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Protected finale


Episode 33



It’s been a week and am getting fed up.

Am at home at my insistence and am almost to my full strength.

My family’s walking around me on egg shells and my wife…

My wife does not let me bloody t©uçh her.

No, not that way.

I mean, she doesn’t let me t©uçh her at all and am bloody fed up.

She slinks away at any sign that I am about to t©uçh her, she only let’s me do so when I need help.

We go to sleep spooning and I wake up at night to her lying at the other end of the be-d with her back to me.

When I t©uçh her she tenses.


The said woman enters the room and lean against the door jamb.

“I just spoke to Mama and Papa and they said that they will be out of the country for a while”

She says.

It c@m£ as shock to me that she has found out about her position.

Am damn Happy.

At least I don’t have to keep it a secret again.

I don’t respond to her statement, I just beckon her with a f!nger.

She instantly grows weary,

See what I am talking about?

She steps forward.

When she gets to tou-ching distance i pu-ll her to my l@p and nuzzle her n£¢k.

She m0@n s softly.


“Tell me why you’ve been avoiding me”



She sighs.

“We have to talk”

My b©dy ti-ght£ñs, I don’t like her tone.

“What’s wrong?”

I ask.

She stands and I let her, she takes a big step back and I frown.

What’s going on?

“Justice I think we should take a break”

I scowl.

“Define break exactly”

I say.

“We have to stay ap@rt from each other for a while, to see if we are compatible”

She says.

I frown and sit up, I feel a twitch in my back, damn I hate being this weak.

“No, don’t stand up, you don’t have….”

“Do not tell me what I can bloody do magic, do not!”

She shuts up and stands back.

I stand up slowly and she takes two steps back.

“Now tell me you mean by a break”


“Just spit it out magic”

“You lied to me”

I freeze.


“You misled me for close to six months, you didn’t tell me important things about my self”


“How do I believe you are not with me because you found out my parents are kind of rich?

How do I know you didn’t manipulate your self to like me, or worse you didn’t manipulate my feelings for you?”

I don’t respond.

Am speechless for the first time in my life, she had these misgivings in her mind and she is now just saying it?

“Say something J, plea-se”

I still don’t respond.

She goes on.

“And you made all of our friends lie to me too, I don’t think we are going to work,

You don’t view me as an equal.”

That catches my attention.

“What did you say?”

I ask.


She starts I interrupt.

“I don’t view you as an equal?”

She nods, albeit a little nervously.

Good, she should be nervous, Christ I don’t believe this $h!t.

“When have I ever put you down? I have been nothing but loving, I have taken care of you, cherished you, I love you, what else?”

She shakes her head.

“You do not un-derstand justice”

I laugh.

“plea-se , by all means, make me un-derstand”



“plea-se by all means make me un-derstand”

He says in a mocking tone.

“Don’t be like that justice”

“Don’t be like that?! Oh, she says don’t be like that!, You stand there and tell me not to be like that?

You stand there and tell me you are thinking of breaking up my family and my heart and you tell me not to be like that.!”

He shouts .

“You lied to me justice”

“To protect you!, What would you have felt if you were told that some of my guests were your parents?!

Do you think you would have stayed and accepted?

You would have fled, forgive me if I didn’t want to share you!”

He says and my heart break.

I think I have made a big mistake bringing up this t©pic.

“You know what?I think you are right, I think we should take a break, we know nothing about how our minds work”

My heart breaks.

No, plea-se.


“Maybe, maybe we shouldn’t have gotten married”

He says and my i die a little.


He turns from me and walks to the door exiting.

My heart shrivels up in my che-st.

What did I do?



By Bebe Ernest

Final Episode



The door opens and sage steps in

“You done sulking?”

I don’t respond I just take a swig of my whisky.

It’s been three weeks since my wife left me.

Three long f-king weeks.

“I think it’s time you get your head out of your @ss moron”

He says.

I love sage, I love my friend, I really do but if he doesn’t get out I will kill him.

He seats, seems he doesn’t know he is close to death right now.

He seats quiet for a while before gr-abbing my whisky,

My whisky,

And taking a long swig.

I just scowl at him, the fool smiles.

“So when are you going to go get your wife?”

