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Pretty little liars batch 3

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 10

Alright kids…. Be good…Be nice and all ,No bad friends okay Vivian smiled.

We aren’t kids Timothy sm-irked.

You are still a kid to me she said.

She searched her purse and brou-ght some cash.
Here… Use this for Lunch She said stretching her hands towards Timothy.

Nichole [email protected]£ [email protected] She had no cash with her to offer to her brother.

John… Hey, I’m sorry… I forgot to bring cash but when I get home, I will wire some cash to your account.

John nodded and looked at Timothy.

Let go he said.

Okay…. Mum! Thanks Michael waved as Vivian waved back.

You know you are really bad when it comes to advising kids Nichole laugh.

Hey… Don’t start, You didn’t have to remind me Vivian said as they laughed together.
Just then, They sighted Stella and stiles.

Hey beautiful ladies! She yelled as she ran to them.

Stiles [email protected]£ closer and shaked hands with Marcel.

What of your husband? Stella asked.

Nichole helped Vivian reply what she told her.

Oh… that’s bad! She said sadly.

I wish I could drive with you guys but my husband just doesn’t want to leave my side for a second. Sometimes, I wonder what kind of spell I put on him! Stella said as they laughed.

What of victory? Nichole asked.

She is in… She will be placed in her room Soon Stella replied.

Oh, Well… We gotta go Vivian said as she [email protected] ways.

Okay then, Darling…. Let move Stella shouted as Stiles walked closer to her.

Let me hold your arm Stella whispered as she [email protected]£d unto his arm.

What’s this? He frowned.

Shhh… plea-se,Just for a little while she begged as they left.

Oh, So cute nichole laughed as she faced her front.

Her eyes met with Michael.

She smiled at him. What’s up? She asked.

He shaked his head shyly.

She laughed as she moved to the car.

Hey! Michael… Quit standing there and get in the car! Vivian shouted.

Michael went to the car,opened the door and sat down looking into pure space.

Why are you out of it? You sure you are okay? Marcel asked him.

Michael looked at him.

Huh? Nah… I’m fine, I guess he replied slowly with a smile.


Stiles quic-kly re-moved Stella’s hand from his grasp.

What’s wring with you? She asked angrily.

I should be the one asking you that he said as he went into his car.
She sat close to him.

You are my husband… I can do what I want she said.

He started the car.

Yes… intention But only with my permission He replied as he drove off.

Stella looked at him. Her eyes were red.

I… did ask you for permission though she said softly .

You did….But you should have ask earlier, Don’t be late next time.

Stella sighed as she looked at the other side if the window

Ping! Ping!! His mess£nger notifications sounded loud.

She sighed heavily.

A married man that received tons of messages in a day? She thought.

Hey! Victory! Timothy called.

Victory smiled and waved.

Timothy was with John.

Hey… Victory Did you alre-ady find your room?Timothy asked with a smile.

Yh, But I just want to give the secretary my personal data….Oh,John you are here?

Yh John said naturally.

We were also actually on our way to do that too Timothy said.

Let’s go together then.What your room number by the way? She asked.

We are room mates he said pointing to himself and John.
Room 13…The middle floor he added.

Oh? Really Victory asked John.

John just nodded.

Hey? Doesn’t he talk? She whispered into Timothy ears.

Just a little he replied with a soft voice.

What of you, What your room number? John broke the shell.

Victory froze qnd stared at him.

Hey? I thought you were dumb She laughed.

John smiled and looked at her.

Victory looked back and smiled too.

Room 63…The upper floor she replied.

Timothy watched them and scratched his head.

Hey now! Let go he said as he pushed them both.

They saw a queue and stood on the line.

Victory stood close to Timothy.

Timothy smiled as he stood close to her. His heart began to beat fast.

Should I confess…?He thought.

YES! Victory shouted.

Timothy stared at her. What do you mean ‘Yes’? He asked scared thinking she alre-ady re-ad his mind.

The secretary called my name,So….I answered her victory replied.

Huh? Oh… I see he said as he smiled.

Yh… So see you later… John, You too she said as she waved.

Timothy waved back and John nodded.

Victory went close to the secretary.

Her eyes were on the computer she was operating on.

Your full name? She asked still using her computer.

Brown Victory She replied.


18 years old.


63,The upper floor.

Okay, You can go she said as she looked at her.

Next! The lady shouted still using her computer.

Yes! I’m here Timothy said as he moved to her.

Name? She asked.

Davids Timothy.


18 years old.

Room number?

Room 13,Middle floor.

Okay…. Go, NEXT!

John moved to her desk.

I said Next! She shouted again.

