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pretty little liars batch 8

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage Ft Lies)
Chapter 20

John dropped the phone and stared at Victory who sat beside him on the be-d.

“He wil leave to Germany soon…Maybe in 6 month time, I feel sad” John said to victory.
She didn’t reply.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” John asked.

She shaked her head lightly.

“I don’t have anything to say” She said resting on his [email protected]

John looked at her, She faced him and smiled.

He chuckled and moved hisl-ips closer to hers.

His head was bent over to her face which la-id comfortably on his [email protected], This made it quite easy for Victory to wra-p her arms ti-ghtly around his n£¢k.

He k!$$£d her ro-mantically.

Feeling his ton-gue on herl-ips, Victory felt like she was in heaven.

She paved way for him by slightly opening herl-ips.

John k!$$£d her de-eply and Victory responded to it.

He paused and re-leased hisl-ips from herl-ips.

He stared at victory, She also stared back, Her eye ball twitching.

“I love you” He said in a soft tone.

“I love you too” She smiled almost in a whisper.

John smiled as he bent to k!ssher more.


Yippee!!! You k!$$£d him? Lily shouted

“Hey, Shut it… You are shouting” Victory laughed.

“I’m jealous though” Lily said tapping her lightly on her shoulder.

“So, What about Tim?” Lily asked.

“Tim?…. It uncomfortable now just hearing his name, I told him not to confess but he still did, It’s been long we talked”

“Vic, It’s not his fault, His heart was really aching because of his love for you, He thought telling you would make him rest at least”

“Well, My dear friend, He must have thought he rested after doing that, But not my heart really aches, I feel bad for him… I don’t know how to have my so called ‘rest’ too,I’m off to [email protected]” Victory said as she hurriedly took her books on the table and left.


Marcel and Nichole quietly ate.

He stared at Nichole who kept hitting her food on the plate with the fork eating of eating.

“Don’t ask anything” She said immediately he tried opening his mouth.

He sighed de-eply.
Nichole had refused to talk to him.He hadn’t even told her that he was alre-ady working as he manager.

After eating, Marcel quietly took the dirty dishes in the kitchen. He noticed Nichole was in a bad mood and didn’t want to make things worst.

Nichole stared at Micheal’s message which re-ad: Tomorrow is your last day, Let’s just start [email protected]!ng.

[email protected],Who does he think he Is” She thought.


The friends decided to have a small [email protected] between their families after the week to [email protected] Stella and Stiles wedding anniversary.

They decided to do it in their house too.

Stella did that because Victory asked her to, It was’nt surprising because they [email protected] every year.


The whole family sat on the chair with a big table which stood out in the middle.

Stella and stiles sat down together alongside their daughter, Victory while the other families sat down by their sides.

Victory eyes caught with Timothy. She re-moved her face [email protected]

Timothy silently sighed.

Michael texted Nichole.

“So… It’s been two months alre-ady, Should I do my worst”

She stared at Michael at a distance and hissed angrily but silently too.

Michael wickedly chuckled.

He stood up and went to the DJ.

He quietly whispered to his ears.

[email protected] Lady by Francis O. Stallion”

The DJ nodded and pla-yed it.

Hearing the music, The friends chuckled.

Michael went to the stage and took the microphone.

Nichole glared [email protected] at him suspiciously,Her heart was beating fast.

“This music brou-ght my mother alongside her best friend, Stella who is [email protected] this anniversary… Congratulations once again”

Stella nodded smiling as the others [email protected]

“To Nichole… This music brou-ght them magically and closer to Nichole, It ‘maked’ them” He continued smiling.

Vivian kept her eyes at the door waiting for Gideon’s arrival.

When will he co… Her thought was cut short when she heard Micheal following words.

“But also this music is enough to destroy them, It’s coming in 3…”

They all stared at each other confused.

John asked victory verbally what was going and she replied she didn’t un-derstand either verbally.


Cli-ck! Ping! Beep! They different phones sounded saying they had a message.

Michael smiled as the music got louder.

They all checked their phone.

Stella phone fell from her hand due to shock.

Vivian faced Nichole unbelievably.

“You are a j£rk….How could you… And it’s my friend for that matter” She muttered at stiles who sat with trembling hands.

Nichole eyes were red as she faced Marcel whose eyes were tearing up.

Marcel left, She didn’t bother to chase him.

Stella can closer to Nichole and poured red wine on her face.

Nichole was silent and didn’t move.

“Harlot!…I trusted you” She yelled as tears flowed from her eyes.

She faced Victory.

“Don’t bother [email protected]!ngJohn anymore, His sister is nothing to write home about” She added.

Victory faced John with tears on her eyes.

She re-moved her face immediately and ran outside.

Stella also left as stiles followed begging and trying to explain in tears.

“Go home… ” Vivian said pointing at Timothy and Michael.

Michael [email protected]£ close to Nichole who sat down gently.

He bent his head to her ear
“I warned you.. Didn’t i?” He whispered.

He later left alongside Timothy.

Vivian sighed still sitting down.

John eyes were alre-ady red, He was filled with [email protected]

He wickedly faced nichole.

Soon, Gideon [email protected]£.

“I just saw the message, What the hell happened?” He asked Vivian as soon as he entered.

Vivian didn’t respond. She quietly opened her bag and pushed the Divorce papers she brou-ght out to the table where he stayed.

“Let’s have a divorce,I’m tired of this marriage, Sign that soon, I will take that tomorrow” She said leaving.

Gideon followed her immediately.

John wickedly stood up and went to Nichole.

They were alone then.

“What have you done?” He asked in tears.