I just scowl dee-per.

“You do know that even if you fold your face into a paper I won’t feel nothing”

I just fl!phim the bird.

“The middle f!nger, real mature”

“What do you want Sage?”

“What I want is for you to go get our sister and make her your wife again”

“It’s not that simple Sage”

“It’s that simple Justice, it’s that bloody simple, think about it, you are from a dead beat village,

No knowledge of anything and by some miracle a rich guy falls for you and later you find out he kind of lied to you,

You are rich and he was the first to know,

Don’t you think you would find that suspicious?”

“Don’t you think I have thought of that idiot?”

I ask.

“Then why are you still here? Why aren’t you going to her father’s mansion and dragging her back here?”

“Sage, am scared”

I say softly.

“I know, trust me, she is nothing like Selene, although by a stroke of some f-ked up miracle they are sisters”

“Ya think?”

I ask mockingly.

“Oh shut up idiot, just go get your girl, my wife can finally rest when you do”

He says.

“How’s julliet doing?”

“Morning sickness, I feel for her”

“Let her come visit sometime, ya?”

He nods.

“Just as soon as my mom let’s her breath away from the mothering”

I chuckle, i trust Clare.

“So you going?”

“Hells yeah”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

I just smile .



“Are you ok?”

My mom asks.

I shake my head no.

Am currently bent over my toilet, vomiting my innards out.

Morning sickness is a vile thing.

“Am sorry baby girl, I think it’s a boy, you didn’t give me this much problem when I had you, you were a calm child”

I smile as I rinse my mouth.

“Am sure any child of my husband will be this killer”

She chuckles.

I exit and lie on my be-d.

She strokes my head.

“Do you want anything?”

I nod.

“Some ginger ale?”

She smiles.

“Coming right up”

She says and exits the room.

Well my room.

It’s so big, it’s mine.

I like it.

I also like being mothered, my mom is cool.

My sister not so much.

She kind of believes that I stole her man and her child.

Can you believe?

I just think she is delusional.

It’s been three weeks, three weeks I have had to think.

I don’t think I did anything wrong bringing my fears to my husband.

I just think I did wrong in accusing him that his love for me was nothing but a business decision.

I miss him, God I miss him so much.

He hasn’t come to me and am scared to go to him.

What if he rejects me, what if he doesn’t want me anymore.

I feel the familiar twinge of fear run throu-gh me.

Am still a village girl, albeit a rich one.

I sigh as a few drops of tears sl!pout of my eyes.

My door opens and my mom steps in followed by …..


I sit up.

“See who I found baby girl, I know you didn’t tell me or your father anything about your being at home,

But I hope you can talk about it, ok?”

She says and I nod, my eyes on my husband.

Oh he looks so good.

I missed him so much.

Tears sl!pout, stupid hor-mones.

My mom steps out after placing my drink on a table.

He steps forward and I stand.

He seems to be looking all over my face, almost like ….

Almost like he missed me.



We say at the Same time.

What Happened next I still can’t believe.

My powerful husband, all around proud man drops to his knees.

I blink.

“Magic, Magic, Magic”

I kneel In front of him and he pu-lls me to him.

“I missed you little bit”

He says and tears rush to my eyes.

“I missed you too”

“Am so sorry baby, am sorry, I know how you felt, I know how it feels, plea-se come back home,

I promise try, plea-se itty bitty”

I nod.



I nod again..

“Oh thank God, I had plans of throwing you over my shoulder and taking you home if you didn’t forgive me”

I giggle but it’s cut short when he k!sses me.

I k!sshim back like my life depends on it.

He breaks the k!ssand nuzzles my n£¢k.

“I missed you baby”

I sigh and k!sshis head.

“We missed you too baby”

He frowns?



I bring my mouth close to his ear.

“Am pregnant”

I say softly.

He stiffens, I do too, isn’t he happy?

“Magic….. you are?”

I nod.

He k!sses me and holds me in an embr@ce.

“I love you itty bitty Emilia Magic Maxwells”

I laugh .

“And I love you JJ”

He laughs softly he k!sses my head.

“Let’s go home yeah?”

I nod.

Yes, Let’s go home.

Let’s go to the place where I feel most protected.



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