Pride – final episode


Rick- what did you wanna do dear
Me- actually we just met today so it not right
for me to sleep over at your place tonight
Rick – look sade this is not about we just met
dear it about your safety and the fact that we
just met is normal but believe me I fell in love
with you the moment I saw you sade am in love
with you
Me- hmmm rick fine I stay over at your place
for tonight
Rick – ok dear let get going
Me- wait my car is at the park
Rick- we can get it tomorrow tonight is really
dangerous to go back there
We drove off to his house. I was totally
surprised when we got to his paradise. The place
is so big the biggest house I would ever seen.
The house has 3 gates before you get to the
main house but after each gate their are houses
pools bar and different stuffs there
When he drove into his garage I was totally
surprised with what I saw
He has flocks of cars just name the br@nd
Ferrari Benz range rover lot of sport car are
Me- wait rick don’t tell me you own all of this
Rick – well this is my biggest property I have
other mansion around the world but this is the
Me- you must be stinkingly rich to afford all
this luxury
Rick – let go in so you can rest
We got to the sitting area. It was fully furnished
everything there is almost made from gold
Rick – nanny ask one of the maids to clear up
one of those rooms
Just then one of his maids c@m£ in
Maid- sir should I set the table
Rick – are you eating because am full alre-ady
Me- same here but get me a cu-p of tea
She left and later return with the tea
Rick- sade how about you go and shower
upstairs so you can rest
Me- ok you too should do that
Rick- actually I still nee-d to attend to some
stuffs tonight
Me- you still going out
Rick- no i mean I nee-d to sort out some
do¢v-ments in my office
Me- ok well good night
Rick- same dear
The next morning I woke up really late I guess
because of last night encounter with those guys
Just then rick walked in
Rick- ohh you awake
Me- yeah just did how was your night
Rick- it was beautiful I mean wonderful knowing
the woman I loved so much is here safe and
Me- rick well you seem dressed up are you
going out alre-ady
Rick- well I have some meetings with a client
today he will be coming from north Korea and
he wants to go back home today
Me- well you can go I will board a cab when am
done and thanks by the way
Rick- no no my driver will drop you at your
office and also take you home after the day
work I might visit you once am done with the
days work
I stood up and hvgged him
Me- thank you
Rick – you deserve better than this because you
are a special woman sade I love you
Me- Rick look it to early for this better you
leave now or you get late
Rick- ok take care babe and see you later
Wow seems I have lucky of guy ohh every guy
that comes my way is a big hit I mean nelson
rick Matthew frank they are all fv¢king rich
thou Matthew and frank got their money
throu-gh illegal means
I prepared for office and head downstairs
Maid- ma your breakfast is re-ady
Me- actually am late but I don’t wanna waste
your strength can you just pack it I will eat it at
the office
She packed the food
I got outside and met the driver standing beside
my dream car a car I wish it mine guess guess
bughatti chevron
Driver – ma are you re-ady
Me- yes
Office work was really tiring that day as news
spre-ad out that Sam Smith has been caught the
police alre-ady has him and he is behind bars
You know what the amusing p@rt is he refund
the money back immediately (5 million dollars)
That guy is really a crook
Later that day rick visited me at my house Rick-
sade don’t you think you will nee-d some
around here Me- hmm well I can manage with
this Rick – with this guy still disturbing you am
sure you nee-d added security Guys shey I nee-d
this security nii and is this guy truly in love with
Me- well if you say so fine
Rick – don’t worry the guy won’t harm you
Me- he can’t am just worried about you
Rick- me why
Me- I saw what he did to some guys
Rick- don’t worry he can’t harm me
Me- I will be traveling to my country tomorrow
I have a meeting with my CEO
Rick- can I come along
Me- if you like
Rick- can we take my pri-vate jet
Me- jet it not necessary
Rick- no no it is and I insist
Me- ok fine
Just then my maid come out
Maid- ma the food is re-ady and also your things
for your trip are alre-ady prepared
Me- OK go and set the table for two of us when
you are done call me
Rick- sade am sorry I won’t be able to eat here
Me- why
Rick- I nee-d to prepare my things
Me- hmmm but you can still eat here better still
take it home
Rick – ok if you insist
We had our dinner that night gist alot about
each other before he went home
The next day we left for Nigeria
Rick- sade there is something I nee-d to tell you
Me- yeah what that
Rick- ever since I met you my world changed all
I do think is you I am in love with you sade will
you be my woman
Me- like seriously I don’t know what to say
Rick – plea-se give me a chance to come into
your world sade
Me- fine yes
Rick- yes yes I love you
Throu-gh out the trip he was just to happy that it
shows in his behavior he even had a p@rty with
his workers right inside the jet
We got to Nigeria late that night and just drive
straight to my house
the whole night was just boring due to the trip
so we both just sleep of
The next morning I woke up early prepared
breakfast for everyone because his workers also
stay at my house
Me- wake wake up sleepy boy
Rick- ugjjj it morning alre-ady
Me- yeah dear how was your night
Rick- wonderful dear I mean beautiful to be
with my love
Me- hmmm to early for that well am leaving
anytime soon the meeting I have is today so
don’t want to be late
Rick- why don’t you wait for me I will just dress
up and follow you
