Pregnant episode 3

Episode 3
Written by Simrah Saeed
♠️ Ethan ♠️
What? My baby? God! What have I done?
That lady is carrying my first child. ..
I held my head finding my way out of his office..
” Are you okay sir ?” He asked but I was not re-ady for an answer..
All I want right now is to find her. I nee-d to know where she lives, I nee-d to speak with her ..
I nee-d to.. oh God! What do I do now?
A thought c@m£ to my mind and I ran back to doctor Britten..
Everyone stared at me unbelievably.. I don’t behave so anxious , hell, I have never behaved this way I am right now..
” Is there a problem sir ?” He asked as he saw me
I don’t care of what he might think but I nee-d to see that lady..
I never knew it will turn out this way .
” Yes a slight problem”
” What sir ”
” That lady, her surname I want to know her full name and not Olivia. Is her details still here?” I asked
” Uhh.. yes sir ” he stuttered
” Check it immediately plea-se ” ..
He nodded and brou-ght out some papers fli-pping throu-gh them ..
I won’t be able to find her without knowing her surname and I don’t have a picture of her .
Description won’t help
” Here, It’s Olivia Daniels ” he said …
Olivia Daniels! Whose family might she come from?
” Alright, I owe you a thank you for the first time and for this. Your this month salary will be twice your normal salary ”
” Consider it as a compensation ” I said and dashed out
I entered my car immediately to the office. I have spent more than enough time here
” Where to sir ” my chauffeur asked
” Office ”
He nodded and drove off
I brou-ght out my phone and dialed my pri-vate investigator’s number ..
👥 Afternoon sir
👥 I have a job for you
👥 All ears sir
👥 I nee-d you to find every information about a lady for me. I alre-ady s£nt the details
👥 Okay sir, I will check right away
👥 Get back to me before noon
👥 Noted sir
I hung up…
My mind was occu-pied with her thoughts, the way she cried the other number night, how she got frightened at the sight of me ..
I don’t know what c@m£ over me that night but it happens though.
I hope she won’t deny me of my baby ..
♨️ Olivia ♨️
I paid the cab man and hurriedly c@m£ out of it..
Why do I have to meet with the devil again, his sight alone frighten me and to wors£n it all.
I’m pregnant, pregnant with his baby..
How do I get into this mess all in the name of a night ..
What was he doing in the hospital? As much as I hate him for ma-king my Life a mess, he still looks intimid@t!ng…
I stared at the result in my hand as tears welled up my eyes..
How do I explain this? Who will believe me? What if Dad’s hatred towards me comes back again?
I can’t believe I’m carrying a baby inside of me . A stranger and I’s baby … how does it feels to be a mother?
Oh God! Why did my mum have to die during my birth? I believe if she’s to be alive I wouldn’t be going throu-gh this trials of my life ..
I could have grown up to be a happy child..
I could have gotten all I wanted … The thought of that brings nothing but sadness. ..
” Mum the maid is back ” Emily spat as she saw me ..
She’s always been like this, a spolt, rude br@t .
I ignored her statement pas-sing by her, she’s not my problem right now..
” Hey come back ” she held the back of my t©p and dragged me to her front as she stared down at me..
You followed her gaze and ….
Oh my goodness! How can I be so forgetful
The test result was still in my hand..
I quic-kly hid it behind me taking it into my shi-t …
” What’s in the paper Olivia ?” She yelled
” No…I…it… it’s nothing ” I stammered shivering in fear
I don’t want them to know about the pregnancy till I know what to do with it
” Let me see it then ” she said searching my b©dy
” plea-se let me go ”
” No…”
” What’s happening here ?” Mum said staring at us ..
My heart began racing, my legs shaking vigorously, tears flows down my cheeks..
No! I don’t want them to know, they will kill and humiliate me in this house.
” Thank God you are here mum, Olivia c@m£ holding a piece of paper in her hand and I asked to see it but she refused mum. I think there is more to it ” she said to her mother who stood in front of me staring intently at me
” More to it?”
” Yes mum if there’s not, let her show us ”
” It’s just a paper Emily maybe one of her numerous b©yfri£nd’s s£nt a love letter to her ” mum said nonchalantly
I shook my head praying she holds unto that alone
” But mum, I still want to see it ” she replied adamantly
” You heard her Olivia , where is the paper” she said coming towards me while I shifted back in fear ..
