Pride – episode 1



Ebere Stephen Uchechukwu
My name is sade a girl of about 20 years of
age finished my university degree about a year
ago and working with a international beverage
company earning 700k as my salary
I own my own house got about 3 cars. I got
everything I wanted except for love I d@t£d
several guys in my life but the relationsh!p
never lasted for long heartbreak about 5 times
Waking up from be-d as early as 6;30 am said
my prayers move to the bathroom after that
take my breakfast and head to work
At office
I got to my office and my secretary is not at
her duty post
After about 23 minutes of my arrival to office
my land phone rang.
Me – hello this is Miss sade on the line
Caller- it the general manager can you plea-se
come over to my office
Me- ok on my way
I got to his office and meet a young man
Me- good morning sir
Gm- you can sit down actually your old
secretary placed her letter of retirement on
Wednesday so this guy standing here will be
your secretary for now
Me- thank you Sir
Gm- ok take him with you so you can introduce
each other
We left the Gm office. At my office
Me- what your name
Guy- am Matthew a graduate of university of
Me- ok I will s£nd your duties to you via your
Matthew – ok ma
I checked him out he is handsome tall dark and
muscular but he is lower to my standard..
Office was not that busy that day so still got
some strength in me so I can still cook my
I was in my room just resting when a call c@m£
in from yetunde. Yetunde happens to be my
childhood friend so we are really close and keep
lot of secrets
Me- babe wat up
Yetunde- I dey jare you coming to club tonight
Me- can’t miss that one for a billion dollars
Yetunde – ok got lot of gist for you
Me- same my dear
Yetunde- ok we go collide for there now
**Friday is specially separated for enjoyment
At half past 8 I drive out of my house in a bu-m
short and low t©p that is revea-ling my stomach
I got to the club and meet yetunde and her
b©yfri£ndjax talking beside a white range rover
sport 2016 model. I moved over to meet them
Me- love birds
Jax- hey what up sade baby you look beautiful
Me- thank you dear you no fit great me abi
Yetunde- this one you dress over S-xy tonight
hope my b©yfri£ndis save
Me- tahhh am not a betrayal now let move in
joor wanna get some alcohols into my system
We moved over to the bar and order for some
About 30 minutes later a young guy just walked
in with four bouncers following him.
Me- babe see that guy
Yetunde- eehh the guy make s-en-se but be like
say na celebrity
Me- who that 1 help
Yetunde- you said you got a gist
Me- yes today I got a new secretary at work and
the guy is really cute don’t mind having him
un-der my l@ps but he is lower to my clas-s
Yetunde- them get him for just a night
Me- you don’t get I want a lasting relationsh!p
but I can’t imagine me in a relationsh!pwith a
mere secretary earning just 30k not possible
Yetunde- girl you no serious am going to the
She left me and jax.
I think the drink is getting into me as I started
forcing jax to dance with me which he did
At first we were dancing like normal friends but
gradually it bec@m£ rou-gh. I will twe-rk for him
gave him a l@p dance while he was busy pla-ying
with my bosom
About 40 minutes later yetunde is not back and
jax got worried
Jax- sade stand up I want to check on yetunde
Me- hvgggghhhhhhhh well it ok
He went to the toilet and return looking worried
Me- hey handsome why the long face
Jax- my babe is not at the toilet let me check
the car
Me- let go together
We got to the toilet and meet yetunde slee-ping
inside jax car
Me- what a relief
Jax- meaning
I moved closer to him and placed a k!sson his
li-ps and he responded perfectly
We k!$$£d for like centuries smooching each
other before I moved away from him
Jax- your friend is in the car
Me- your car dude let get to my car and get the
work done
We got to my car and have three h0t round of
After the S-x
Me- you good dude
Jax- you are machine love the way you rock my
Me- nee-d to go home you used up my energy
Jax- same
Checks his wrist watch
Jax- it past 1 can you make it
Me- sure
I drive out of the club And got home at about
I woke up the next morning around 10 am
I still feel weak from last night S-x
But what I did is really wrong how can I have
S-x with my best friend b©yfri£nd
My phone ringing brou-ght md back to reality
Check the caller it yetunde
Me- hello babe
Yetunde- I dey jare when did you leave the club
last night
Me- around 1am sha
Yetunde- whattt you get mind ohhh
Me- forget joor what of jax
Yetunde- still slee-ping think he is exhausted
after the S-x
Me- with a alarm tone) like seriously
Yetunde- yes we did about 3 rounds before he
got tired even my hole self dey h0t his young
man is too big
Me- ok let talk later jare nee-d to do something
After the call
This guy is a beast ohhhh after 3 h0t rounds of
S-x he still went another 3 rounds again even
my hole is still feeling his size till now.
The whole day was boring nothing exciting to do
just watching movie all throu-gh the day. The
next day I woke up quiet early than usual dont
know why but seems the day will be good
I prepared for church took my breakfast and
head out to church
Am not a member of any dep@rtment in church
don’t ask me why
Got to church sat down at the back following
the sermon when a young guy sat right beside
The guy is cute and perfect
After the service I was outside talking to my
friends when he tapped me
Me- hello
Guy- hello miss am Fred
Me- sade
Fred- wow nice name saw you inside the church
and I got attra-cted by your beauty
Me- thanks
Fred- well I don’t have much time here can I
just have your number so we can talk better
because I nee-d to get to somewhere
Me – ok 090*******
We p@rted ways and I head home straight away.

woman what is your pride?
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