag up side down but i didn’t find my phone.
I have a lot of secrets in that phone I don’t want Charlotte to get access to them. If she does, then I’m doomed already.
I quickly rush downstairs to get the house telephone and place a call across Charlotte. I hope she picks. I dialed the numbers and place on my ear waiting for a reply.
“Hello…who’s on the line please?” I heard someone said. It was actually a maid speaking. Gosh…their house is so filled with maids and I can’t wait to get into Ryan’s heart and start controlling those bitches the way they needed to be treated.
Not this house that I have just one maid who im so firing soon because she’s a pain in the throat.
“I’m Piper…Charlotte’s friend. Please i want to speak to her” I said and i can’t believe im saying please to a mere maid.
“Okay…a few minutes please…let me go and get her” she said and i nod as if she could see me.
“Hello Piper…what’s the matter? You haven’t call me with a telephone since I know you to be my friend” I heard Charlotte and I heave a sigh of relief. At least im convinced that she didn’t see my phone not to talk of tempering with it.
“Em…I kind of forgot my phone at your place. Did you see it?” I ask
“Your phone ? I’m coming let me check if its here” she said and i said *OK*.
“I just saw it now…its on my bed ever since and i didn’t even notice” she said and i couldn’t be more than happy that no one called me.
“I’m coming right away to get it” I said
“Its okay piper…I’ll just s£nd one of the maids to s£nd it to your” she said
“That’s so nice of you Charlotte. Thank you” I said
“Common…what are friends for?” She ask
“But i still need to be grateful” I said whining from ear to ear.
“Grateful my foot…alright I have to go now best friend…I’ll talk to ya later” she said
“OK” I said and hang up and I release a big sigh of relief.
My private investigator haven’t s£nd any information about the whereabouts of Maya and her brother – Liam.
Where could they be by now ? I need to get rid of them before they ruin me by coming back to claim what rightfully belongs to them.
Actually, I don’t want to stop being the CEO. If the family of the Brook should be wiped out, I would be there owner of this company forever since Brook was my close friend when he was still alive.
The person who wrote that saying *your best friend can be your enemy* wasn’t wrong at all. I was an enemy to Brook that was why i had to kill him. He shouldn’t be richer than me. Never !
I pick up my phone to call my investigator immediately. To know the newest update.
“Hello Boss” I heard his voice over the phone.
“Dylan…what’s keeping you so long from finding out where Maya and Liam lives” I ask with anger.
“Boss i…have gotten just a little clue of where they live. Though im not sure of it but I’m still trying boss” he said
“You better try h@rder else you’ll loose the job of being my investigator” I said
“I’m sorry boss…in two days, everything will be set” he said and I smile a little bit.
“Two days you said…I can wait till two days time. So far I get to kill them” I said smiling and hang up.
“Wherever you are now Brook, may your soul rest in peace. No…your soul can’t rest when your wife is with you in the spirit world. You guys are rather making out by now so that you can give birth to Maya and Liam again because im about to s£nd them to the spirit world so that you guys can be a happy family there…hahahahahahahaha…” I said and laugh.
I’ll soon have my peace of mind soon. After killing maya and liam, if any of the B’s try to mess with me, I’ll kill them all….
My plan is going as planned and I can’t wait for it to finally get to the end so i can enjoy the labor of my hands….lol
T. B. C.


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