” I said where is the paper, don’t let me repeat it again ” she roared
” It’s at her back mum ” Emily said …
I staggered in fright ma-king my way to run but unfortunately, mum dragged me and I fell on the floor…
She began hitting me while Emily went into my shi-t bringing out the paper ….
I’m dead alre-ady, the pain I have been throu-gh will be a mere one compared to what I will be going throu-gh now..
” I told you mum, I knew it. She’s pregnant” Emily grimaced showing mum the result …
” I know you were a w—e, who knows how many men you have sle-pt with. I’m sure you don’t know who’s responsible for the pregnancy. You are a disgrace to us Olivia ”
With that, she resumed hitting me again as I she’d uncomfortable tears ..
How do I survive if they keep hitting me this way
Will my baby be safe?
” Clarissa, I have warned you to st©p hitting her why can’t you listen to me?” Dad said angrily pushing her and her daughter off me
” You won’t believe it Daniels ”
” What is the problem, what did she do this time around?” He asked pushing me behind him
” Your witch of a daughter is pregnant ” she lamented throwing the result at Dad.
I couldn’t st©p quivering..
No one will believe me.
What of that guy? Will he accept his responsibility if he knows I’m pregnant for him?
Dad’s face dropped in disappointment as he stared at me blankly..
He will start hating me again, how do I explain it wasn’t my fault?
” Olivia how? When? Who? ” He asked .
I shook my head unable to say anything as I cry my eyes out … I don’t even know his name, talk of his background.. Have you re-ad Coolval stories today?
He walked towards me, his eyes darkened.
I shifted back in fear.
He’s going hit me again
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Are you okay? Thanks isn’t what I asked you to prepare for me idiot” I yelled at the maid ..
She flin-ched and almost fell down..
You wouldn’t blame me, I’m h0t tempered , I get angry easily and I can’t control it ..
There’s a lot in my head and this stupid maid is adding to it by giving me a disgusting food ..
Did I tell her I want lasagna? I don’t even know how to eat it ..
” I..I’m sorry sir ”
” Did you know you are crazy? You are mad ” I said hitting the table …
” Ethan are you okay? Calm down baby boy ” mum said soothing my back whike Dad stared at me without saying a word..
They un-derstand my anger issue
” You can go ” Dad said to the maid
” Ethan ” Dad called sternly…
” You didn’t come here to scare my workers again do you? ” He asked
” You shouldn’t blame me Dad, I asked her to prepare potatoes specially for me when I entered and all she did was to give me lasagna of all food? ”
” Maybe she forgot” mum added
I ignored them and stood up ..
” Don’t be angry Ethan , I will ask another maid to prepare what you want for you. I can equally do it if you want ” mum said as she asked one of the maids to take the food away
” It’s okay mum I’m fine. I will eat when I get home ”
” Ethan ”
” Dad ” i replied
” I have told you to start controlling your anger Ethan, you are a man and you will have a family someday . Did you want them to be afraid of you? ” He said disappointedly
I have tried but I can’t, I just can’t …
” No Dad”
” Then learn to control it plea-se so why did you come? You don’t like visiting unless it’s important ” he said..
Well I c@m£ because of Olivia thou..
I found everything I nee-d to know about her. She’s even a rich man’s daughter but she doesn’t seems like one…
I thought she’s from a poor family because of the way she dresses…….
Her pale face at the hospital won’t st©p appearing in my head..
The picture is visible in my mind …. that woman is the mother of my baby…
What if she ab-ort the pregnancy? And what if she refused forgiving me ?
” Ethan I asked you a question ” Dad said snapping me out of my thought
I’m not sure if I should tell them about it, I’m confused on how to get her …
How to convince her not to harm the baby and come stay with me till she delivers too …
” uhhm I’m sorry Dad ”
” Spill it Ethan” mum said
” uhhm I ..had something with a lady and she’s uhh.. pregnant ” I stuttered
” What are you saying? Did you mean a lady is pregnant for you?”
” Yes Dad ” I replied and shook my head
” Oh my goodness! I’m going to be a grandma?” Mum asked dramatically..
She don’t Know the situation is bigger than it looks..
It’s not my girlfriend we are talking about, it’s a lady I just met twice .
” I’m happy about that, I will get to see my grandchild before I eat the sand un-derneath but…” He said and paused..
I stared curiously at him waiting to hear what he wants to say….
He exchanged a few glances with mum and turned back to me….
” You have to marry her ”
What? This man must be kidding me…
” Dad ”
” That’s it Ethan you have to get engaged to her for now ”
” After she puts to be-d you both will get married, that’s period Ethan you have to marry her ”