Pride – episode 2



I got home from church service still full of
energy so I decided to swim
I changed my cloth into my swimming attires
and got into the pool
About 30 minutes later my phone started
Me- ohhh who the heck is this self
I checked the caller it from my secretary
Me- hello
Matthew – good afternoon ma
Me- yes why did you call me
Matthew – hmm ma I just decided to check on
Me- you what well am fine any other question
Matthew – no ma see you tomorrow at the
Me- hummm Matthew do you have a……
I st©pped talking
Matthew – a what
Me- it nothing let see at the office
Matthew – ok ma
He sound really ro-mantic but it really bad me
been in a relationsh!pwith my secretary it bad
I left the pool when I felt kind of satisfied. I
prepared my lunch but could not eat it again.
After the whole stress of preparing the food I
lost my appetite due to the stress
I just moved to the sitting room to watch a
movie just then jax call c@m£ in
Me- hey handsome
Jax- S-xy how is the day
Me- let say boring
Jax- should I come over
Me- I will pay a million for that baby nee-d you
de-ep in me
Jax- well in the next 10 minutes I will be with
I changed to my S-xy nightgo-wn expecting jax
Minutes a car drive in I checked from the stairs
and saw it was yetunde car
What daaaaaaaaaa fv¢k
I dialed jax number it was ringing but he did
not pick up
Door opens
Yetunde- babe where you dey
Me- coming ohhhhh
I meet her inside the parlor and we hvgged
each other but de-ep in my mind I was like who
want you here self
Yetunde- babe why the worried look
Me- nothing jare it work
Yetunde- should we drink out
Just then the gateman call c@m£ in
Gateman – madam you get visitor ohhh
Me- who is that
Gateman- his name is jax
Me- jax let him in
Dropped the call immediately
Yetunde- jax is here
Me- surprised as well
Just then jax c@m£ in
Jax- sweetheart
He and Yetunde hvgged each other followed by
a k!ss
Me- hey hey hey no come blind person eye for
here ohh
Yetunde- na pesin say make you no get bf
Jax also hvgged me before sitting down beside
his ugly girlfriend giving me a wicked look
Me- what will you eat guys
Jax- anything will do
I went inside the kitchen and bring out the food
I prepared for the both of them to eat
After lot of talking talking talking the both of
them left
10 minutes after their dep@rture jax call c@m£
Me- hello
Jax- am coming over right now expect me..
This guy self like he is loving my holies ohhh
10 minutes later jax car drove in
Jax- baby boo am here where are you
Me- am right here behind you
Jax- (with a S-xy look) you look S-xy in that
Me- you just see me niii come here joor so we
can get to business
Before I could say jack we alre-ady start k!ssing
really rou-gh. He helped me take off my nightie
and he su-cked the hell out of my bo-ob s
We had about 4 h0t rounds of S-x in different
angle of the room different styles before we
both got exhausted
Jax- you are so h0t different from your friend
Me- well seems you love my pot more than your
supposed gf
Jax- she is just boring always tired after the
third round
Me- wait you mean you always go more than 3
rounds of S-x you are a beast
Jax- look am going home
Me- hvghhhhh wish you can sleep over
Jax- wake up woman it impossible well actually I
will be leaving the country tomorrow
Me- are you kidding me
Jax- sure not am serious so before I get back
here you get yourself a fiance cause
immediately am back we getting married
Me- so you will just dump me then right why
the heck did you have S-x with me when you
know it only for a short period of time
Jax- hey hey keep your cool I can’t d@t£ or
marry you I got my lady alre-ady and she is your
Me- look jax plea-se get the hell of your dirty
as-s out of my house
Jax- well I will leave am sorry dear but I nee-d to
tell you that
Jax left my house and that was the first time he
got me angry since I knew him
I woke up pretty late the next morning. quic-kly
prepared for office and drive straight to my
Me- hi Matthew
Matthew – good morning ma
Me- yeah I will be having a meeting with the
president of microtel groups later today so
prepare the briefings and we are going there
together as your service might be nee-ded
Matthew- ok ma someone
About 2 hours later
Matthew -ma you got a visitor
Me- who is that
Matthew – his name is Fred
Me- let him in
I quic-kly adjust myself but surprised how he
knew I work here
Matthew – good morning angel
Me- good morning how did you know I work
Matthew – my father owns here,


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