Pregnant episode 20

pregnant episode 20
Episode 20
Written by Simrah Saeed Hareerah
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” You can’t run away from me forever cu-pcake ” his voice kept ringing in my ears till he was closer to me..
I couldn’t move nor try to run away.
I held my stomach protectively, he should do anything but not to have S-x with me or hurt my baby ..
Had I know, I could have told Ethan about him. Mario is bent on destroying me.
” Mario plea-se, what did you want?” I asked mentally shaking and praying silently for anyone to just interrupt is but it seems the guards and maids have been locked up. None of them is at sight ..
” St©p asking stupid questions Olivia. I have always wanted to have a taste of you ” he said and shrugged like it’s nothing ..
” B.. but I’m now your friend’s would be wife, can’t you let me be? If not for anything, just for my condition and the friendsh!pyou shared with Ethan in the past ” I said convincingly
He was coming closer that I have to shift back till I was tra-pped between the wall…
If this guy her t©uçhes me, I will die. I can’t bear the pain and he might hurt my baby
” You know it’s good to be good, Ethan was a very good friend of mine back there in the University. Then, I took him as a friend turned brother. He was my back bone and he won’t hesitate to attend to my financial nee-ds ”
” He loves me as a brother and gave me everything I wanted. Since he’s from a rich family, it was easy for him to get enough money for both of us. He even do pay my fee sometimes just to make sure I st©p being a gangster and stealing from people. ”
” People refer to him as a snub but not me, he’s a angry dude and in that self lies a good heart. That heart changed me, he never abandoned me even when those I called friends left and I’m glad I’m now successful ”
He said and took a de-ep breathe, argh! All over my b©dy. My back hurts and my legs are weak ..
I don’t know why he’s telling me all this and I can’t believe Ethan that I know can change a man. Not anyone but Mario the nutorous leader of a deadly gangster..
” Knowing you are now his pisses me off. I want to see you scream my name in pain for having the guts to hit me, what if I had died ?” He asked and I snorted
” What if you had succeeded in ra-ping me? ” I fired back
” ra-ping and murder case, which lasts in jail?” He asked
I don’t even know. How did he expects me to know that?
” Is there a problem ma’am ”
Ah! A savior! One of the guards said standing protectively beside me . I think he’s Jack, Ethan’s personal guard ….
” Not at all ”
” Why are you here?” Mario ch!pped in angrily.. I’m very grateful he c@m£ ..
” I’m sorry sir, Mr Ethan asked me to be with ma’am Olivia ”
Aww! Ethan! He remembered I was scared, how loving ..
” Really? You can go and come back later as you can see, we are having a discussion ”
” I can’t sir, Mr Ethan asked me not to leave her for a second. I love my job here can’t disobey my boss ” he replied firmly and I gave him a satisfactory smile..
” Thank you Jack ” I said eyeing alre-ady pissed Mario…. But I thought he said he won’t hurt me anymore so why pissed?
” Ma’am Olivia, Mr Ethan asked me to make sure you have a nap before he’s back ”
” Yeah, I’m going in alre-ady ” I said and started ma-king my way inside my room as Mario just stared at me and shrugged..
Is this Jack serious? Is he following me inside too…
I turned and gave him a confused look with my hand on my door knob
” Just go in ma’am, I will be by the door. That’s what I was asked to do ”
I nodded and closed the door ….
Ethan is such a darling. ..
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Untie her ” I instructed John and he did so..
Anna is still here, yeah that’s just two days though. It’s a minor..
She looks so unkept with eye bags. Her hair was messy and her dress turned brown. She looks slimmer…
I guess she has been crying all day. Who wouldn’t when you are been beaten?
As much as I don’t love her, she’s a friend.
” Are you Okay?” I asked mockingly and she sh0t me a glare
” Aww, I’m sorry Anna I didn’t mean to hurt you but you pushed me ” I said factly
” What were you thinking when you faked the pregnancy? How did you plan on doing it ?” I asked inquisitively
” I…I don’t know, I was only trying to have a chance with you. I’m sorry for destroying our friendsh!p” she apologized sincerely…
That’s like her, not a desperate lady…
” It’s okay and I’m sorry for the pain too, we are still friends okay? Your man will come at God’s time, he will be a perfect definition of a good husband. I can’t be with you and you know it so just wait, he will come at the right time ”
” Thank you ” she muttered and winced trying to stand up..
She’s really bruised ah Jack! Thanks for a job well done…
” Come let’s go the the hospital and get you treated ” I said and helped her up after several attempts while she nodded..
She hasn’t eaten for this two days she’s been here too. How callus I can be to have forgotten her. We make mistakes and we should be forgiven, she’s still my friendsh!pwith nothing attached..
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” How’s my angel doing ?” Ethan asked placing his head on my th!gh
” I’m fine just stressed up even without doing any work ”
” I un-derstand, I’m sorry for putting you throu-gh this ” he said
” C’mon Ethan it’s not your fault ”
” If you say so angel ” he replied..
