Priestess of kebr@ Episode 15 & 16

Episode 15.
By the writer of pia
He kept talking and when he realized she was neither moving nor responding to him, he felt her b©dy and realized that her skin was cold.
His heart skipped and he began tapping and calling her.
“My lady…my lady….?
She suddenly stretched, Dembe heaved a sigh of relief before saying.
“You scared me my lady….
She giggled quietly before saying.
“I was listening to you and trying to imagine all the scenes in my mind. You thought I was dead? hahahahaha! You ha-rd ly get scared of anything Dembe…
“Aside my faith, I’m still an ordinary man. I don’t want to lose you my lady….i want you to stay with me and let us raise our son together in the ways of the Lord. I can’t do it alone that is why I nee-d you. I think we should return back to the chamber, is getting cold out here…
Dembe made an attempt to carry Aprin and she st©pped him.
“I feel so energized, I feel the pres£nce of God while you were telling the story. I will walk back to the chamber…you don’t nee-d to carry me. I feel far better than I have ever felt in weeks…
They walked back to the chamber together. Dembe covered Aprin up as she l@yon the be-d.
He checked on their son who was sound asleep.
“Balaam couldn’t see the angels but his donkey saw him? Can you tell me the second story about the talking donkey and the angel?
Aprin asked as she wondered de-eply on the story Dembe told her.
“Yes my lady. Balaam was a sorcerer…he believes in magic powers. When Balak the king consulted him because he felt threatened by the Israelite, the king asked him to go and curse the children of God, Balaam was not certain if he wants to do it or not but with the hvge money the king offered to him which was like a bribe …it convinced him. Balaam set out to go and pronounce curses upon God’s own people and that was how an angel appeared on the way to st©p and warn him of his pending doom. Balaam was not able to see the angel standing in the middle of the road but the donkey that he was ri-ding on saw the angel and fell to the ground. Balaam thought the animal was just being lazy and began to hit her to get up. The donkey did this three times and God made the donkey to speak to Balaam. Balaam spiritual eyes was open and he was able to see the angel. After the encounter with the angel he proceed with his journey and as he got to where he will curse the children of God he began to bless them. So instead of the curse that Balak the king paid him to do, Balaam pronounced blessing upon on the Israelite…
Aprin smiled. She wanted to hear more stories but her eyes began to close gradually.
She fell asleep. Dembe yawned and also sle-pt off.
With the way they bonded and kept growing together both in faith and in unity the priestess left them alone.
Instead she focused on besieging the gods to intervene because her words and threat were not doing anything again.
The priestess saw that Aprin was hungry to know more about her husband’s faith and he was willing to feed her.
The priestess thought within herself that one day they will come to realize their mistakes and ask the gods for pardon.
The seat of a priest and priestess remain empty because it belongs to Aprin and Dembe.
Their son clocked a year old, no sacrifice was made.
Sheila pleaded to the mother to make her and Bash the next priest and priestess of Kebr@ but her request was turned down.
The priestess as-sured Sheila that Aprin will realize her mistakes and will come around, so also is Dembe. No matter how old their son maybe, he still belong to the gods.
“A day will come and his blood will be poured on that altar as a peace offering. No one battles with the gods or say no to their request. The gods chose Aprin as the priestess of Kebr@. She can only run for now but she can’t run forever. Sheila, if it was meant for you…you wouldn’t nee-d to plead to me or make many promises. I would have as-signed you and Bash as the rightful couple. But despite you are my daughter your heart is not pure. Aprin’s heart is golden and she is called to intercede for the people of Kebr@ after me…
Sheila was angry as usual. Her mother kept turning her request down and ma-king Aprin who is obviously not interested as the only heir to the seat of the priestess.
Even as another year c@m£, followed by another the priestess still insisted that the next priestess will be Aprin.
Dembe ha-rd ly leave the house, because he was not allowed. He missed the fellowsh!pof believers. He missed the singing, cl@pping and dancing to the Lord.
