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Puzzle of my heart Episode 35 & 36

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 35
“Mr Ryan?…you love me?” I ask looking at him in a surprise manner. Maybe he’s joking so as to get words from my mouth right?
“I don’t know how it happened but I find myself longing for you every time Maya. I thought it wasn’t a true feeling but I’ve come to realize that there must be a you in my life… Please don’t turn me down else I’ll go crazy.” He said and felt my heart beating three times than normal.
“Mr Ryan…I…I have…to be alone” I said stuttering.
“I understand Maya…I hope I’ll get a positive answer from you. I’ll be the happiest person ever known if you could give me a chance to be in your life. I’ll leave you to decide now” he said and walk away.
I held my chest like my heart is going to fall anytime soon. I can’t believe that a billionaire will fall for someone like me.
Who am I to make him fall?
Gosh…I’m so confuse. What if I accept him, what would people say? And from the look of things, I don’t think that Mr Ryan would want to keep us a secret.
But I love him so much and I don’t want him to go away. Charlotte is there…Piper is also there. Gosh! What should i do now?
Should I forget about what people would say and accept Mr Ryan’s proposal ? or should I keep my feelings to myself ?
The night was old and I walk out of my room. Everyone must be asleep by now. I tiptoe to Mr Ryan’s room.
I gently open his door and walk inside but I was shocked that he wasn’t even sleeping. I became shy all of a sudden.
“Maya…what are you doing here?” he ask.
“You what ?” He ask interrupting me.
“I’ve come to tell you…that…I’ve thought about your proposal” I said facing the floor.
“And what’s your reply?” He ask and I smile at him.
“Its a big YES” I said happily.
“Really? Are you sure?” He ask smiling and i nod and he came to hug me.
“You don’t know how happy you have made me be Maya. Thank you so accepting into your world” he said and smile at me and i reciprocate.
His eyes went to my l!ps and he bend his head down and took my l!ps in his. I reciprocate and we started klzzing. It was a simple but p@ssionate klzz.
“What the hell is going on here?”I heard Charlotte voice and we pull apart.
“So you want to seduce my brother right? You disobeyed my order and went and do yours right?” She ask walking towards me but I went and hide behind Mr Ryan.
“Charlotte just stop this madness okay. She’s the one i love or aren’t you happy that i finally found love after so many years ?” Mr Ryan said.
“You shouldn’t found love in the hands of a commoner. I hate her for not letting you see my friend. Ryan…you must be with my friend and not her.” She said
“Stop it Charlotte and get out” Mr Ryan said but Charlotte brought out a gun.
“Now stay away Ryan…I need to make this bitch rot in hell” she said but Ryan was blocking me.
“Charlotte what has come over you? Drop the gun now” Ryan said
“On the condition that you’re going to date Piper and s£nd this bitch out of this mansion” she said.
“I can’t do that” Mr Ryan said
“And that’s the reason I’m going to kill her right now” Charlotte said
“Please…please..I promise to live this house but spare my life and I’ll walk away please. I promise not to be with Mr Ryan. In fact I’m living right away” I said and rush out of Mr Ryan’s back and run towards the door.
“Not so fast bitch…klzz Lucifer welcome when you get to hell” she said and felt a hot severe pain in my stomach and I fell to the ground.
“What have you done Charlotte? You killed her” I heard Mr Ryan’s voice. It was so faint and that was all before i blank out.
I woke up breathing so heavily…I just had a terrible nightmare of me being dead and I’m so worried right now.
What if Charlotte is really planning to kill me? I don’t want to die…I still need to be alive to accomplish my mission of bringing Mr Clifford down and also taking what rightfully belongs to us.
I’m so scared right now. I don’t think I’ll accept Mr Ryan’s proposal. I think its a death wish and I need to leave this mansion ASAP.
The dream look so real but thank goodness its just a dream and I hope it doesn’t come to p@ss. I’m quitting my job because I’m not longer safe here.
I lie down on my bed but sleep couldn’t come. My mind was clouded with the dream i just had. Gosh… I’m so not myself right now.
It was morning already and I walk out of my bed to the bathroom to freshen up. I look at myself in the mirror and started talking to myself.
“Why can she accept me? Am I not good enough? Maybe she hates me because of the way i first treat her when she came into this mansion” I said and sigh.
Well I’m going to hear her reply today. I freshen up and walk out of the bathroom to my room. I was shock to see Maya with her belongings.
“What’s the meaning of this Maya?” I ask
“I’m leaving Mr Ryan…I don’t want to stay here anymore. I’m quitting the job of being your personal maid” she said and I was shocked.
“Why are you leaving ? Is my sister bothering you?” He ask
“Not at all Mr Ryan but I have to go.” She said with an expressionless face.
“Is it because of me you’re leaving ? Is it because i ask you out? Please don’t leave. Its okay if you don’t want to date me” i said with so much pain.
“Its not any of that Mr Ryan. I just want to leave. Thank you for being there for me. Please make sure you win the police case about Raymond and Andrea. I have to go now” she said and left the room.
Did she just leave now? She left me all alone. She left me to drown in my pains. She fv¢king left me but why ? What did I do wrong?
