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pretty little liars batch 4

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 12

Nichole laughed [email protected] and loud.
She moved closer to the car.

Who do we have here? It’s Mr stiles she said looking at him.

He re-moved his face.

I… Just… Wanted to…. Say Uhmm… Hi He stammered.

I received the letter she smiled.

Huh? What are… He st©pped talking and shyly faced down.

You are a sweet heart… Despite being married.

He looked at her and threw his face to the ground again.

Are you being shy now? She asked.

His hand held the steering wheel ti-ght as he nodded his head.

She smiled.

Okay… Let’s do it she smiled.

Do what? He asked her still looking down.

Are you scared that I might reject you, I will stay by your side…. She smiled.

Really? You will? He asked with a smile.

She nodded.

Let’s [email protected]£ nichole said.

Stiles eyes wi-den up immediately.

He stared at her but quic-kly re-moved his face.

What do you….

My husband is coming! Take the flowers, I will meet you tomorrow at Delightful park she said after seeing Marcel coming.

Stiles looked at her surprised as he drove off.

What the hell is she talking about? He thought as he left.

I’m back Marcel said smiling.

Oh… I see nichole replied.

Who were you talking to? He asked.

Someone! She answered angrily and entered the house.


After [email protected], Victory hurriedly ran to her [email protected]
She looked at the time.

I’m late! I might get scolded!Oh no she lamented running fas-ter.

She mistakenly hit her leg on a stone but luckily for her, someone held her by her [email protected]!st.

Without looking she [email protected]£d the person by holding the nick with her arms.

She looked and saw Timothy.

He stared at her Victory stared back.

They kept staring.

I’m late she said quietly.

Oh… Uhmm… I’m sorry Timothy said quite [email protected] as he re-leased her from his grasp.

She left him too and staggered a bit.

Aren’t you being clumsy? You forgot to get your tie done… What are you going to do without me, First… It was your laces? now your tie?He asked as he held the tie loosely on her shi-t collar.

Victory quietly stared at Timothy as he concentrately got the tie done.

He looked at her.

I’m done he said.

Victory eyes blinked.

She had stared at him for too long.

You are pretty he smiled.

Huh? Herl-ips managed to form the words.

The tie… It looks good on you he smiled.

She t©uçhed it and smiled.

Thank you.

You are late… Hurry he said to her.

Oh… Bye Timothy… See you later she said as she ran again.

Hey! Be careful… Do not fall!

He searched his pocket and brou-ght a love letter.

He kicked the floor and scattered his head pla-yfully.

When will I give her this? Uurgh he thought.

I’m going to be late today Gideon said as he drank the coffee.

Vivian stared at him and re-moved her face.

Aren’t you going to say anything?
I’m not suprised anymore she said as she took the hairbrush from her wardrobe.

Hey? Babe… I alre-ady apologized fur [email protected] you… I just got a little pissed off, I promise… I won’t do that again he said as he hvgged her ti-ghtly.

Vivian sighed.

I don’t feel those goosebu-mps anymore… Those goosebu-mps I felt when he hvgs me she thought.

Nichole ran to the park and met Stiles there.

She smiled as she brushed her hair to the other side with her hand.

She went closer to him and hvgged him ti-ght.

She felt bu-tterflies in her stomach.

It’s been long…. I felt this she said to him.

She looked at him and he shyly dropped his face to the ground.

She sighed.

Hey? I told you not to be shy…. You don’t have to feel bad about this even though you are my friend’s husband…. I just want to feel loved again.I miss those days I felt goosebu-mps due to mere hvgs like this sge said still hvgging him ti-ght.

She looked at him but he refused to keep eye contact with her.

Then…. There is no other way she said.

Huh? Wha….

He was cut short as Nichole had raised his jaw with her hand.

She smiled at him as they stared at each0ther eyes.

This is more like it She smiled as she k!$$£d him.

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 13

What’s wrong Nichole? You have been looking at me suspiciously since when I [email protected]£ to your place Stella said chuckling.

It’s nothing… It’s just Uhmm… You are beautiful today Nichole smiled.

Thank you Stella smiled sipping from her wine.

Have you called victory yet? Vivian asked as she sipped her wine.

Sure, I did… She can’t miss Michael birthday [email protected] you know Stella answered.

I called John too nichole ch!pped in.

Thank you guys, let me get ch!ps from the kitchen, I will be right back Vivian said as she stood up.

Seconds later, she was back with a bag of ch!ps and a big white ceramic plate.

She opened the ch!ps and poured some in the plate. She kept the bag close to her.

They began to di-p their hands into the plate taking the ch!ps.

Michael is now big boy ! Stella said crunching her ch!ps which filled her mouth.

I can’t believe it either… His turning 21 this year… We are all getting older soon, We will be +1 this year too Nichole said.

They all laughed.

There was silence for a while.

What of your husband? Nichole asked.

Me? Vivian and Stella asked simultaneously pointing at their che-st.

Nichole quietly pointed at Stella.

Stella smiled.

He is fine, He is at work now she replied.

Nichole laughed

The women looked at her surprised.

What’s it? Vivian asked.

I’m sorry, It’s a mistake Nichole said.

Soon the ladies [email protected] to their various home.

Nichole took her phone,Searched throu-gh her contacts and called Stiles.
But he didn’t pick.

What’s is he up to? She thought.

She s£nt him a message instead.

Where are you? She texted.

I’m busy he replied.

Call me Okay? She texted back.

Sure he replied adding a smile emoji.

She chuckled silently.