” Uhhmm .. ” I trailed off..
I want to tell him about my insecurities with Mario but it’s ha-rd ..
What if it destroy their friendsh!pthey built before they both probably met me?
” You want to say something ?” He asked and I nodded..
” Uhhmm, it’s ab…about… uhh… Mario ” I stuttered
” Don’t worry he told me alre-ady captain ayyy! ” He said and began laughing..
Mario did? R.. really?
I glared at him and she st©pped laughing
” I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I was scared you both might loose the friendsh!pbetween you” I said truthfully..
I’m not foolish, I was just been considerate
” I know and I’m not angry but next time, don’t endanger your life for any reason. Not even for me ” he said and I nodded..
Such an un-derstanding person.
” I can’t believe with your innocent face you hit someone with a pistol. You are sure a captain ” he said laughing while I nudged his arm
” He tried to r@p£ me ” I replied defensively
” I’m going to be a grandma finally ” my step mum said and I smiled at her ..
Ethan and I visited them and we are all in the dinning having dinner
” And I’m going to be an Aunt ” Emily enthused like a baby and we laughed..
” St©p being dramatic Emily, I will be an Aunt too” Sophia said and she glared at her ..
Dad was just staring at us feeling contented..
I feel so happy too seated with my family talking and laughing, isn’t that great?”
” Guess what Api ” Sophia said elatedly
” Just spill it alre-ady I can’t guess ”
” Well, I prepared this very dinner ” she said cl@pping her hands..
Wow! Then she’s really learning fast … The food taste so good
” Wow, I will say after my wifey, you are the best cook ” Ethan said and she jumped in joy shouting at©p of her voice.
God help my ear drum..
” What of me, I can cook better than her ” Emily pouted
” I know you can munchkin but you will have to do that for me one of this days ” Ethan replied and she smiled wi-dely..
‘ munchkin ‘ …
” Well Ethan, did you have any male friend?” Sophia asked as we sat together in the living room. Mum and dad alre-ady left to their rooms..
I guess we will pas-s a night here. It’s getting late
” Yeah, I do. He’s like a brother ” he said
” Wow! I will like to meet him you know we can connect ” she said and my eyes wi-de-ned..
Is she serious?
” What sis, I want to marry any of Ethan’s friend because I believe they will be like him in terms of character and perhaps wealth too ” she shrugged..
” That’s not a case soph, one of my friend is still single ” Ethan said grinning.
” Really? What’s his name? Where is he from? Did I know him? Is he a pop star? ” She asked without taking a breath Makin Ethan chuckled..
” He’s all of that and his name is Mario ”
What? Mario really?
He must be kidding me
” Such a lovely name, I’m sure he’s very handsome. I can’t wait to meet him, plea-se connect us. Be the match maker Ethan ” she said.
Ethan nodded in amusement….
Why will he suggest Mario for my sister? Sophia might know him though and might not.
She was that proud baby who doesn’t give a f–k about people around her..
” He will be leaving for California tomorrow, he resides there ” he said and her face went pale.
Such a drama queen, she’s not serious is she?
” Why did he have to go? I want to meet him ”
” He c@m£ for a board meeting and he has to go back and take care of his company ” he replied.
Sophia beamed and Emily shook her head..
She loves her Neo so much and she’s just 18
” His company? You mean he has his personal company? He’s the boss?” She asked and he nodded
” Oh my God! He’s my dream man, Ethan plea-se don’t let him leave ”
” St©p shouting Sophia, your voice is horrible ” Emily said and we laughed..
They are always at each other’s n£¢k..
” Shut up go and sleep if you don’t want to hear me talk ” she snapped and Emily scoffed
” I can do that for you sister in-law, I will make him stay for two more days”
” Yaaaayyyy! Dancing!🕺 dancing! dancing like a little bird singing in a happy tone ” she shouted while dancing and I was f0rç£d to cover my ear ..
” Sophia st©p… ”
” What the hell? Are you okay Sophia?” Dad asked coming with mum ..
” I’m very okay dad just heard a good news ” she said happily
” Well, it’s late alre-ady, I think Olivia and Ethan will sleep over ” he said and I glanced at Ethan
” You both will stay in your room Olivia ”
If not the day we..uhh went into intimacy, we don’t sleep together on the same be-d ..
Our eyes met and he grinned at me. Stupid!
” You all may go to be-d, goodnight ” he said and went away with his wife ..
” Goodnight love birds, don’t forget I will follow you home tomorrow to meet my night in shinning Amor ” Sophia and running off while Emily said her goodnight and left leaving me with Ethan..
He wra-pped his hands around my belly hvgging me from behind..
” It will be you and I all night angel, don’t you think we should make the baby two?” He said smiling devilishly and I snorted..