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pretty little liars batch 9

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 22

Oops! John said in a low tone when he opened the door.He had caught them in the act.

He left them to finish ‘whatever’.Suddenly he received a message.

“Who are you going to stay with – ‘Me’ or Your sister ‘Nichole’

He looked at the s£nder and noticed it was from Marcel.

“What is he up to now?” He asked himself sighing.


Marcel gently left herl-ips. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at Nichole whose eyes had been gently shut.

Herl-ips were slightly opened. She didn’t feel hisl-ips anymore and gently opened her eyes.

Marcel re-leased his self from her, Checked his phone and looked at Nichole.

Nichole looked at him folding herl-ips not knowing what to say.

“Nichole… Let’s divorce” Marcel broke the ice.

“Huh…. But we…” She tried saying tou-ching herl-ips.

“I just wanted to feel it, It had been a very long time I felt loved, I’m sure John has told you the secret”

“No… I don’t want to divorce you… plea-se,Marcel forgive me… Huh, plea-se, I beg of you” She pleaded with pity.

“Nichole… Enough plea-se, John said he would love to stay with me, I rented a place in Huston ville, Stay there for now… You broke a family [email protected] and you still expect me to… ”

“Alright Marcel, I will leave but promise you come for me”

Marcel stared at her.

“Nichole… ”

“plea-se,Just promise”

He quietly nodded. She smiled and hvgged him

“Take care of john for me, and thank you for not holding any grudges against me”” she said quietly.

She turned to go to her room to take her belongings before she heard marcel say

:”I don’t love you anymore, Nichole… Let’s see what the future awaits”

She turned back with tears in her eyes.

“I’m going to wait anyways, Just come for me” She said.

“Nichole… I’m not…. ”

“It’s enough marcel, I will leave ” She interrupted him quic-kly.


Victory held her mum’s hand.

“Mum… Forgive him” She pleaded.

Stiles was alre-ady on his knees.

Stella glared [email protected] at victory.

“Do you know anything at all, Your father is a traitor…He has been [email protected]!nggirls!”

“I didn’t [email protected]£ anyone I swear, It was nichole that deceived me, I’m sorry, If you think I texted girls…. Just check my phone” Stiles said.

“Don’t bother, I’ve seen your contacts before but I can’t be deceived anymore!” She yelled.

Victory eyes were red and bloodsh0ted.
She was tired of crying.

“Dad! plea-se…. Tell her alre-ady! plea-se!!” She yelled.

“Shhh” Stiles said holding hisl-ips.

“Tell me what?” Stella asked.

“Dad is sick…What if we leave him and he dies?” Victory asked.

“Because of his nightmares or what? ,I don’t care” Stella said.

“Not that mum” Victory said.

“Then what?” She asked.

Stiles shaked his head asking her to keep shut.

“I’m still going to tell her anyway” Victory said as she re-moved her face from her dad and faced her mum.

“Mum…. It’s all happened when…. ”


Stiles was the only child of his family.

He was a smart and nice kid. Everyone loved him.
He was 11 years old when his mother, (Mrs Lynnette) sister called Melissa [email protected]£ to stay with them.

She acted all ‘kind’ when stiles parents were around but once they left, She would maltreat stiles and ask him to t©uçh her pr***te p*rts.

He suffered from all this but he refused to open up to his parents.

“Once you open your damn f**cking mouth about this to your parents or anyb©dy, I will kill them… You won’t see your parents anymore, Hope you un-derstand?” She always told him.

He nodded in fear, From then he always feared Melissa and did everything to plea-se her.

He refused to go to school or even go outside which shocked and feared his parents. The worst thing was that anything his eyes caught with the feminine gender, he would shiver and if care wasn’t taken he would faint.
They rushed him to a psychiatrist because it [email protected]£ to their notice he was suffering from ‘Gynophobia'(Fear of women).

They started treating him.Stiles began to fear his mum, He couldn’t even look into his mum’s eyes. He shivered any time his mum talked to him. They had to politely s£nd Melissa in order to decrease the phobia he had.

They st©pped him from going to school and s£nt him to A “All males boarding school”

Life was smooth for stiles before he heard about his mum’s death due to hypertension.

Fear gr!pp£dstiles more. He cried day and night.He couldn’t even look at a female.
His father called him back home, Stiles was admitted in a Psychiatrist hospital to be treated.

Stiles finally improved. His father was happy and called him to take over his business.
That was when he met Stella, He was shocked and surprised he had finally found ‘LOVE’

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 23

Stiles felt his heart racing fast not because he was afraid of Stella but he was rather in love.

His father was happy for him and rushed marriage between them as the psychiatrist advised.

