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Puzzle of my heart episode 3 & 4

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 3
What’s he talking about? I’ve never heard about maids offering their bodies to their employers. Is he telling me this to scare me or what?
“Sir I’ve…never.. heard..that” I said counting my words. I wouldn’t want to say anything that make him angry because I want to just leave here and don’t come back again.
I know that the job has already been offered to someone else. So I don’t think I still have to be here.
“Oh she has never heard of that” he said laughing, making the guards to laugh too.
“Please sir I’m sorry about what I did. I understand I won’t get the job. So please sir,allow me go home to my mother and brother” I said with head down.
He was about saying when a maid walk in.
“Yes what is it?” he ask
“Young master, your sister just arrived and requested to see you” she said bowing.
“Alright tell her I’ll be with her in no time” he saidand the maid bow and left.
“Yeah maybe today is your lucky day but you’re never escaping from me. So that’s why you’re going to be working as my personal maid” he said
What did he just say? That I’m going to work as his maid? But…but I…thought…or maybe he didn’t give any of those ladies that might have come for the interview.
But why is he giving me the job when I offended him on my first day in his house? I really don’t want to come here again but he giving me the job is going to make me stay in this house.
No! I’m not taking the job. I don’t want it anymore.
“Sir…I don’t want the job anymore. You can give it to someone else” I said and he laugh
“And who’s saying I’m offering you the job…I’m commanding you to work for me…and don’t bother saying no cause it’s useless. If you try me, I’ll make your life miserable” he said and turn to his guards
“Untie her and tell her what to do” he said before walking out.
I feel so scared right now. The thought of him making my life miserable if I refuse to work for him is making me scared.
The guards untie me and led me outside the mansion.
“Make sure you’re here tomorrow morning with your clothes because you’ll be living here while working” the guard said before going inside.
I look at the mansion one last time before boarding a cab home.
I walk into the sitting room and immediately Charlotte saw me, she ran to me and hug me. Wow! I’ve missed her and her craziness.
“Brother I’ve missed you so much” she said still hugging me.
“I’ve missed you too Charlotte” I said smiling. I miss her so much. At least with her here, my days won’t be bored anymore.
“OMG!…my bad…em Ryan, meet my friend, Piper and Piper…my brother, Ryan” she introduce.
“Who doesn’t know the famous Ryan” her friend said smiling.
“Well Mr Ryan, just like your sister said, I’m Piper” she said bringing her hand for a handshake.
“Nice to meet you Piper” I said taking her hand and she smirk at me and left my hand. I notice she left a paper on my palm and I open it and it red *call me* with her number under.
Ladies are really not h@rd to get and that’s why I’ll keep using them till they become s£nsible. But before then, let me enjoy this be catch.
“Em…Charlotte, I’ll be leaving now. My parents are very eager to see me” Piper said smiling at Charlotte.
“Awwwwwwn…I thought we could have lunch together before you go” Charlotte said.
“Maybe some other time Charlotte. Remember I can visit at anytime” Piper said.
“Yeah you can” Charlotte said and pull her into a hug.
“Em…Ryan…why don’t you see Piper off while I order the maid to set the dinning” Charlotte said forming a puppy face.
I know Charlotte is up to something because I don’t see the reason why she’ll tell me to see her friend off. I look at her and she smirk at me.
“Alright” I said and gr0@n.
“Okay Piper, I’ll talk to later” she said
“Yeah sure babe” Piper said before we went outside.
“So…Finally I’ve seen the famous Ryan face to face and I can’t believe he’s this handsome” she said smiling.
“I’ve heard that a million times Piper…but coming from a pretty damsel like you, I’m going crazy over it” I said in my normal flirting tune.
“Wow really! I can’t believe Ryan called me a damsel” she said blushing
“Haven’t anyone told you that before?” I ask
“Em…of course…but coming from the famous Ryan, I feel so special” she said
Special indeed!
“So I’ll call you later and we’ll talk more. Let me go in before my sister start thinking that I’m taking too long” I said
“Yeah sure” she said smiling and I peck her on her cheek before going inside.
Wow I can’t believe Ryan just gave me a peck. First, it was meeting him in person. Second, it was getting to talk to him alone and now he pecked me.
I slap my cheek to know if I was dreaming and I laugh when I know that I’m not dreaming…
I must make Ryan mine so as to become the envy of other ladies. I’m definitely not letting Ryan sl!p out of my f!ng£rs. I’ll do anything to make him mine..
