Pregnant episode 8

pregnant episode 8
Episode 8
Written by Simrah Saeed
♠️ Ethan ♠️
I changed into a comforting dress and went back to the dinning .
Like seriously, I’m still surprised I uttered that word not to anyone else but the maid ..
” You haven’t eaten?” I asked Olivia who just sat quiet staring at nothing in p@rticular.
This is the innocent lady I took advantage of. Even if she said she’s forgiven me, I can’t st©p blaming myself for that one and
” I was actually waiting for you ”
” To feed you right ?” I tea-sed while she chuckled
” No, you can’t feed a grown-up like me ” she protested
” I can angel, if I feed you that means I’m feeding our baby and it’s not bad if I feed my fiancee you know. You are always my baby ”
” Gross ” she muttered .
A smile plastered on my as I folded my arms with gaze fixed on her while she eats ..
I haven’t really take a good look at her since I met her till now .
She looks so beautiful yet shy, she has a long and curly hair, long lashes, sp©tless face , a one side dimple, cute f!ngers, a heart melting voice, pinkl-ips and …
” Hey, why staring at me ” she said unable to Look at me in the face .
Ugh! Why did she have to interrupt my mind ..
” Eat Angel ”
” And you? Aren’t you eating?”
” I don’t want the foods anymore ”
” Why? I can prepare another one for you ” she said ..
Isn’t she really a good woman? She’s even concerned about me
” You are my food Olivia, by the just staring at you is enough to get me filled ”
She looked away timidly but I can see a smile on her face ..
Awwn. She’s blu-shing…
” You are flattering me Ethan ”
” Frankly, I’m not flattering you Angel. You look so beautiful ”
She smiled genuinely
” Thank you for the compliment and you are the first to tell me that. Everyone refer to me as an ugly hag ” she replied sadly.
” That shouldn’t make you dull Olivia, I guess those people can’t differentiate between black and white . They don’t know what’s good or maybe they are blind ” I said shrugging my shoulder while she bur-st out laughing..
What’s funny now? I mean, if not blind and mentally unstable people, no sane person will say she’s not a beauty..
Forget she isn’t looking all fancy but she’s more beautiful than the girls I know .
” Like seriously blind? ”
” Of course, it’s only blind people that won’t see your beauty or perhaps jealous people ” I added
” Anyways, you should eat plea-se ” she beckoned
I examined the food and guess what! It was alre-ady cold. Did I tell you how much I hate eating cold foods?
Well, we are enemies…
I mentally gro-an ed . It was all that maid’s fault, if she hadn’t poured water all over me, the food wouldn’t have gotten cold .
I just wish to shout her name and she will k!ssher job good bye but I couldn’t.
Olivia won’t be happy with that
” You still aren’t eating Ethan ”
” I.. uh.. I will eat ” I said trying so ha-rd to take a spoon into my mouth but I end up throwing up on the table..
I was just trying not to look like a spoilt br@t ..
” Are you okay?” She asked worriedly coming towards me..
I can’t tell her I don’t eat cold foods, it looks so embarras-sing to me ..
But as we know, they are lots of people like me out there ..
” yeah I’m fine , I will inform the maid to clean the mess and equally get you something. ”
” It’s okay I will clean it up ” she volunteered while I chuckled..
” You can’t Olivia, there are lots of maids who will get it done”
” Everything shouldn’t be done by the maids ”
” That’s why I pay them ”
” And I want to help them with this ” she replied adamantly…
” Baby ” Adrianna called pe-cking my cheeks.
I sighed in displea-sure, like seriously. I really want all this to end alre-ady.
Even if it’s not for anything but for the fact that I’m getting married .
” What did you want Anna ” I asked slightly pushing her away
” Really? Are you asking me that Ethan ” she scoffed
I closed my l@pt©p rolling on my chair
” Baby, I nee-d you ” she brou-ght herl-ips closer but I was quic-k enough to throw away my face ..
” I’m not in the mood Anna ”
” What is your problem Ethan? Why are you suddenly rejecting me ?”
” I’m not rejecting you, I’m not just re-ady for this ”
” I will make you in the mood ” she said and sat on my l@p taking myl-ips into hers .
No! I can’t do this, I feel like I’m cheating on Olivia.
The guilt won’t let me be if I allow this happen..
I pushed her away and she landed her bu-tts on the floor ..
” I think we should end this alre-ady, I’m not interested anymore ” I said staring at her … She scoffed again and stood up ..
” You can’t just break up with me like that Ethan ”
” You can leave my office ”
” Ethan plea-se..”
” I said leave ” I dragged her to the door angrily.
I so much hate to repeat myself
” Ethan no plea-se ”
” Infact you are fired you fool, get out of my company and never set your foot in here ”
I dragged her out of my office
” Get out now or I let the securities do that ” I said slamming the door on her face ..
She’s so annoying, imagine she saying I broke up with her. She was never my girlfriend but my S-x p@rtner .. Cheap b—h
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” I have worked for Mr Ethan for 4years now ” Lisa said
” I believe you should know him well ”
” I do a lot ”
” Okay, can you brief me ?”
” He’s a very generous man, kind-hearted with a strict personality, he’s caring and un-derstanding just. Just that he’s h0t tempered ”
I don’t know why he’s so h0t tempered. Just a day with him is enough to know who he is….
He nee-ds to st©p being angry . Anger is a very dangerous thing .
I can remember the day I mistakenly burnt my step mum’s dress she gave me for ironing..
She got really angry and she made the electric iron burn my skin. It was like hell, that’s if I won’t prefer flame to that ..
The scar is still very visible. That’s why I’m afraid of someone who’s angry.
I believe they will hurt me or someone..
And Ethan, I will try my best to make sure he over comes it ..
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Why didn’t you come with Olivia ?” Mum asked ..
She’s been disturbing about her since I arrived here .
It’s either Olivia this or Olivia that. ugh!
” Mum I told you earlier I just c@m£ directly from work ” I gro-an ed
” It escaped my mind ”
” I un-derstand mum, you are getting old ” I said laughing..she hates it when someone tell her that
” I’m not getting old Ethan, I’m still in my forties ” she said defensively
” I rest my case ” I said dramatically
” So when will you be visiting with her ?”
” Anytime soon mum, you know she always nee-ds rest ”
” I know that’s why I want her to come stay with me, I want to take care of her ” she said innocently..
Really? She wants Olivia to come stay with her? Incredible!
” Mum, she’s okay with me ”
” You can’t take care of her and my grandchild ”
” I can mum, see you next time ” I said running out of the house..
This few days spent with Olivia happens to be among the best days of my life..
I’m beginning to become add!çted to her being around me ..
I don’t think I will let her stay with mum
Does it mean that if she wasn’t at the p@rty that day i wouldn’t have met her ?
What was she even doing at the p@rty?
Anyways, I’m glad she c@m£ . .. She wouldn’t be in my mansion if she wasn’t at the p@rty..
And for her so called mum and sisters, I think it’s time for pay back
Geng geng !
What is Ethan going to do to them o 🙆
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