Pride – episode 4


Yetunde- babe you dey dull yourself ohh
Me- like
Yetunde- you get big fish for house still dey look
for ordinary hen outside
Me- madam seems you don shayo
Yetunde- me and your cousin dey bleep
Me- pl@yor watin.
Yetunde- look at this
She showed me videos of she and ola having S-x
which really got me turned on and mad
I left the club really angry re-ady to ask
questions from ola
Me- mr man come here
He look really surprised first time I talk to him
that way
Ola- anything up
Me- what between you and my friend Yetunde
Ola- she is my S-xmate anything wrong
Me- you sound like it good bleeping my best
Ola- is it a bad idea
Me- this should be the last time I see you two
Ola- ok
He walked out of me
Me- ola ola come here
I head off to be-d feeling angry but why self why
am I angry are they doing anything wrong nii
Waking up quite early the next day I prepared
the meal for me and ola before heading upstairs
to call him
Me- ola you awake
Ola- coming the door is open
I got inside to see his stuffs all arranged in his
traveling box
Me- where are you taking this to
Ola- somewhere I will be accepted loved and
free to live life the way I love
Me- why you not loved here or what
Ola- that the iPad you got me thanks for
everything big cousin
Me- ola look let forget all this I only got angry
never knew it will get you angry
His phone started ringing
ola- hello yeah ok meet you up in 10 minutes
am heading to Surulere yeah cash ok
Me- you alre-ady made an order for a cab
Ola- am leaving
I moved closer to him
Me- ola am sorry I made you angry I was really
drun!klast night just saying those things from
nowhere I care and love you if you nee-d your
privacy a freedom I will as-sure you that it
Ola- hmmmm
Me- should I kneel for you
ma-king a move to
Ola- no no am sorry sis am not leaving again
Me- thanks my baby
I quic-kly prepared for office as I alre-ady got
I dropped ola at his tutorial center before
heading for office
I got to my office to see my office is occu-pied
Me- hmmm Lola why is my office occu-pied
Lola- the general manager ask me to tell you
that you should see him immediately you arrive
Me- ok
Felt kind of scared am I sacked
Me- good morning Sir
Gm- hey sade how was your night
Me- cool got to my office right now to see
someone else is in my post
Gm- yeah the board of directors have all
decided to promote you from your position as
the head of production and marketing unit to
the vice president of Natco beverages
Me- are you kidding me sir
Gm- well ma your office is re-ady the other
details of the promotion should be s£nt to you
Me- ohh my God
He called his secretary
Gm- call everyb©dy right now we are having a
meeting with the new vice president
After the meeting with the other workers I
resort to my office for rest
My office has a room included where I can rest
lot of things like a fridge included with a PA
ap@rt from the secretary
Me- hello babe guess what
Yetunde- you got a bf
Me- no no am now the vice president of NATCO
Yetunde- like seriously
Me- where you
Yetunde- come over to my house today make we
celebr@te am
I had some meetings with a foreign investor
before closing up for the day on my way home
Fred called
Me- hi
Fred- babe can I see you like I wanna tell you
Me- hmm well well tomorrow come over to the
office by noon we can talk then
Fred- ok how is the day
Me- fantastic
Fred- well got to go
Something caught my attention as I saw
Matthew ri-ding a Lexus jeep
I just drove pas-s him but with what I see he is
ma-king a better life sure not up to my level
right now
Wait ohh what is Fred gonna tell me…..?
Me- mummy when did you get here
Mum – is that a good morning
Me- sorry good morning ma
Mum – hope you sle-pt well
Me- – yeah ma
Mum – I got here this morning I will be
spending a week with you
Me- well ok
Ola- am going for my daily workout
Me- am I invited been a while I exercised last
Ola- yeah sure
We jugged over to stay fit gym
Ola moved over to get some snacks as soon as
the session ended just then a guy sat beside me
Guy- can I sit beside you pretty
Me- you alre-ady did
Guy- am frank the son of s£nator ayandeji
Me- ok how can I help you hmmm
Frank- frank
Me- yeah
Frank- I would like to know you
Me- am i one of those cheap ladies you sleep
with around
Frank- hey I mean no harm
Me- look frank or whatever you call yourself
stand up and leave
He left me without saying a word again just
then ola c@m£ back
Me- what took you so long
Ola- met my tutorial mate at the shop I bought
this things so we talked a little bit
Me- ok can we leave
Ola- OK sure
We got home shower up then enjoy the delicacy
prepared by my mum
Mum- sade when you are throu-gh see me
Me- is everything ok
Mum- yeah just see me
After am done with my food I joined her in her
Me- mum you want to talk to me
Mum- how old are you
Me- 25
Mum- your mate are alre-ady married your mate
have giving birth but look at yourself no fiance
Me- mum
Mum- I want to see my grandchild bring home
your fiance in the next 3 weeks or else
Me- hmmmm I will work towards it
Mum – better
The whole weekend was boring so I won’t
disturb you with the gist
Monday c@m£ I was really busy at office meeting
over meeting
Almost closing hour Fred called me
Me- hello
Fred- sade can I visit you today
Me- no no let meet at the lounge arena
Fred- ok time
Me- 4pm
Fred- ok how is the day
Me- good
I left office about 10minutes to 4
I got there to meet Fred alre-ady waiting
Me- hi Fred
Fred- whatzup sade
Me- cool you said you want to see me
Fred- yeah sade ever since I meet you my world
changed all I think about is you I know you are
single and lonely so give me that chance to fill
your world with love and care
Me- hmm Fred
Fred held my hands looking straight into my
Fred- plea-se be my life p@rtner
Me- yes yes Fred I will be your girl lover
Fred- like seriously
Me- yes
He hvgged me really ti-ght after which we sit
down again
Waitress- good afternoon ma and Sir what
should I offer you
Fred- what your choice
Me- just meat pie and yoghurt
Fred- fish sauce and a bottle of punch
The waitress brou-ght back the order which we
started eating
Me- Fred thought you said you are signing a
deal with a team at Belgium
Fred- the deal failed currently my agent is
preparing a new deal at Scotland it will be
finalized by next week so I might travel
Just then frank walked in
Frank- hi babe
Me- hi
Frank- let talk outside
Me- are you blind or what you can see my
b©yfri£ndis here
Frank- this guy this poor fellow
I tried sl@pping him but Fred held my hands
Fred- plea-se let go
Frank – you should have sl@pped me and I will
show you how dangerous I am
Me- let go
Outside the eatry beside my car
Fred- am sorry for today
Me- no no it nothing I should be the one
Fred- ok so I nee-d to go right now
Me- same here my mama will be worried
We hvgged each other before going home
On my way home yetunde called me
Me- babe
Yetunde- guess what?


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