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 21

Nichole stared at John.
“John…. Let’s leave here to another town, I’m [email protected] as it is” Nichole said finally.

“Do you care only about yourself… What about Marcel, He got humiliated”

“I got humiliated twice as him, Let leave this place tomorrow morning and find a place to stay, I will look for a job later”

“Then what about marcel”

Nichole re-moved her face and took the wine from the table, She drank it.

“He should leave too… To avoid the humiliation”

“What? Goodness, Look at your self talking,You even still have the mind to sip wine, Huh?”

“I was thirsty,It’s not the end of the world, You can forget about victory now…. You will find another girl once we move”

“You are pathetic” He said in disgust.

“What?” She said glaring at him.

“I disown you as my sister, Are you even my sister?” He asked painfully as tears streamed on his face.

“I can’t hold it another, I have something I need to tell you” He added.

“If it’s about Marcel, Forget it” She warned.

“It’s about You… Though Marcel knew”

She looked at him without blinking.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“Firstly, Marcel has a new job as a manager, You never gave him the chance to tell you”

Nichole looked at him and finally blinked.

“You said you wouldn’t say anything about him” She said softly.

“Now to the main point… Nichole, Don’t be surprised but Marcel isn’t impotent” He confessed after taking a de-ep breath.

“What do you mean?So…why don’t we have kids… Huh? Tell me” She asked angrily

“Don’t you get it… Nichole” he asked shaking his head.

Nichole opened her mouth wi-de, Closed them with her mouth, She moved to John, ti-ghtly held his collar with tears dripping down her face

“Tell me everything you know” She yelled at the t©p of her voice.

John looked at her….. My eyes said it all, He sighed softly.

It happened when…. He started.


So… Doctor is anything wrong with me, I’m confused… Why can’t we bear a child? Marcel asked his eyes filled with pity.

Calm down Mr. Marcel, Actually you are okay.

Marcel heaved a sigh of relief.

But it’s your wife sir the doctor continue.

My wife? Why? plea-se don’t tell me she’s the cause,She is alre-ady depressed now because of my bankruptcy which happened not less than a week, If she knows she is the cause, She might commit suicide Marcel said in a shaky voice.

He tried to be strong but tears flowed. He quic-kly wiped them with his upper arm.

The doctor shaked his head in pity, sighed and handed him the Test results.

Marcel took it and began to look throu-gh it.

Doctor… Why? He asked bitterly.

Sir… Only God knows why it like that… Her wo-mb is damaged and we can also do a wo-mb transplant for her The doctor said.

How much? Huh… Talk to me plea-se his voice asked as painful tears flowed from his eyes.

It’s expensive sir The doctor said.

Marcel angrily stood up and held the doctor’s collar ti-ghtly.

Tell me alre-ady! He yelled.

3000 dollars! The doctor replied quic-kly.

Marcel slowly left his collar and sat down.

Doctor… What am I going to do? What is going to happen to my wife? I love her… K can’t see her depressed… plea-se what can I do,Doctor…say something plea-se! He yelled crying.

I don’t know what to say The doctor said.

Is it better she hates me than herself? Marcel asked slowly.

What do you mean? The doctor asked.

“Doctor… I need a favor from you” Marcel asked

“Yes, You can tell me” The doctor replied.

“Forge the test results, Change this damn thing!” He said raising the test papers in the air.

“I don’t un-derstand” The doctor said.

Marcel stood up angrily and held his collar ti-ghtly again.

“Change this results, make it look I’m the one impotent”

“Huh… Alright then” The doctor replied frightened.

Marcel left him and sat down slowly.

“It’s better this way, You just have to keep it a secret for now till get the money for the wo-mb transplant”

“But how will you tell her later in the future when the money comes?” The doctor asked curiously.

“I don’t know either, Let’s see for ourselves” Marcel said finally smiling.

🔜⏩PREs£nT DAY⏩🔜

Nichole slowly left John collar.

“When did you know about this” She asked with her blood shooted eyes.

“Of course he told me but begged to keep it a secret” John replied.

“John… Why didn’t you tell me earlier, What have I done?” She asked with her shaky hands running throu-gh her long hair.

“He loves you, He really does… I’m sorry I’m only telling you now, But it’s a secret you know”

Tears flowed like water fall from her eyes. She held her che-st painfully. Her heart seemed to ache badly.

“What am I going to do now… John, plea-se help me” She said admist tears that flowed.

“Run to him… He might be waiting” John said.

Nichole didn’t wait, Taking a backward Step, She re-moved her heels, threw them and ran out.

She continued running as the thick breeze flowed on her face. Her hair flowed to the breeze rhythm.

Her heart kept palpitating.She held her dress ti-ghtly as she ran.

She fell suddenly, Stood up,Cleaned the tears that flowed from her eyes and continued running.

She finally reached home, opened the door and met marcel on the chair.

“Marcel…. ” She called softly and slowly.

Marcel looked at her,rushed to her and k!$$£d her de-eply.

She was surprised but kept her calm.

His hand held her face as he pushed hisl-ips towards hers.They closed their eyes after feeling each other ton-gue dance.

A tear flowed from his eyes. He turned her face to the other side slowly and k!$$£d her more de-eply.

Nichole began to feel bu-tterflies in her stomach.

“It’s been long this happened” She thought sadly as tears flowed from her eyes unknownly.

She placed her right hand on Marcel’s hand that was gently placed on her face while he k!$$£d her ro-mantically.

Her left hand [email protected]£d his clothes on his [email protected]!st ti-ghtly.

“I love you marcel” She thought sadly.


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