He does that with his wife and son but some time he crave for that chorused singing and to listen to Jon and Lydia talk about God.
He smiled as he remembered the little baby girl that he placed in the arm of the tent maker and his wife to care for.
“She must be growing so well, both spiritually and physically….
Dembe said aloud mainly to himself.
Aprin has regrets, ever since she bec@m£ a believer she has thought of her first baby. She hopes God forgives her because she was truly sorry. She smiled within herself as she thought of her baby who died for a sin she never commit is in heaven, in the right hand of God.
Dembe had told her that if she confess her sins and condemn them that God is merciful enough to Forgive. She has done that severally but sometimes she feel so guilty for her past deeds.
After giving birth to her son, she has been unable to conceive another child.
She was afraid of going throu-gh such a long painful journey again. The first and second pregnancy almost claimed her life and she still feel the impact of the whole thing. The midwives were kind enough to listen to her when she told them that she doesn’t want another pregnancy.
She may not have fully recovered from all the trauma but she was glad to be doing well. Having a husband who truly loves and cares for her and a son who was growing in strength.
The priestess summoned Dembe one day.
“The gods never forget, they are very patient with you and your wife. You are having what belongs to them and no matter how long you run or hide… Just at the right time they will fish you out and drag you down to your knee. You can never hide from the gods. The seat is still empty. The sacrifice is yet to be made. You and my daughter will bear the heavy consequences of your actions. For my sake the gods decided to give you and Aprin more time to come willingly. The years are going and you are ma-king things difficult for yourselves. The little baby that was not supposed to feel any pain as the sacrificed is offered has turned three years even going to four. He will feel the pain of the knife and will die a devastating death because of his parents’ foolishness. His bones are getting stronger and his blood thicker and he still belongs to the gods. Make haste while the sun shine. St©p bringing trouble down to yourselves….because I can’t help you when the wrath of the gods bears down on you and your family.
The priestess spoke with Dembe and he responded.
“Great mother, you are wise and kind. Aprin’s adores you and I respect you greatly but you should try and give up on anything concerning us because the gods may grow real old while waiting. My wife, my son and I belongs to the true living God. If the gods are wise enough then they should have seen that we will never serve them…they should have seen that our b©dy, soul and spirit is not for them. As for me and my entire house…we will serve the Lord and only him deserve our worsh!p. Maybe you should also taste and see that the Lord is truly good. No harm will come to us except if God allows it. The Lord is a strong tower that the righteous runs into and are safe.
As Dembe walked away, the priestess began to think about his strong belief.
She has heard a lot of stories from Dembe and also heard them pray. She wondered on her own how mighty is this God that does so many wonders.
Sometimes she really wanted to call Dembe to explain clearly to her but she was a priestess and such was forbidden.
She had several night mares where this strange shining being kept appearing and pu-lling her out of a ditch that was trying to swallow her.
She has wanted to call Dembe and tell him about her dream and also ask him to explain to her what it all means but she was the mouth piece of the deity and such was an abomination to the gods.
She kept it all to herself. She still goes out to the fountain some nights, hide in the dark just to listen to some of the stories that Dembe has to tell. Even if he has told it before, it still sound new.
She has listen to them pray quietly and talk about their God with so much joy. Aprin has questions and Dembe seems to have the answers.
She has tried to st©p them but they cannot be st©pped.
The priestess was happy that Aprin was truly loved by the man she choose. Bash wouldn’t have made her so happy and high spirited like Dembe was doing.
It was a good thing that Aprin turned down her betrothal and chose a common slave instead. Aprin’s choice of a man may not go well with many but Dembe was the right man for her. It has become so obvious.
The priestess stood in her high chamber staring out to the busy street. She was still wondering about what will happen to the seat of the priest and priestess.
It belongs to Aprin and not to Sheila who was desperate for it.