Chapter 36
I was shocked to see Maya leaving the house. What went wrong? Did Ryan finally came back to his s£nses and fired her ?
This is a great joy to me…at least piper can come in and be Ryan’s. But…that doesn’t mean I won’t go ahead with the plan of killing her.
She needs to be dead so that Ryan won’t think of her again. She’s a threat to me and piper and all threats must go down. I smile as i brought out my phone to call Draco. He pick at the third ring.
“Hello” I said trying to calm my nerve.
“Hey…who is the hell is this?” He ask and I was confused on what to say and i heard him g@sp in the background.
“Charlotte? I’m so sorry…em..what is the problem?” He ask saying everything in a haste.
“Just want you to know that you should start your job in monitoring her. Are you sure you’re capable for this job?” I yell a little.
“Of…course I’m capable okay…I’ll do the job perfectly…the wah you want it to be done” he said and i heard ‘who are you speaking with’ at the background.
The background became rough…like the phone was waving.
“I don’t care to know who the hell this is but i just want you to leave my man alone. I don’t want to share him with any slut…understood!” She rasp in the background.
“Lilian…what have you done? That was my boss okay” I heard Draco say and i heard the girl – Lilian or whatever.
“I’m so sorry Draco…I’m really sorry…I didn’t know okay” she said.
“Please Draco’s boss or whatever…I’m really sorry okay. You know how it feels if it was your boyfriend we’re talking about here. I’m just securing my territory okay” she said
“I’m sorry Charlotte” draco said and I nod but I remember I was on the phone and they won’t possibly see me nodding so I said “okay” instead before hanging up.
I drop the phone and tears came out of my eyes. Its dawning to me now that I don’t even have a guy in my life,not to talk of a boyfriend.
I’m just there, fighting with piper to get Ryan for her while im here without fighting for my own partner.
Maybe I should just call off the killing of Maya and focus on my life. If piper wants Ryan, she should go and get him herself.
Gosh I’m so devastated right now. I don’t know what I’ve been doing to myself…fighting for a guy for my friend when I have none for myself.
I can’t believe I was even ready to kill someone because of her. I’ve been so stupid all along. I’ve been doing what piper tells me to do without even thinking straight.
I let the tears flow…what would mum and dad do when they finf out that their daughter has started planning to kill someone. I’m sure an idiot.
I’ve forgotten that love can’t be forced. Its a natural feeling. For piper to be this desperate to have my brother, I think that something must be involve.
And then I heard a loud bang in my head *he has done a perfect job for me before and it left no trace till now*.
What perfect job has Draco done for her before ?
I guess there’s more to piper that I don’t even know. She’s the one who brought the suggestion of killing maya. I guess i have to be careful.
I should be helping my brother and not killing him. I need my brother’s forgiveness. I’ve taunt him for long.
I wipe my tears and walk towards Ryan’s room. What’s even making me this soft now? Is it because of that call with Draco? Gosh I’m so devastated right.
Its now that I just realized that no guy has ever come for me. I’ve been fooling around with Ryan. I didn’t want anyone to come between me and him because I didn’t want his love for me to change.
Now… I think I’ve been a fool. I should know that no one can control the heart on who to love.
Right now, I’m at the door of Ryan’s room. I’m so ashamed to knock. Well maybe I should just go inside. I know that Ryan hates it but i don’t care.
Maybe if he sees my gloomy face, he would understand and not quarry me.
I walk into the room to see Ryan sitted on the bed with eyes on one direction of the room. What could have made him like this?
“Ryan!” I called but he wouldn’t turn to face me or blink his eyes.
I saw tears in coming from his eyes and i was shock. What could be making him cry ?
“Ryan…what’s wrong?” I ask as I sat down close to him and held his hand.
“She left Maya…why did she have to leave?” He ask with tears
“Who?” I ask with my mind shaking. Who else if not Maya?
“Maya left me Charlotte…she fv¢king left and her reasons…she wouldn’t say” he said
“I understand Ryan…I understand that you love her so much and I’ve been really selfish for not allowing you have her. I thought if i allow you, you might love her more than me.
I’m truly sorry for hurting you Ryan. I really want the best for you and I don’t think piper is the best because she doesn’t make you happy. I’m really sorry…please forgive me Ryan” I said crying too. I’ve really hurt my brother so much.
“Its okay little sister. I can never love anyone more than I love you okay. I understand you were to protective of me and i forgive you from my heart” he said hugging me.
“Thank you Ryan…I’m grateful” I said hugging him back.
“Maya is gone Charlotte” he said still engage in the hug.
“Its okay big brother…if she truly loves you, she’s gonna come back” I said patting his back.
“You think so?” He ask and I dis£ngage the hug and look at him in the eyes.
“I know so Ryan” I said
“If she comes back, I’m going to be so happy…I’ve finally found love again in someone else apart from Amara” he said and i smile.
“I’m glad” I said seeing so much love in his eyes. He must really love Maya so much and killing her wouldn’t have made him forget her so easily.
But wait…Draco is still up to the plan of killing maya
I have to stop him…
T. B. C


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