Me- ok if you go there what will you do just sit
down till am true you know I dont know when
the meeting will end
Rick- ughhnnh you too smart to be caught at a
place anyway fine I agree
Me- your food is inside the kitchen
Rick- ok love take care
I gave him a simple k!ssand left the room
After the meeting which lasted for two hours I
decided to visit yetunde before going home
Me- babe whatz up
Yetunde- thank God you visit me or else
Me- watin you fit do abeg make we flex comot
joor long time I missed Nigeria alot
Yetunde- am coming. You am going out now
make sure there is no problem here
Girl – yes ma
On our way to her house suddenly a car crossed
Get down everyone get down
They got into my car and take me out
The moment we got into the car they covered
my mouth with an handkerchief and that was all
I could remember as I pas-sed out
I woke up really late just to find myself tied to a
Me- anyb©dy dear how dare you all do this to
Just then the door went home and Matthew
c@m£ in
Me- what really is your problem
Matthew – my problem ughhh
He sl@ps me
Me- how dare you
Matthew don’t worry I will make you feel how
h0t it is to go against me I will kill you Rick and
your families
Me- why you such a coward?
# am sorry for the late posts and short episodes
my phone is faulty that why am only managing
it #
Matthew – me a coward
Me- yes is it a must you love I told you I can’t
love you and that final
Matthew – you don’t love me ughhh you made
me a criminal just because I want to show my
love to you I bec@m£ a drug lord
Me- me
Matthew took my phone and dial rick number
Rick – hey babe where are you doing
Matthew – shut up you idiot.
Rick- who the hell are you
Matthew- if you still want to see your girl alive
come to the address I will s£nd to you
He dropped the call and immediately text him
the message
Me- what is really your problem
Matthew – just wait when I kill your boy then
you will know my problem. Boys
Two guys come inside
Matthew- loose that rope and carry her to the
the be-d
They did as he instructed while I keep using the
last strength in me to fight them off but it yield
no result
Matthew – get out both of you
They went out
Me- Matthew plea-se don’t do this plea-se
Matthew got on t©p of the be-d tried to k!ssme
but I don’t know where the courage c@m£ from
I kicked his junior un-der him. He fell off me in
pain while I ran to the door
Immediately I opened the door the other two
guys at the door st©pped me
They pushed me back inside then lock the door
Matthew – how dare you
He brou-ght out his gun then tried to shoot me
just then the door flew open
Guy- boss the police are here we nee-d to go
Matthew – what that Jack has the nerve to call
the police
He took me along with him as they try to escape
while the cross fire continues
St©p there a voice said
Matthew quic-kly hold me and place the gun on
my head
Matthew – drop the gun or I b!ow off her skull
Police – i said drop it
Before i know what wrong the police alre-ady
surround him
Me- plea-se don’t shoot plea-se don’t
Matthew – drop your guns or she get killed
The police also did as he said and he escaped
taking me a hostage along with him
As we got into one of his cars and start moving
another car from nowhere gave us a h0t chase
Matthew and his guys keep shooting the other
car and the occu-p@n-ts of the car also did same
After few minutes Matthew car st©p and he with
his guys got down aiming at the car
Just as they were busy shooting each other I
notice the car key is inside the car I quic-kly
took it start the car and drove off
I drove straight to the police station to make a
report on the case
DPO – you are Mrs sade kidnapped by a certain
Matthew a drug dealer right
Me- yes Sir
DPO- so how did you get off my boys are still
looking for him and what I heard his he took
you as a hostage
Me- yes he did alongside his guys but a car
followed us and a gun battle began when they
drop off the car to attack the car that was when
I used that opportunity to escape with the car
DPO- can you tell me the address
Me – it along umbabe road lekki phase two
before you get to the NNPC petrol station
The DPO gave an order to search the whole are
After about two hours they call to inform us
that they have seen them
The DPO took me to the scene and what I saw
really made me sad.
Matthew is dead alongside his gangs
Rick was sh0t right at his stomach and he has a
slim chance of survival
He was rushed to the hospital and after series
of operations he survived the gunsh0t
He was discharged after one week
One evening at my beach house here in Nigeria
Me- Rick am sorry for ma-king you suffer out of
my mistakes
Rick – no you mistakes how
Me- my pride caused all these if I had talked to
him politely and not br@g about my status this
might not have happen
Rick- well it all in the past now
Just then he held his tummy and kneel on the
floor like he is in pain
Me- babe are you okay
He held my hands while he kneel down
Rick – ever since I met you a new chapter was
opened in my life I can’t just do without you
and after these few weeks I got to know that my
heart can’t do without yours without you in my
life I feel empty from the bo-ttomof my heart
sade will you marry me
Me- yes yes I will
He brou-ght out a ring from his mouth then he
in-sert it right into my f!nger
***** after the investigation I got to know
yetunde planned my kidnapp with Matthew
because of what I did to her
She was s£ntenced to 15years imprison.

Story: Hidden Dream 

Guys, I hope these serve as a lesson to
everyone of us that is proud due to status or
Thank you all for your time to re-ad my story from the first to the last, I really appreciate.
Pls comment below what you learnt

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