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June 20, 2021


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Pride – episode 2

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I got home from church service still full of
energy so I decided to swim
I changed my cloth into my swimming attires
and got into the pool
About 30 minutes later my phone started
Me- ohhh who the heck is this self
I checked the caller it from my secretary
Me- hello
Matthew – good afternoon ma
Me- yes why did you call me
Matthew – hmm ma I just decided to check on
Me- you what well am fine any other question
Matthew – no ma see you tomorrow at the
Me- hummm Matthew do you have a……
I stopped talking
Matthew – a what
Me- it nothing let see at the office
Matthew – ok ma
He sound really romantic but it really bad me
been in a relationship with my secretary it bad
I left the pool when I felt kind of satisfied. I
prepared my lunch but could not eat it again.
After the whole stress of preparing the food I
lost my appetite due to the stress
I just moved to the sitting room to watch a
movie just then jax call came

Me- hey handsome
Jax- sexy how is the day
Me- let say boring
Jax- should I come over
Me- I will pay a million for that baby need you
deep in me
Jax- well in the next 10 minutes I will be with
I changed to my sexy nightgown expecting jax
Minutes a car drive in I checked from the stairs
and saw it was yetunde car
What daaaaaaaaaa fuck
I dialed jax number it was ringing but he did
not pick up
Door opens
Yetunde- babe where you dey
Me- coming ohhhhh
I meet her inside the parlor and we hugged
each other but deep in my mind I was like who
want you here self
Yetunde- babe why the worried look
Me- nothing jare it work
Yetunde- should we drink out
Just then the gateman call came in
Gateman – madam you get visitor ohhh
Me- who is that
Gateman- his name is jax
Me- jax let him in
Dropped the call immediately
Yetunde- jax is here
Me- surprised as well
Just then jax came in
Jax- sweetheart
He and Yetunde hugged each other followed by
a kiss
Me- hey hey hey no come blind person
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eye for
here ohh
Yetunde- na pesin say make you no get bf
Jax also hugged me before sitting down beside
his ugly girlfriend giving me a wicked look
Me- what will you eat guys
Jax- anything will do
I went inside the kitchen and bring out the food
prepared for the both of them to eat
After lot of talking talking talking the both of
them left
10 minutes after their departure jax call came
Me- hello
Jax- am coming over right now expect me..
This guy self like he is loving my holies ohhh
10 minutes later jax car drove in
Jax- baby boo am here where are you
Me- am right here behind you
Jax- (with a sexy look) you look sexy in that
Me- you just see me niii come here joor so we
can get to business
Before I could say jack we already start kissing
really rough. He helped me take off my nightie
and he sucked the hell out of my boobs
We had about 4 hot rounds of sex in different
angle of the room different styles before we
both got exhausted
Jax- you are so hot different from your friend
Me- well seems you love my pot more than your
supposed gf
Jax- she is just boring always tired after the
third round
Me- wait you mean you always go more than 3
rounds of sex you are a beast
Jax- look am going home
Me- hughhhhh wish you can sleep over
Jax- wake up woman it impossible well actually I
will be leaving the country tomorrow
Me- are you kidding me
Jax- sure not am serious so before I get back
here you get yourself a fiance cause
immediately am back we getting married
Me- so you will just dump me then right why
the heck did you have sex with me when you
know it only for a short period of time
Jax- hey hey keep your cool I can’t date or
marry you I got my lady already and she is your
Me- look jax please get the hell of your dirty
ass out of my house
Jax- well I will leave am sorry dear but I need to
tell you that
Jax left my house and that was the first time he
got me angry since I knew him
I woke up pretty late the next morning. Quickly
prepared for office and drive straight to my
Me- hi Matthew
Matthew – good morning ma
Me- yeah I will be having a meeting with the
president of microtel groups later today so
prepare the briefings and we are going there
together as your service might be needed
Matthew- ok ma someone
About 2 hours later
Matthew -ma you got a visitor
Me- who is that
Matthew – his name is Fred
Me- let him in
I quickly adjust myself but surprised how he
knew I work here
Matthew – good morning angel
Me- good morning how did you know I work
Matthew – my father owns here,


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