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Puzzle of my heart episode 11 & 12

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 11
I was enjoying the show of Charlotte firing Maya. Finally, she’ll be out of the way for me. I know that Ryan always agree to anything Charlotte tells him to do.
I expected Ryan to agree to what Charlotte told him to do but what Ryan did shock the liver out of me. Ryan defended Maya in front of everybody.
I mean what Ryan did is enough to leave everyone’s mouth open. Ryan defended a maid in front of his sister.
Does that mean Maya has started seducing him and he’s falling for her charm? What does she has that I don’t have ? Ryan don’t defend any other lady except his sister.
Does that mean I’m not going to fulfill my mission? Madam Selena gave me three months to fulfill this task and I’ve spent a month and two weeks in this mansion without achieving anything.
Gosh! If by the end of this mission I don’t come out successful, Maya will pay for it…
I could feel my head bursting right now. Did Ryan defend another lady ? I thought Ryan always agree to anything I say!
I thought Ryan and I always do bad things together. I don’t understand my brother anymore. Since that bitch came into this house, Ryan has been acting strange.
“Calm down Charlotte” Piper said
“How do you expect me to calm down when I can’t understand my brother anymore. I don’t know what that girl has done to him Piper can’t you see” I said scattering my hair. I’m sure that um looking like a mad dog right now.
“Just calm and see what’s going to happen okay” she said
“Piper, I guess you don’t understand anything right now. Okay I’ll tell you… You know I want you for my brother right?” I said
“Yes and I know you’re going to talk to him on my behave” she said
“That’s the point Piper, how will I be able to talk to him on your behave when that lady had taken over his heart?” I ask
“You’re right Charlotte. Why didn’t i think of this earlier. Ahhhh!!!” She said and gr0@n in anger.
“Now that you understand what I’m talking about, do you still want me to calm down or we should look for a way to solve this problem?” I ask
“What’s should we do now? Because I can’t stand anyone taking Ryan away from me” she said
“And that’s the spirit girl.” I said and gave her a high five.
Maya will surely regret not leaving this house today. She’ll pay for making Ryan humilate me in front of anyone. I’ll make sure of that..
I don’t know really came over me. Seeing her cry as Charlotte accuse her, I felt pained too. I couldn’t let her go. I just have to go against my sister’s will for the first time in my life.
I don’t know what is wrong with me.
“Em..sir, where exactly are we going to?” I heard Maya’s voice in my head.
“What…are you…” I stop talking when I saw that we are in the p@ssage that leads to my secret room. There’s something in that room that I can’t disclose to anyone.
“What at we doing here? How did we get here?” I ask
“I’m supposed to ask you that sir. You said I should follow you and I’m doing so” Maya said
“You know what…just go back to your room…and I don’t want you to come to this part of the house ever again” I said and walk away.
I can’t believe I almost took her to my secret room. I always go there when I’m confused and need to clear my head off somethings.
I walk into my room to meet my curious friends who were sitted and waiting for me.
What should I tell them now?
“Ryan, what was the meaning of that show you did out there?” Damian ask
“Ryan I know you to always agree to anything your sister tells to do but what happened today? You defended another lady apart from your sister?” Alexis ask
“What’s going on Ryan ? Tell us, we’re your friends. I’m surprised you defended a lady. Because I know you to be a guy who don’t care about ladies emotions so talk to us” damian said
“I’m not in the mood to answer any questions” I said and walk to my bed.
“I really need some sleep to cool my head and I will appreciate if you guys will just stop asking me questions I don’t have answers to. There’s nothing going on between me and Maya. She’s just my maid. I can’t have anything to do with my maid” I said and lie down.
“Ryan common get the hell up right now, we need to talk” Alexis said
“fv¢k you” I said
And that was how I couldn’t sleep because they want me to explain. But still, I didn’t say anything…
Why would Ryan tell me not to come to that part of the house? What’s in there that he’s hiding anyways. Well I’m here to work and not to poke my nose into anybody’s affairs.
“Who do you think you are Maya?” I heard the voice of the girl that spoke rudely to me earlier. I still don’t know her name.
“What are you doing here?” I ask
“I’m here to give you a warning…if you try to win Ryan’s heart before me, I’ll kill you. Don’t cross my path because it might be dangerous. I can do anything to make this mission a success so don’t push me” she said and eyes me before leaving.
What mission is she talking about?
There’s something about this girl that I must figure out before it’s too late…
Chapter 12
I walk into the bathroom in a haste because I have a very important with a chinese company today about how to make the best wine by partnering with them and I wouldn’t want to make them waiting.
