Prisoner princess Episode 3 & 4

Princess 🍭🍭
😥(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)😥
💃 Episode 03 💃
Janella’s Pov:
I quic-kly jumped down the window with the help of the rope.
“I really nee-d to get out of this house as soon as possible” I muttered ti-ptoeing to the giant gate.
Luckily for me, the security guard was not there.
I quietly bolted the door open and rushed out of the house.
Oh gosh! I feel like a free bird!
I kept running and running…
There’s no way am going back to that freaking house.
Everywhere look really strange.
It was alre-ady dark but I managed to walk throu-gh.
I looked around in excitement.
I was about to cross the road when a car hit me and I coll@psed.
Alex’s Pov:
Alas! My car hit someone and I quic-kly got down from the car.
“Oh my gosh! She’s bleeding profusely” I said as I carried her into the car.
I drove straight to the hospital.
“Tell me doctor! What’s wrong with her?” I asked impatiently.
“Well Mr Severino…. Her bones were fractured and for the meantime she will walk with crutches” The doctor said
“Holly Molly! I can’t believe this… Did you just say crutches?” I yelled in annoyance as I hit my hand on the doctor’s table.
“Calm down Mr Severino… By the way how are you related to the patient? Is she your girlfriend?” the doctor asked as I arched my eyebrows.
“Girlfriend? What makes the doctor think that way?” I thought
“Did you hear me Mr Severino?” The doctor asked sma-cking me back to consciousness.
“Well… No I mean… Yes” I said in confusion.
“Oh whatever!” the doctor snorted.
“This family doctor of ours is so pesky and a nosy Parker” I rolled my eyes.
“Can I go see her?” I asked
“Yes” the doctor replied as I left the office.
“I just hope dad doesn’t hear about this! That big mouth of a doctor… And she has to walk with crutches” I sighed.
Am sorry I haven’t properly introduced myself.
Am Alex Severino… The only son of a wealthy business man Mr Severino.
Least I forget dad and I are like apples and oranges…
We don’t get along… He just expects me to be the perfect son.
That su-cks!
But I have no choice…
He wants me to get married….
He wants me to go into the family business….
He wants me to do this…
He wants me to do that…
He doesn’t even want to know what I want….
Annoying and depressing!
One more thing… Women are not my kind of thing!
Am 27, handsome and wealthy yet I have no girlfriend.
Though girls really flock around me to get my attention.
But Duh!
I don’t care…. 🙄
I threw the ward’s door open and walked in.
She was lying unconsciously.
“Miss unknown just wake up alre-ady!” I said
Suddenly her f!ngersstarted moving.
She slowly opened her eyes.
“Nanny Keisha!” She said as she looked around.
“Hey! What’s your name?” I asked
“Who are you?” She asked
“How silly! She’s answering me with a question” I rolled my eyes.
“Well am Alex and you got hit by my car… Now what’s your name?” I asked
“My name is Janella” she said simply as she tried to move her legs but couldn’t.
“What’s wrong with me? Why are my legs heavy?” She asked in tears.
“They are fractured and the doctor said you will be using crutches for the meantime” I said
“Crutches? What’s that?” She asked as I scoffed.
“Really? You don’t know what’s a crutches? Who in this century doesn’t know what a crutches is!” I said amazed.
“But I don’t know what it is” she bowed her head.
“That’s OK! Tel me where do you live? What are your parent’s name? Their phone numbers?” I asked
“I DON’T KNOW” She said as my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
“WHAT?” I yelled….
💃 Episode 4 💃
Mr Dante’s Pov:
I threw the mug on the security guard angrily.
“You idiots! Of what use are you both here in this house?” I yelled as nanny Keisha and the security guard bowed their head in guilty.
“Am very sorry sir! The truth is that last night, I checked up on her and she was fast asleep before I left her room” Nanny Keisha said
“Shut your tra-p! Then where is she?” I shouted at her as h0t tears dropped down her cheeks.