She was hoping someday Aprin will take her position as the priestess of Kebr@ alongside her husband but she has fear of the unknown God that Dembe boldly speaks off.
Sometimes she feels so cold whenever Dembe start talking or praying by the fountain. It was as if another strong and invisible being c@m£ to join them.
Maybe there is more to this God that Dembe and Aprin worsh!ps.
She was determined to find out but waiting for the right time.
Episode 16.
Dembe woke up with a troubled mind that night.
He was breathing so ha-rd , he just ha-rd a terrible night mare that made sweat to broke out of his forehead.
He sat up wondering what sort of terrible dream it was.
Aprin began to cough. She developed a sudden cough and the physicians had administer drugs for her. She and Dembe had also prayed over it.
Dembe remembered that it was after his wife had dinner one evening with the priestess, where they sat, ate and drank together, Sheila was also pres£nt. It was after then his night mare started.
A day after the evening meal with mother and her sister Aprin developed a serious cough. Dembe had pointed it out to Aprin but she was certain that her mother cannot hurt her and her sister was de-eply sorry for her past deed and cannot do any harm to her.
Aprin was not looking worried concerning the cough, she had worst illness in the past and still got better. Nothing bothers or scare her anymore.
Dembe sat up and said few prayer before going back to be-d.
Lydia walked down the street, crossed over to the market side and run along the lone road.
She noticed that she was being followed by a stranger, just like the other day.
She slowed her pace and began walking slowly.
Today she was very excited and wanted to share her joy with the people that she has come to call family.
She had a gift wra-pped un-der her arm, is for the birthday girl whom she has promised to get a gift for.
She turned back and saw the man, he was a young man with an average height. The day was still bright since is an early evening but she couldn’t see the face of the man, only his b©dy size.
Lydia wondered why he was following her. This was the second time she was noticing a stranger stalking her.
As she slowed her pace, the stalker also slowed his.
She saw a handful crowd coming, it was a good distraction. She joined the crowd but kept looking back to know if the stranger was still coming.
When she did not see him she heaved a sigh of relief.
When she finally got to the place that she was going to she knocked. Vida, Jon’s wife was at the door wearing an apron which shows she was either cooking in the kitchen or doing some chores.
“Oh my dearest Lydia, Hannah kept looking out and asking when you will get here…
And just when she stepped into the house Hannah c@m£ rushing to meet her. They embr@ced each other like old friends.
Jon’s wife went back to the kitchen.
“Here, I got something for you…happy birthday Hannah. So how old are you now…?
Lydia asked with a full smile while handling her the gift she got for her.
“I’m six. Mama said I look too big for a six years old girl. Papa got me a new pair of shoe and a sunny hat. He is out to fix tents for people. Mama made my favourite porridge and sewed three beautiful dress for me. Thank you Miss Lydia for the gift. Can I open it now?
Lydia laughed out, and just then Vida the tent maker’s wife showed up carrying a bow of chicken corn soup and a scra-pple pie.
She pres£nted it to Lydia as they took their seats.
“Wow! This looks and smells so good. I have always enjoyed your scra-pple pie my Lady…thank you.
Vida smiled with a nod before turning to Hannah.
“Have you said thank you to Miss Lydia for your gift?
“Yes mama. I did that alre-ady… thank you again miss Lydia. Can I go and open it now mama?
Vida asked her to go and she ran off excitedly.
“She is growing so fast… I wonder what I could have done without her in our lives. She brou-ght so much light to our lives. I still thank God the day Dembe placed her tiny b©dy in my arms. Hannah c@m£ when all hopes was lost for us and she was one of our biggest blessing from the Lord. I thank the Lord every day for adding another reason for us to laugh…
Vida, said with so much gratitude in her voice. Lydia smiled while Vida continued.