I smile to that before entering the car Charlotte arrange to take me home…
Chapter 4
I got home feeling so exhausted from the stress in Mr Greenville’s house. Gosh! how can the famous wan say something like s£× to me?
Thank goodness that maid came on time. Else I wonder what Ryan would have done to me.
Now I believe the rumour of Ryan being a s£× freak who uses and dump girls like waste bin.
“Mum…Maya is back” Liam yell immediately I walk inside the living room and mum ran out if the kitchen sweating.
“Oh my child, I thought something has happened to you” she said. Someone would know that she has been worried to death because I didn’t come home early.
Should I tell her what happened at the Greenville’s mansion? No! She might get scared the more and might stop me from working in the mansion.
“Em…mum the interview took place a little bit late” I said and she look at me for sometime.
“Mum what’s the matter? Don’t you believe me?” I ask.
“Of course I believe you…just that… you got me so worried” she said.
“I’m sorry mum but I’m home now. I promise not to get you worried again” I said and hug her.
“Alright Maya let’s go have dinner. I prepared your favorite” mum said leading me to the dinning.
“Am I no longer among this family or have I become invisible?” Liam said.
“Of course you’re among the family my boy” mum said and drag him along and we all went to the dinning. Mum dish out the food and we started eating.
“Lest I forget…mum,liam…I got the job!!!” I broke the news,yelling at the end and they were happy about it.
“OMG! Maya…I’m happy you got the job. Why didn’t you say it early so I can use the little money on me to buy a cheap wine so we can celebrate” mum said.
“You don’t have to worry mum. Just save the money so in case you need anything…you can easily buy it without running around borrowing money okay” I said smiling.
“Thank you my child” she said.
“I’m happy for you sis” Liam said.
“Thanks Liam” I replied him smiling.
“So mum I’m to resume tomorrow with my clothes because I’ll be living with my employers” I said.
“What! you’ll be living in the Greenville’s mansion?” mum ask as she stop eating.
“Yes mum…any problem?” I ask.
“Yes Maya…I won’t get to see my daughter because she’s working in the Greenville’s mansion as a maid” she said looking at me with a sad eye.
“Mum…I promise to visit you guys from time to time okay”I said feeling so bad about the whole thing.
Mr Ryan is the one forcing me to do this else I’ve made up my mind never to step a foot in that mansion. He’s going to make my life miserable if I don’t work for him.
Who does that huh??…
“It’s okay Maya…it’s just that I’ve not lived with my children away from me before. Remember then when you’re still in college, you attend lectures from home” she said.
“I understand mum” I said.
“Don’t worry mum,I’ll take care of you while sis is away okay” Liam said.
“Awwwwwn Liam thanks” I said scattering his hair.
“Gosh sis you don’t have to do that” he said looking at me like he’s going to murder me with his eyes.
“I’m sorry” I said laughing.
“So can we just have fun and forget the fact that I’ll be leaving tomorrow?” I ask
“Sure” mum and liam said at the sane time and laugh.
We ate the rest of the dinner with smiles on our faces.
I walk into Ryan’s room already on my pajamas. It’s bedtime already and Ryan is less busy. He was operating his laptop when I got there.
“Hey Ryan” I said and he raise up his head to see who it was.
“Charlotte, you’re still awake” he said
“Yeah bro…Just want to spend sometime with my brother” I said
“Alright Charlotte what is the problem” he ask
“Ryan…you aren’t getting any younger” I said
“I don’t understand Charlotte” he said
“Ryan common…you and I know that you understand what I’m saying. There are lot of girls out there that wants to be yours if only you can pick one” I said
“Charlotte, you’re a woman and you are not getting any younger too.” he said
“Ryan…mine is different because I’m not as popular as you are. All I want you to do is choose a lady for yourself so the rest of the ladies can let you be” I said
“Charlotte, you’re my sister…yes. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what to do” he said.
“I’m sorry Ryan but I’m just concerned as your sister. I can’t stay and watch my brother use and dump ladies anyhow. I’m a lady too,how do you want me to feel?” I said.
“It’s okay,you don’t have to feel this way because of me. Alright I’m ready to change for you” he said and hug me and I smile.
Mission one accomplished!
T. B. C


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