Pride – episode 7


Every b©dy Where Guessing Matthew’ Well
Let’s See Who He Is ”
Me- what? ,Nelson of all people I cant believe
Nelson was my coursemate at the university he
was very intelligent smart but poor he has an
interest in me then but who cares I roll with the
big guys not poor boys like him
I called the secretary to inform everyb©dy that
there will be a board meeting
Me- good afternoon everyone
Colleagues – good afternoon ma
Me- this meeting is held due to MADEX GROUPS
proposal they want our products worth
20million dollars
Production manager- ma with the current rate
of work am not sure we can keep up with that
Me- well the deal is not concluded yet but don’t
worry guys we are going to choose what best
for everyone.
The next day we had a meeting with MADEX reps
and the contract was concluded. They will be
collecting their products in a months time. Sure
it enough time to make their orders re-ady
Weeks bec@m£ month I love life here at Dubai
ever since I bec@m£ the general manager here
business has been booming
One beautiful Thursday I left office early to sort
out some things. I got home was in my libr@ry
checking out a book when a number called me
Me- hello
Caller- hello sade it Nelson ipadeola
Me- ughhhh Nelson how you doing
Nelson- am good I heard you now at Dubai
Me- yeah working with MICROTEL
Nelson- wow my company signed a deal with
then a month ago
Me- yeah I am the general manager so am
aware of it anyways do you feel satisfied with
our products
Nelson – yeah yeah the sales at Singapore has
been impressive we are thinking of signing
another deal with you guys
Me- well you welcome
Nelson- ok so how can we meet I really want to
meet you
Me- hmmm ok let meet at CR7 h0tel eatery
Nelson- ok that alright see you then
I got to the h0tel and met nelson alre-ady sitting
down in a pri-vate section inside the eatery
Me- hey nelson
We hvgged each other
Nelson- you can have your sit dear
Me- so what do you want to talk about
Nelson- nothing really just want to know you
better so how are your family I mean kids and
Me- am single for now and you
Nelson- same so why are you still single
Just then the waiter approached us
Waiter- what should I offer you ma and sir
Me- red wine and cheese is good
Nelson- same
Me- nothing just have not seen the guy I will
Nelson- actually sade there is this thing I have
been talking to you about since university days
Me- what is that
Nelson- I want you to be my woman my love
my everything will you be my life p@rtner sade
What should I say guys
Fred Matthew nelson frank
Who is the real lover among them who should I
go for???
Me- hmmm nelson I thought we alre-ady talked
about this
Nelson- yes I know but I built all this just for
you I have become a world renowned business
man just because I want to win you
Me- I will think about it
Nelson- hmmm so how is life at Dubai
Me- beautiful
We chat for some time before p@rting ways
The next morning I woke up really late just took
my bath and head for the office
Me- secretary can you call me the general
Secretary ; yes ma
Minutes later
Accountant – good morning ma
Me- accountant I had a check on the company
account yesterday and I discovered we are
having a fall in profit and after I went throu-gh
the records I discovered the sum of 5million
dollars is missing
Accountant – ma we also discovered the issue
on Monday but investigation has been going on
Me- you mean this has been happening and am
not aware. You better make sure the money is
recovered and everyb©dy responsible for it are
book for justice or else you will pay for it
Accountant – yes ma
Me- you can go
Me- good morning ola
Ola- big sister
Me- I nee-d you to do something for me
Ola- yeah what
Me- actually someone is stealing from the
company account so I want you to help me find
out who
Ola- well give me two days it will be done
Me- ok so how is your exam
Ola- it was OK actually the admission list is out
am alre-ady admitted
Me- wow well we will celebr@te this once am
back by next week
Ola- you coming next week
Me- yes am having a meeting with the CEO OF
ola- ok now till next week then
I did a check up on other dep@rtments of the
company before heading off home
On my way home I noticed a car and bike was
following me but I just thought we going the
same way
Before I knew it the car double crossed us and
I was kidnapped again
I woke up in a house well furnished infact
everything there is made from gold
Me- where am I
Voice- with me
I turned back to see Matthew standing behind
Me- what do you want from me
Matthew – you I want you
He moved closer to me
Me- plea-se Matthew let forget all this move on
with your life plea-se
Matthew – I will never let go of you. You know
how will you feel when you see both of us
getting married
Me- you and who look Matthew it better you
wake up from your sleep am never gonna marry
you is that clear
Matthew ; ok boys bring them out out. Just then
nelson and Fred was matched out
Me- on my God Fred nelson
Matthew – now you have a choice of either you
marry me or I kill them both
Me- never Matthew you better wake up
Matthew – you know your problem is pride you
feel you are too rich and clas-sy right now look
at me what I have achieved till you die am sure
you can never get it you made me a drug lord I
bec@m£ a drug dealer all because of you now all
you want is go away from me and marry this
fv¢king bastard
Gboaaa he sh0t nelson on his hands
Matthew – I am re-ady to kill anyb©dy that try to
t©uçh you now tell me should I also shoot your
boy Fred
Me- no no I will go with you but plea-se leave
them alone let them go
Matthew – good and for the both of you don’t
you ever try to report this to the police or else
you a gunner take away from here
Matthew moved closer to me. He tried to k!ss
me but I did not give him a chance
Matthew – hmmm tough ughhh
He started tou-ching me r0ûghly before I knew it
he to-re off my clothes and what remained on
me is my p@n-ties
Just then his phone rang
After the call he went out and a lady brou-ght
me some clothes
After about an hour he c@m£ back sade it time
for you to go home my driver will pick you up
by tomorrow evening so we can hang
I was taken to my house Look at my life I have
made a mess out of it if I had accepted him
probably he won’t become this and I would have
helped him out but I did not do that I now face
all this problems because of him. Pride has
made me become a slave in my own world The
next day as he said his driver c@m£ to pick me
Matthew – hey dear come and meet my business
p@rtner one of the biggest drug smuggler in
Nigeria, Guess who it is ?
Let Me See Those Who Can Guess Perfectly.


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