Pregnant episode 4

Episode 4
Written by Simrah Saeed
♨️ Olivia ♨️
I shifted back in fear of him hitting me ..
” I… I am sorry Dad ” I stammered tearfully
” Olivia, how did it happen? ” He asked
How do I tell him that I was R@p£d? Will he believe me ?
” I …I Dad I’m sorry ”
” Don’t tell me you are sorry, who is responsible?” He yelled angrily
” Talk to us who? ” Emily asked
” Is she really pregnant?” Sophia asked coming down the stairs
” Of course she is, this w—e of your sister is pregnant” mum said
” Olivia answer me ” dad said.
He’s really angry..
What will I tell them?
My mouth was shaking and I couldn’t utter a word …
“Uhhmm I …”
I was cut off by the knock on the door .
Everyone’s attention went there forgetting about me ..
” You all should go inside , we will sort this out later ” dad instructed
I sighed in relief running to my room ignoring my sisters calling me all sort of names ..
Even if I’m to tell anyone the truth, that should be dad and no one else ..
He might get mad at me but I think I prefer his maltreatment to being stigmatized .
I don’t want to ever set my eyes on my baby daddy but as it is now, I might have to find him ..
What if he rejects the baby? What if he denies knowing me? Oh God! I’m so messed up right now.
I jumped on my be-d thinking of a way out when Sophia and Emily walked in ….
I agree to the fact that they hate me, I’m still their big sister right?
” You think you can have some rest in this house ?” Sophia said dragging me to the floor ..
I don’t care about their brutal attitudes, all i care about is the safety of my baby.
The baby might come in a wrong way but it wasn’t it’s fault …
I can’t blame my innocent baby the way dad did to me ..
I will do anything to make sure he/she does go throu-gh the pains I am going throu-gh even if it means raising him up myself
” Don’t mind this pregnant thing, why won’t she sleep after she’s sle-pt with men of dad’s caliber ” Emily said …
” Anyways, you can’t rest now ” she held my wrist to the table sitting me down r0ûghly
” What did you want plea-se, I don’t want any of your troubles. Let me be ” i said tiredly…
I am feeling dizzy and nauseant and they wouldn’t let me sleep ..
” Did you just say we are troublesome indirectly?” Sophia asked giving me a sl@p..
Ah! I’m very patient…
Emily gave me the second sl@p and i staggered to their front ..
My cheeks hurts so badly..
Why are they bent on humiliating me?
Emily held the strand of my hair, rhis time around. I couldn’t help but wince in pain. That’s my weakness, they won’t seize to use it against me all the time…
” Ah! Em.. plea-se ” I winced
A strong urge to puke hit my mouth Before I could run to the bathroom, I puked all over her
♠️ Ethan ♠️
Their house doesn’t look bad anyways but it can’t be compared to my mansion..
Talking about riches, her father should be 38% below me .
I’m not being proud, that’s just the truth …
It was a man in his early fifties that let the door opened after series of knocking .. I guess it should be her father who was followed by a woman..
Her step mum I think…
” Ah! Mr Edmund what a plea-sant surprise” he said to my dad .
” Seriously, I never thought it was your Daniels. That’s a coincident ” dad replied as they laugh
They both exchanged greetings including mum and the woman …
There’s something about her, I don’t like her at all
My spirit rejected her as I set my eyes on her..
Anyways, that’s not why I’m here …
” This should be your son” he asked dad while he nodded
” Good evening sir and ma’am” I greeted politely
” Ethan world wi-de in my home?” The woman beamed .
She might know me, that’s because I’m popular and rich at a young age
” Evening son, plea-se let’s go in ” he smiled paving way for us …
” So to what do I owe this visit Mr Edmund?” Olivia’s dad asked after we settled down and we were served a drink
” Well, we c@m£ for your daughter’s proposal for my son ” Dad replied while he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as his wife beamed for what I don’t know
” This is worth more than anything Mr Edmund, everyone out there prays to be your in-law and I should be lucky to be the one your son decided to choose a wife from my family but which of my daughters?” He asked
Dad glanced at me
” What’s her name again?” He whispered. I was about replying when the earlier woman stood up ..
” That’s my daughter, I should bring her ” she said excitedly dashing upstairs .
I shook my head at her as everyone waits for her return witg the ‘ daughter ‘ she meant

She returned with a beautiful lady, dressed skimpily ..
She looks beautiful but I don’t like her, gosh! She’s like one of those desperate bit-ches I f–k ..
” Here she is, her name is Sophia ” she pointed at her daughter
Mum and Dad stared at me for a while and back at the lady who couldn’t even greet ..
Hey! I might be a spoilt arrogant br@t but, I do greet …
This lady Sophia girl might be worst than I am
” Is she?” Mum asked uncomfortably. I know she’s wishing she shouldn’t be the one
My eyes met with hers as she gave me a s£dûçt!velook ..
” She’s not the one mum ” I replied simply while her face dropped in disappointment
” I’m sorry Mr Edmund, maybe it’s my last daughter . I will get her right away” the woman said dragging her daughter with her ..
After waiting for what seems like years, she c@m£ back with another lady..
Ugh! This one is worst….
She was wearing only a t©p that ba-rely cover her as-s and ex-posing her cleavage..
She’s not difference from a s–t ..
Why can’t this woman let me talk and tell her it’s Olivia I want not who-res ?
” This is Emily my last daughter ” she introduced..
This little girl looks beautiful but I don’t like her . She’s not my spec ..
You know, I can’t marry someone like her…
She just folded her arms watching us like we were some kind of movie she doesn’t like …
To wors£n it all, she was chewing gum
” Ethan is she?” Dad asked disgustingly..
If I mistakenly say she’s the one, I’d be dead immediately..
” No Dad she’s not the one, since the woman won’t let me talk, that was why I was watching her act hee dramas ”
” I want Olivia Daniels the head daughter of this family and the mother of my unborn child ” I said clearly sm-irking at that woman whose face dropped in disappointment and shame ..
” What?” She whispered audibly ..