I can’t believe I woke up by 7:40am. The meeting was scheduled by 9am and I’m just waking up. I quickly took my bath and ran out of the bathroom after bathing.
I apply some body lotion and put on my best suit and put on my shoe.Then, I fix my tie and style my hair into a very nice style. I look at my appearance in the mirror and I was indeed ready to go. I walk to the bed and take my brief case and my phones be for leaving the room.
While walking through the stairs, I check the time time using my wrist watch and it was already 8:15am. I still have a lot of time to eat breakfast. I walk to the dinning and everything was set with Charlotte already sitted.
Maya was standing close to my seat at the dinning as my personal maid. She’ll be the one to serve me my meal.
“Good morning young master” everyone greeted immediately I got to the dinning room and I just wave at them.
“Good morning brother” Charlotte said
“Morning princess, how was your night” I ask pecking her on her forehead.
“Fine” she said smiling and I smiled at her too before I sat down and the maids started serving the meals. It was just Charlotte and I who will be eating at the dinning and I wonder why the meals are much.
“Master, what would you like to eat?” Maya ask ready to start serving. I was lost staring at her beautiful face that I forgot to reply.
“Master! Master!!” I heard her say and I came out of my thoughts.
“What were you saying?” I ask
“What meal should I serve you sir?” She ask again
“Oh meal…” I said and look at the delicacies on the table. There were mashed potatoes, pankcake, scrambled eggs and lot more.
“I’ll go with mashed potatoes” I said and she served me my meal and stood close to me. Its a rule that maids should stand at the dinning when the Greenvilles are eating.
I needed water before I’ll choke while eating.
“Please get me some water over there Maya” I said and she bow and walk to bring the water and I continue eating. The next thing I felt was water being poured on me.
What the hell!!!
“OMG! I’m really sorry sir. It wasn’t intentional” she said pleading.
“How dare you pour water on a Greenville?” Charlotte yell
“I’m sorry” Maya said
“You’ve ruined my suit Maya and I’m running late for my meeting. How could you be so clumsy” I yell getting angry. I couldn’t control it.
“I’m really sorry sir” Maya said crying
“Guards!! Take her into the torture room and give her 10 strokes for pouring water on a Greenville” Charlotte yell and I couldn’t say anything. The guards came and drag her away.
I wasn’t going to punish her, I just wanted to yell at her and walk away angrily by Charlotte has spoken. If I defend Maya now, she’ll think I’m having feelings for a maid.
I walk away to my room and change to something else.
I saw how Ryan was getting lost because of the so call Maya. I just hate her guts for making attempt to take my brother’s love away from me.
I’ll make sure her stay in this house will be hell for her. She’ll regret staying in this mansion when I ask her to leave.
Actually, I was the one who set my leg on her way so she could trip and pour the water on Ryan. I quickly said that punishment before Ryan would say anything so that Ryan would stop talking. I wonder what is wrong with my brother these days.
Maya must leave this mansion as far as I’m concerned. She’s causing too much avoke already. Thank goodness mum and dad will be coming in four days time. I can’t wait to tell them to fire Maya.
I don’t want her attend my welcome home celebration. She thinks she’s smart, I’ll tell her that I’m smarter. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Gosh I can’t believe Charlotte could do such a thing. She’s just too wicked for setting her leg on my way.
I thought Ryan would defend me like the other day but I was wrong. Ryan was silent too. I guess he was too angry to defend me. I ruined his suit and he had an urgent meeting at the office so why won’t he be angry.
The guards drag me to the torture room and lie me down on the table at the center of the room. My hands and legs were tied and the next thing was me being whipped.
It was really painful and the tears wouldn’t stop falling from my eyes. I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I p@ssed out…
I woke up and the first thing I saw was the ceiling fan rolling.
“Thank goodness you’re awake Maya” I heard Lydia’s voice and I turn to her.
“What happened?” I said and was about but the pain I felt made me lie down again.
“You p@ssed out while receiving whips from the guards Charlotte @ssigned to punish you” she said
“What did I ever do to Charlotte to deserve this treatment from her? Is it a crime to work in the Greenville’s mansion?” I ask in tears
“That’s why you have to be careful while working here” lydia said
“How careful can someone be lydia? Haven’t I be careful enough?” I ask
“Just try to be more careful because I think Charlotte is punishing you because Ryan defended you the other day” she said and I saw s£nse in what she’s saying.
I’ll try to be more than careful from now. Charlotte mustn’t see any reason to punish me again…
T. B. C.


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