You guys heard right? Timothy asked.

John nodded.

Heard what? Victory asked curiously.

Uurggh… How can you forget so easily Timothy said rou-gh handling her head.

It’s my brother birthday next week Thursday.

Oh…. My mother called me, We will all go right Victory asked looking at John.

John stared at her and nodded.

Victory quietly smiled.

I need to go now, I will see you guys later she said leaving.

Okay bye Timothy said.

John simply waved at her. He moved to his be-d and rested.

Timothy quietly left and ran to meet victory who was alre-ady at a distance.

He quic-kly [email protected]£d her hand when he had caught up with her.

Vi…vic… Victory he said trying to catch his breath.

Hey? Did you run? You could have just called me… Then, I will just have to wait for you. Did I forget anything? She asked.

She tried removing her hand from timothy’s grasp in order to search her bag incase she forgot something in their room but Timothy didn’t budge.

He held her soft hand ti-ghtly.

Victory stared at him and shyly re-moved her eyes.

Hey? Tim… You are scaring me,What is it? She asked.

Are you busy tomorrow night? He asked.

She shaked her head.

Cool…. Let’s meet at the school garden tomorrow?.

Uhh…why? She asked.

Just come… I have something to tell you.

Oh… Uhmm… Alright then she said.

Timothy slowly left her hand and waved at her.

She smiled as she left

She entered he room and ran to her be-d.

She held her che-st.Her heart was beating fast.

What’s this? Huh? What happening to me? She asked herself

Wake up from your dreams… [email protected]ûghty girl she said as she [email protected] her cheeks.

Oowww…That’s hurts she painfully said.

What’s that? A voice asked.

Oh my! Damn… Lily, You scared the hell out of me!You were’nt here when I [email protected]£ in…. Where the hell did you come out from? She asked.

I was sitting down here she said pointing at her desk but the other corner of the room. Seems you didn’t noticed I was here Lily laughed.
Why? Were you thinking about something? She asked curiously.

Lily was Victory’s roommate and friend. Her full name was however Lilian but people preferred calling her short name ‘Lily’.

Victory smiled at lily and tapped her be-d asking her to sit with her.

Lily sat down while Victory explained everything that happened.

What do you think this means? Victory asked.

Are you a dummy or what? He likes you and he is trying to confess his feelings tomorrow! Lily yelped.

Oh no! What do i do?

Oh now… I see you are really a dummy, You reply telling him how you feel… I see you like him Lily chuckled.

Like who? Victory asked.

The Guy? Timothy? Lily stressed the words.

Why did you say so? Victory asked.

Lily squee-zed her face

Come on! Your heart was racing right?She asked.

Victory nodded.

That means you like him! Lily said.

No…. I don’t Victory said shaking her head.

Why do you say so? Lily asked.

To be sincere, I know why my heart beated so fast that time he told me that while holding my hand.

Then Whyyyyy?

I was scared.

Huh? Scared of what?

Scared of telling him ‘NO’

Why? Don’t you like him?

I do… I just like him as a friend… He is just like a brother to me. I don’t know how to explain this but I don’t think of him as a Man but as a Friend,We have been friends since when we were little. We did everything together and now if he asks to [email protected]£,It will only make me uncomfortable…. I don’t want that,I just want to be free around him like how I am now.

Lily stared at her.

Come on… You might get use to him.

Lily…. You just don’t un-derstand Victory said as she la-id down.

So what of our birthday boy? Stella asked.

He went to his friends place, He wants to have a birthday [email protected] between themselves. Then, when he comes home…. We will have one as a family Vivian replied.

Nichole smiled.

The ladies were in the boutique buying wears for the upcoming birthday.

Aren’t you buying anything nichole? Stella asked.

Later…. Just hold on Nichole said.

Immediately,She received a bank alert on her phone.

Oh Yhhhh…. Thanks stiles She said silently smiling at her phone.

She went in selecting things to buy.


It was 10 pm in the night and it was raining cats and dogs.

Stella smiled and wra-pped her hands on her husband.

She k!$$£d his cheeks.

St©p! He said pushing her away.

I want a child she said silently.

Well… I don’t stiles thun-dered angrilly.

Stella bit herl-ips [email protected] and turned the other side of the be-d. She began to cry silently.


Vivian was alone in the big house…. Her husband wasn’t home yet,Her son was in school while one was having a [email protected] with his friends.

She sighed and took an alcohol from the fridge.
She also [email protected]£d her phone and called her son, Timothy.

Hello? Mum? Why are you calling? It’s late alre-ady Timothy said tiredly.

Huh? You were asleep? I’m sorry I woke you up…. How is school? She asked.
Mom… Don’t bother asking me about school… I never said I wanted to be here, You made Michael write my exams and you planned everything without my knowledge.

I’m sorry son, You know I love you right? I’m just doing this because I love you She said as she drank the alcohol.

Mum? Are you drinking? You seen drun!k? He said

She laughed.

drun!k? No…. No… I’m not.

Mum…you know what, We will talk later,Just go to be-d.

I can’t sleep…. It’s lonely here.

What of da…. Ohh…i guess he isn’t back yet.

Yes, He isn’t…. Ahhhhhhh! Vivian shouted as she dropped her phone and moved to the corner of the room.

Mum? Mum? Hello? What is it? Damn!Mum!!Answer the damn phone! Timothy shouted.

Vivian quietly sat down on the floor staring at what was near her.

She was scared…. Her phone was far, She couldn’t reach it.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she watched the scary thing before her.

I’m scared…. And lonely She quietly said.


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