Pregnant episode 9

Episode 9
Written by Simrah Saeed
♨️ Olivia ♨️
I decided to take walk around the house since I was as bored in my room. Ethan went to work and yet to return
I miss his pres£nce like seriously and the workers have been nice to me
I made up my mind to prepare dinner, it’s been like years since I entered into the kitchen.
All I do is to eat, bath, sleep, get tired and sleep again .
” Did you see how Mr Ethan apologize yesterday?” One if the maids said and I st©pped by the door to listen to their conversation
” I wasn’t there what happened plea-se ”
” I was there, ma’am Olivia means a lot to him the way I’m seeing ” another one said. This is interesting
” How did you mean?”
” Can’t you see that Mr Ethan has changed within this few days she c@m£ ?”
” Oh, that’s true. He doesn’t yell or get angry again ”
” And the shocking thing is that he even apologized to Emma yesterday for yelling at her ”
” Ma’am Olivia will sure change him. I think he loves her ”
What? I almost laughed when I heard that. How can they think of such? Ethan Love me? That’s not possible you know. I believe the only reason he’s marrying me is because of the baby that connects us ..
” Well maybe and she seems nice ”
” And friendly too ”
Well that’s enough.
I entered into the kitchen and they all kept quiet like they weren’t talking about me seconds ago
” Evening ma’am ”
” Evening ma’am ”
” Evening ma’am, what should we get for you ”
” Nothing and evening. I just want to prepare dinner ” I replied to avoid the greetings..
They are taking me as a goddess which I’m not .
They glanced at each other then back at me .
” We are sorry ma’am but Mr Ethan instructed us not to allow you in the kitchen ”
Ugh! Ethan again!
” I will be glad if you can address me by my name and st©p saying ma’am plea-se ” I said and they all kept quiet.
What’s up with them?
” plea-se, just take me as one of you. Don’t take me as the superior ”
” Okay.. thank you ”
” It’s nothing so you all can leave, I will make the dinner ”
” We will get fired if Mr Ethan finds out uhhm Olivia ” one of them said
” You shouldn’t worry about that, I will cover up for you guys ”
” We can’t still let you cook ” another one added adamantly while I sighed
” Okay I’ll help you, I just want to cook plea-se ”
” Only for today and we will be here to give you anything you nee-d ”
” Thank you so much ”
” You welcome Olivia ” they smiled at me
” Okay, time for introduction. I’m Olivia as you know ”
” I’m Jenny ”
” Ella ”
” And I’m Eva ”
” Alright girls, Jenny, Eva and Ella . We will be preparing Bacon burger tonight . you know how to do it right?” I asked and they shook their head ..
” No ma’am, I mean Olivia. It’s only bacon we’ve been thought ” Eva replied
” Okay I’ll teach you ” ….


” I have a surprise for you angel ” Ethan said as we settled down on my be-d.
I feel so dizzy gosh! I’m almost out of my first trimester and I thought the dizziness will st©p but it hasn’t …
” What’s it? ” I asked staring at him. He looks worked up .
Maybe it’s as the result of the office work. I learnt it’s not easy working all day
” Here, this is your phone. I thought it will be best if I get you one in case of emergency and if I want to hear your voice ”
Wow! The latest version of the apple product..
” F.. for me? ” I stammered excitedly
” For you Angel ”
” Thank you so much Ethan ” I hvgged him unexpectedly and withdrew back almost immediately which made him chuckle
” I’m not restricting you from hvgging me after all, I’m all yours to hvg ” he said chuckling louder which made me blus-h
” Thank you again ”
” You are welcome, I’m so famished we nee-d to eat ”
” Yeah I prepared dinner alre-ady ” I blurted..
It sli-pped out of my mouth seriously I wasn’t planning on telling him I was the one that made the meal
” You did what?”
” Uhmm.. uhhmm, I prepared d ..dinner ”
” Why the hell will you enter the kitchen? Didn’t I told you not to? What were the maids doing? ” He snapped getting all fury ..
Can’t he just st©p? It scare me out ….
” I..I just wanted to ”
” You wanted to? You can do anything else like take a walk around the mansion or so instead of stressing yourself , in fact I will fire those stupid cooks” he shouted again
He hasn’t even eaten the meal and he’s alre-ady flared up… It simply means he doesn’t want to eat my food.
Tears welled up my eyes as I stood up to nowhere
” I..I’m sorry, I .. shouldn’t have tried to impress you, I will just trash the food ” I said tearfully leaving the room .
He held my wrist st©pping me from moving out while I sniffed..
You wouldn’t blame me I’m this emotional, I have been like this all my life plus the pregnancy hor-mones
” I .. didn’t mean to make you cry Angel I’m sorry plea-se st©p crying. It breaks my heart ” he said wiping my tears with his thumb
” I was only saying you shouldn’t have stressed yourself that’s why we have maids . I’m sorry Angel ” he drew me closer to himself and hvgged me ..
♠️ Ethan ♠️
Gosh! Olivia has really turned into a baby , I don’t even know what to say to her that wouldn’t make her cry .
She even cry over little things and her craving is something else..
Imagine she asked me to find sand for her. She wanted to eat sand .. Sand of all things …
I had to run away to dad’s yesterday to avoid her cravings..
I mean, she craves for weird things , she wanted me to buy her a new book just to inhale the scent.
Seriously who does that?
Well, we both visited mum today and sh will be staying till evening before I go pick her
” She’s here sir ” one of the guards said while I nodded to let her in ..
It’s Sophia, Olivia’s sister.
Surprised she’s here? Well, I have reasons for inviting her over ..
” Hey handsome ” she called s£dûçt!velyplacing a k!sson my cheeks..
Don’t she have any shame?
” Beautiful, how are you ?” I asked trying to pl@yalong. I just hope this works out
” I can’t be fine when you chose that thing over me ” she replied nonchalantly.
If not for one thing, I could have sl@pped her right away.
” You know I don’t like Olivia, to have realized that I Love you not her ”
” Really? ” She beamed .
Yeah, it’s working
” Yes, you know what, immediately she gives birth. I will s£nd her away and marry you ” I said convincingly .
” Oh my goodness! This is the best news I’ve heard in a couple of years. You know I have always had a crush on you ”
She said and sat on my th!gh mas-saging my shoulder ..
” And I love you at first sight ”
” I can’t wait for Olivia to give birth and give us some space. Oh my! I will let the whole world knows you are my fiance ” she said excitedly
” Yes baby, you can do that but that’s after Olivia gives birth ”
” I un-derstand. I’m so happy right now, you don’t know how much I have long for just your t©uçh ” she said and k!ssmy n£¢k ..
Before I could st©p her, ourl-ips got locked up.. …
Yuck! I feel like throwing up, such a cheap s–t . . . …
What is this Ethan up to?
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