“….I kept praying for Dembe…is been a very long time we all saw him. And is more than three years now that we had that the Priestess daughter, his wife gave birth to a son for him. No one knows if he is alive or dead because I heard from the market that the baby was marked out for sacrifice which will pave way for Dembe and his wife to become the priest and priestess of Kebr@. I doubt if Dembe will ever allow that to happen but he cannot fight alone he is only a man and his faith was not as strong as ours. I wonder if he is still in line with God or bow to pressure to worsh!pthe gods of Kebr@. Lydia, I and Jon prays for him at all time because he is the man that God placed on the war front line…
Lydia took a spoon of the chicken corn soup and a bite from the scra-pple pie as she listened to Vida. After sometime she pause from eating and said.
“Dembe is stronger than any of us think. With God’s help I know he will come out unhurt. The recent market gossip has it that Dembe’s wife, Lady Aprin is now serving the God of Dembe which is unknown to many and they also refused to offer their son as a sacrifice to the idol gods or even as-sume the seat of the priest and priestess of Kebr@. When I heard it I was jubilating inwardly because I know God is taking over the territory of the priestess which will extend to all the Kebr@, is just a matter of time. Dembe was a great friend and he will always be. God will do many wonders throu-gh him. Beside that…I have something exciting that I really want to share.
She took another bite from her scra-pple pie, Vida was alre-ady feeling excited with whatever Lydia got to say.
“…My long awaited freedom c@m£ knocking. I found favour before my mistress and master and they decided not to extend my years anymore. My mistress has interest in knowing the true God of heaven and earth. She asked me biblical questions and I always feel so happy to talk about God with her and she also spoke to her husband. My master is reluctant but he will eventually come to know God fully. I’m getting my belt of freedom soon and I will be free. My mistress said I can live with them if I want. She will give me a place to stay and trade….I’m also free to marry and bear children. My Lady…I have looked forward to do this and I’m so happy is finally here….i couldn’t keep the good news to myself and that was why I decided to run down here to share it. I will also share it with everyone on our fellowsh!pday…
Vida drew Lydia into a warm hvg.
“Halleluiah! The Lord is good. This is indeed a great news. So are you taking the offer of staying back in Kebr@ and maybe getting busy with a trade?
Vida asked Lydia.
“No…no my Lady. I’m returning back to my place. I hunger to see my father and my only brother…I hope that they are still very much alive. I have hoped someday that I will see my father again and my brother too and now is the perfect time. they probably thought I’m dead and I don’t know if they are alive… once I get my freedom belt I will set out on my journey. I will really miss everyone when I’m gone. My dear Hannah, you and Lord Jon…I will miss the entire fellowsh!pof believers because I may never come back to Kebr@ if my father and brother are still alive…
As they talked, Lydia wiped a tear from her eyes. She felt so happy that after many years as a slave she was finally free and will be returning home.
Vida hvgged her and they all talked some more.
Lydia totally forgot about the stranger stalking her until she entered the street that late evening.
On her way home, she met Jon returning from mending tents for people. He was humming a worsh!psong as he walk down.
Lydia greeted him and they st©pped by the road to talk for some time before bidding each other goodnight.
As she got to the market side and proceed to cross over to the street that will link to her place, she noticed that someb©dy was following her.
She had wanted to speak to Vida about the stalker but totally got carried away with the joy of looking forward to journeying back to her father after getting her freedom belt.
It was dark but the rout is one of the road that people applied while going or returning from the market which makes it a busy one.
Lydia turned and saw the stranger, she hurried her step and started running without looking back. She thought of hiding to know who the stalker really was but she nee-ded to rush home because is late evening.
She kept running until she got to her gate and quic-kly went inside.
Lydia thought of what to do next time with the stranger. She will fill in a spray bottle with some h0t chilli pepper which she intend to use on the stalker if he dares attack her or she will start going out with a big stick.
She was about to be free and return home, she does not want any trouble from anyb©dy.
As Lydia l@ydown to sleep that night she wondered who the strange young man  was and why he was stalking her.
She prayed as usual for herself, her father and brother, her master and mistress who has showed interest in knowing God and many other believers.