“And you… You call yourself a security guard yet you let my only daughter… My only hope leave the house right un-der your damn nose” I screamed
“Sir! It happened so fast” He said
“You better pray to whatever God you are serving that nothing bad happens to my only child if not then get re-ady for your head to be served to the vultures…. You will not just loose your job but I will make sure you die” I said as goosebu-mps ran down their spines.
“Sir plea-se tamper justice with mercy I beg you” Nanny Keisha cried
“Get lost both of you” I yelped as they quic-kly rushed out of my sight.
I fell on the couch as tears circulated in my eyes.
And gradually dropped down my face.
“Janella why? Why did you do this to yourself? You don’t know the kind of trouble you have gotten your little self into” I said in tears.
I really nee-d to find her…
She nee-ds to know the truth….
I hope it’s not too late and that the black angels haven’t found her.
Janella’s Pov:
I sat on the big bouncing be-d.
“So you don’t know where you live?” His bold voice brou-ght me back to consciousness
“Am really sorry Alex but I don’t know where I live” I cried
“What kind of human being are you? I mean who in the right state of mind doesn’t know where he or she lives?” Alex half yelled
“You know what? I feel so useless on this damn crutches… You don’t know who I am and what I’ve gone throu-gh” I said as tears kept running down my cheeks.
“So tell me who are you and what have you been throu-gh?” Alex asked still looking out of the window.
“Am Janella Dantes…A princess yet locked up and not allowed to as-sociate with people! For the past 15 years of my life I have never left the house until yesterday…. I sneaked out and honestly I had no clue or idea or even destination of where am going….i just wanted to see what it means to be free at least for the first time in my life and now am lost” I bur-st into tears.
“That’s pathetic and unbelievable… I mean a big girl like you you haven’t left the house since you were born” Alex said as he walked closer to me.
Wow! His blue eyes are so cute 😘😘
And his muscular b©dy 😍😍
He is so killing and perfect ❤❤
The closer he walked the fas-ter my heart beats 💓
But why? 🤔
What’s happening to me? 🙄
He walked to me and handed a handkerchief to me.
I gently took it and wiped off my tears.
“Thank you Alex!” I said
“It’s alright Janella…. For the meantime you’ll have to stay here in the guesthouse until your wound heals so that we can go look for your father” He said as I sniffed.
“Alright” I replied avoiding eye contact with him.
“What’s going on with me? Why can’t I look at his face?” I thought but my heart gave me no answer.
“Are you famished?” His voice sma-cked me into consciousness.
“A little…” I said
“I’ll make something for us to eat…I’ll be here until I get a nanny to take care of you” He said and I nodded.
“He’s damn kind!” I smiled
Mr Dante’s Pov:
I poured out of the bottle of champagne some wine.
I gulped down the wine drun!k.
“My happiness is gone… My life is worthless without my daughter… She’s the replica of my wife” I said in tears.
Do you want to know what really happened and why I never wanted my daughter to leave the house?
The black angels of king Lucifer of hell 🔥 were s£nt to earth on an errand.
One of his angels “Black angel Sarafina” had a de-ep cut in her arm.
She couldn’t bear the pains…
She coll@psed and her other sisters left her and flew back to hell invisible.
Then the only son of the Dante’s James saved the black angel he had no idea she was not human.
The black angel fell in love with him and refused to go back to hell 🔥
Lucifer s£nt almost all his angels to warn black angel Sarafina to come back to hell but she bluntly refused.
That was when she made her identity known to him but he loved her and was ever re-ady to fight for her.
They gave birth to their daughter and named her Janella.
Janella was half human… half black angel and she possessed powers too.
Unluckily for them, Lucifer was able to caught black angel Sarafina and he threw her into a cage.
But James told the child that her mom died in an accident which was false.
Sarafina warned James to keep the child away else the black angels and Lucifer will look for her and lock her up forever.
And the only thing that could save her is the tears of her one true love.
So James started ma-king the child to become fond of their family friends son but they bec@m£ like siblings.
Only Janella can save her mom and only the tears of her one true love can save her….
Whose the one true love?
I bet black angel Lucina is after Janella? 😥😥
Prince Charming where are you?😭