Not hearing any response, She re-moved her eyes from the computer and saw John.

Why didn’t you tell…

William John he cut her short.

Won’t you type that? He asked.


19 years old he said.

She sighed and faced her computer.


The same as his… John said cutting her short pointing at Timothy.

Who do you think you….

Then, I will leave John said as he left her.

That son of a….. $h!t!

Let’s go John told Timothy.

Oh my? What in the heck was that? He asked laughing

Seemed she was giving you guys attitude… I didn’t really like that John answered facing him.

Timothy laughed as he held him closer.

They left to their room.

💔Pretty Little Liars💍
(Marriage ft Lies)
Chapter 11

Nichole received a message in her mail box.
She was surprised because she had no b©dy who would write to her.
Her rich parents died in a ghastly motor accident leaving her and John alone.
It was a wicked world for them because their family members took everything for themselves.
She was just 21 then.
John was just 13 years old then.

Luckily for nichole, Marcel a rich company owner married her.

Things were going smooth for the family until Nichole realized her husband was impotent. She tried to bear with him but all hell was left loose when his business fell.

Marcel had no one to turn to. He [email protected]£ bankrupt.
Luckily for him, he was employed as a worker in a wine company. He tried his best helping the family with the little salary he earned.
He was glad he had built his house earlier because he would have wondered where he was going to get money for rent.

He built his house in Moore estate where Nichole friends, Vivian and Stella had built theirs.

Nichole glared at the letter.

Who could this be? She wondered as she went in.

She slammed the door and sat down on the couch.

She carefully opened it and re-ad silently.

: Your eyes sparkle anytime you smile,I always wish I could be by your side.

From anonymous.
She smiled.

Who could he be? Doesn’t he knows I’m married? She laughed.

Could it be a married man too? She wondered the more.


Vivian and Michael quietly sat down on the dinning table.

When will we start eating? I’m hungry Michael complained.

St©p texting whining alre-ady, Your father said he would be here soon…. You lack patience Vivian complained.

Vivian phone made a sound. It was a message.

It was Gideon.

I’m sorry, I can’t make it this night but expect me tomorrow morning. My work schedule is very ti-ght.Eat without me, Goodnight.

Vivian sighed.

Eat she told Michael as he quic-kly began to eat.

Her stomach grumbled.

I waited for him knowing I was hungry, Yet he…. Choose work over his family just because of money She quietly said.


Stella looked at her husband who was fast asleep. She shaked her hand on his face to see how fast asleep she was.

She smiled and took his phone from the table.

She switched it on.

Damn? A [email protected]…. What could it be? She wondered as she stared at it.

She tried numerous [email protected] but it failed.

Exhausted, She dropped it back and sle-pt off.

Marcel [email protected]£ home earlier.

You are here early? Asked nichole as she pushed the door for him to enter.

Work ended early he replied with a smile.

Oh, I see she replied.

What’s for dinner?He asked.

I didn’t cook anything for dinner she replied.

Why? I didn’t eat lunch he said sadly.

Why should I cook? Who will I cook for since John isn’t here? She asked angrily as she left him.

Marcel sighed heavily.

Okay,I will get something outside then he said as he left.

Who cares? Nichole quietly said.


In [email protected], Timothy kept looking at Victory.

I love her smile he thought as he smiled too.

John was beside him and noticed he was smiling.

What’s wrong guy? He asked.

Timothy looked at him.

Nothing he replied shaking his head.

When [email protected] was over they started leaving for their next [email protected]

Nichole shoe laces was untied and Timothy noticed it.

He ran to her, faced her and smiled.

Victory smiled back:Hey Tim.

He didn’t reply. He just knelt down.

Victory eyes grew wi-de.

Hey? Tim….What are you doing? She asked .

He began to tie her shoe laces.

You forgot to tie that he said still on it.

Oh… Thanks she said.

He finished it and stood up.

He smiled as he faced her.

I always wanted to do that to the girl….

What of John? Victory asked interrupting him.

She felt uncomfortable alre-ady.

She looked back and saw John.

She smiled and went to him.

How was [email protected] today? She asked him.

It was nice he replied as he walked beside her.

Timothy joined them afterwards.


Nichole went outside and saw her mail box opened.

She opened it more wi-dely and saw a banquet of flowers.

She smiled and smelt it.

It smelled so nice.

In it,she saw a letter.

I wish you could be by my side, Nichole.

Her eyes almost popped out of her socket.

She smiled.

He mentioned my name? Who could have done this…. I wish I could see Mr anonymous now.

Just then, a car stood in front of her.

Mrs Nichole!! a voice called as the window winded down.

She looked on and scoffed.

What the….?


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