He thought s£nding him off to the woman he liked would enable him fight his “Gynophobia”.

Things were getting better before Victory was born. The symptoms starting coming back though it wasn’t as worse as before.

He met with the doctor who advised him to still stay with Stella. The psychiatrist also said giving birth to a girl pu-ll-ed the trigger to his fear once again.

Soon victory grew up but the ‘Gynophobia’ never left.

He couldn’t face a woman eyes and couldn’t leave without his cap on his head. He was free around Stella though.

“Doctor, I really can’t face my female employees, What if they find out about my fears and decide to put me down as their Manager and CEO” Stiles asked his psychiatrist in dismay.

“Bring your phone” The psychiatrist said as Stiles gave him his phone.

After pressing some bu-ttons, he gave him back.

“I just downloaded ‘Jokes’ app on your phone, Smiling helps chases fear, Make sure you re-ad them twice a day and that should be at work and at home” The doctor explained.

“Thank you Doctor,I’m grateful” Stiles said with a warm smile.

“Doctor, You see… It kinda work though, Laughing and smiling due to this Jokes really took away my worries but why does the app keep on ma-king this notification sounds, It’s sounds exactly like mess£nger” John complained.

“Oh…. Whenever you are throu-gh with a [email protected] page of a joke, The app s£nds another joke for you to re-ad automatically and s£nds the notification to alert you of that” The psychiatrist carefully explained.

“Well… Doctor, I don’t really know if you can take care of that of that sound” Stiles said worried.

“Why… Is it a problem?” The doctor asked.

“Well… You see, My wife saw me last night re-ading the jokes laughing and smiling, Hearing the notification sounds, She actually thought I was seeing someone and was texting the person , I wasn’t really happy about that even after showing her the jokes, She didn’t even believe me, I got pissed off”.

The doctor laughed.

“Come on, Shake it off” The doctor said with a smile.
“Everything will be fine” He added.

“I hope so, But actually I find it [email protected] to talk to my daughter, I think I’m losing it alre-ady” John said with a sigh.

“Tell me… What is it?”

“She is actually going to college soon,I bought a gift for her but I really can’t bring myself to do it… Even after rehearsing in the mirror” John said sadly.

“I think your phobia is coming back little by little,Keep on re-ading the jokes, also I will find a way to cure it but don’t forget your drugs invade it’s get out of hands, You don’t want your wife finding out about your phobia” The doctor finally said.



“Doctor…. I actually wanted to gather all my courage to give my daughter the gift but my wife ended up giving her a gift using my name as the person who bought it, I think things are just getting worst” John said bitterly removing his black cap.

“Just tell your daughter… Explain everything,She is grownup now… So,She would un-derstand”

“But doctor, what if she goes crazy if she finds out…. Then I’m doomed! What of my wife then?”

“She shouldn’t know about this,Your daughter should know now… I’m sure she is wise enough” The doctor said warmly.

“But doctor…. There’s another case” John said placing his hands on his head.

“Go on” The doctor said removing his [email protected]

“My wife…. She wants a child,I’m alre-ady trying to get better… What if she gives birth to a girl and it’s triggers my fear again, It might get worst” John said worriedly.

“Then try pushing her away…. For the main time, Till you are able to fight your phobia,Don’t allow her to get hold your hands, pe-ck you, hvg you, k!ssyou and try to keep a distance between her when you are slee-ping” The doctor said

“Is this how far I’m going to go?” He said in discomfort.

“For now… And also for the sake of your life”

“There’s one more thing” John said b!tt!g his f!ngers.

The doctor simply adjusted to hear.

“Stella friend is hitting on me, I think she mistook me for her crush or something, I don’t get” John said.

“Hmm… So, How did you feel talking to her” He asked.

“It’s felt uhmm…. Should I say odd, I was kinda shy talking to her at first but later, I was able to steal few glances at her face and made eye contact with her and do you know the most surprising thing?” He asked.

“What??….Come on, Don’t make me curious” The doctor retorted.

“I didn’t drink my drugs when I went home!, Normally, after talking to females, I take my drugs, But in this case… It was different..”.

“BINGO!” The doctor shouted

“What is?…” Stiles asked.

“That lady can help cure your phobia…..Use her for the main time till you get your self back” The doctor said.

“Are you insane,I have a wife and a daughter” John said angrily.

“What if your phobia kills you, Your system is filled with pills and drugs, and you also have nightmares this days…. I hope you can fight this yourself then” The doctor said.

“Okay… Alright… I will give it a try but shouldn’t I tell my daughter this too?” He asked.

The doctor looked at him.

“What do you think?” The doctor asked looking at his eyes.

Stiles turned his face and slightly bit his f!nger.


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