Pride – episode 6


We quic-kly separated from each other
Yetunde- whao whao so this is how you two
have been cheating on me right you you sade I
trusted you with my whole life
Me- (in tears) am sorry Yetunde it the devils
Yetunde- you better keep or shut or I
Me- or what what will you do
Jax- plea-se dear listen to me
Yetunde- humm you still get some nerves
Me- you two su-cks
I left the both of them and drive straight home
I just went to my room straight without even
greeting my mom or ola
Yetunde texted me
**hey dirty flir-ty slut you got what you want
right I broke up with jax are you happy but
remember this no matter what be careful of the
people you offend or made sad cause they
might come back hunting you
I just waved off her treats later that night
Night Mum- how is Fred doing Me- mum plea-se
don’t want to talk about him for now Mum- why
Me- plea-se mum plea-se I left the room and
for the guest room Me- hello Mrs Anita Anita-
why did you call this late Me- can I book a flight
for Dubai tomorrow I nee-d to go by tomorrow
Anita- hmmm ok let me check if there is any
reservation Me- ok Me- hello sir Boss- hello
president why did you call this late Me- actually
sir the offer for general manager at Dubai is it
still available Boss- yes why are you interested
Me- yes I will love to Boss- good good I will ask
the secretary to s£nd the details to you ,
I was transferred to Dubai to head the company
over there
At least I will be away from everyb©dy. My
conscience keep hunting hunting me I cant help
but feel sad for betraying my bestfriend
I decided to visit her at her house
Me- Yetunde plea-se am sorry for that day
Yetunde- look sade I break up alre-ady with jax
so just leave me alone
Me- am truly sorry I did not mean to just that I
am pas-sing throu-gh a lot at that time Fred mum
is against us that why I could not help it jax was
only trying to help but I f0rç£d him to k!ssme
am sorry because my emotions got the better
off me
Yetunde- what do you mean Fred mum
Me- she don’t like me she ask me to stay off
her son
Yetunde- am sorry but u made matters worst jax
and I broke up alre-ady because of that
I hvgged her and both of us wept really ha-rd
Me- am sorry for what happened Yetunde
Yetunde- hmm sade you know you are more of a
sister to me
Me- well let hang out because am leaving the
country this weekend am going to Dubai to head
the company headquarters over
Yetunde- why I thought you said you are not
going for it
Me- hmmm after all that is happening lately you
Fred I just can’t help but feel I nee-d to leave
the country
Yetunde- bestie look you don’t have to travel
out because of what happened running away
won’t solve anything
Me- I alre-ady made up my mind look let go to
the club I nee-d something to turn up
We took some drinks before heading home
The next day I went to the mall to get some
stuffs for myself. Ola will be staying with
Yetunde for the time being after his exams he
will go get his own ap@rtment closer to his
choice campus
Weekend c@m£ I fly off straight to Dubai
The company alre-ady prepared a estate where I
will be living.
Monday c@m£ I was introduced to everyone as
the general manager
Later after office I visited hood out a popular
joint for rich and celebrity guys at Dubai
Me- hey can I get a glas-s of champagne
Bar man- yeah sure
He served me my order
A guy approached me a Japanese son of a
wealthy business man but he is not my type
*too ugly
I got home really late.
Dubai is fun if you rich guys I met lot of
celebrities had fun infact there was a money
fight between two big boys. They keep spending
money like they don’t know the value of it well
na their wahala be that
Later that night Yetunde called me video call we
just gist about life at Dubai
The next morning at office I had some meeting
with some of our clients.
Bla bla the whole week was just boring
A week after my arrival at Dubai
Secretary – ma you have a visitor
Me- who is that
Secretary – a repres£ntative from MADEX
ME- let them in
Repres£ntives- good morning ma
Me- yeah how can I help you
Repres£ntative – we are from MADEX GROUPS
we are here to p@rtner with you
Me- on what we dont nee-d your p@rtnersh!p
Rep- well we nee-d to supply off some beverages
to Singapore so we nee-d a competent supplier
so you are the best option we can get
Me- ok so how much are we talking about
Rep- 20million dollars
Me- wow well we will get back to you thanks
The rep left. I decided to do a check on the
company they are working for and guess who
owns the company
It it it it what do u want to hear,


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