Pregnant episode 18

pregnant episode 18
Written by Simrah Saeed
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Are you saying I should turn back ? ” I asked demonstrating.
” Yes plea-se you don’t want anything happening to your baby do you ?” She asked and I thought for a while .
We’ve come a long way from home and she just want me to like do a U-turn? She’s kidding me right?
” That’s not happening Adrianna, I’m taking you to the hospital and it’s now ” I said calmly, even if it’s not for anything but for the fact that she said she’s carrying my baby ..
That’s enough reason I should respect her at least
” E…Ethan … ..I don’t lie when it comes to this but..we can go tomorrow plea-se ” she pleaded in fear ..
I don’t get why she’s scared of conducting another test, I mean she shouldn’t be afraid if she’s really pregnant for me ..
I’m beginning to doubt her .
” We are going that’s period! If anything should happen on the way, I will protect you trust me ” I said and started the car bringing the engine back to life …
She’s shivering and looks so scared to death ..
Anyways, it shouldn’t be any of my business though. All I know is that we are conducting the test today
” E..Ethan.. .plea-se.. ”
” Shut up, if you talk again I will make sure I throw the baby out of you this minute. I’m sure you know how I will do it after all, I never wanted a baby with you ”
I yelled and she kept quiet.. I hate ru-bbish
” What’s the result doctor ?” I asked curiously staring at him.
He shook his head without saying a thing . Is he normal?
” Doctor Zach, I ask you again. What’s the result of the test ?” I snapped. His silent is beginning to piss me off .
He glanced at Anna who’s head was hung low then at me
” Uhhmm, she’s not Pregnant sir ” he announced and I almost fell off the chair..
Sh.she is not pregnant? Then why did she have to lie to me?
My head snapped at her to see she was alre-ady in tears ..
” Are you sure ?”
” Yes sir, I can conduct another one if you wish ” he said
” No it’s okay, you can go to your office. I will see you tomorrow over the hospital’s affairs ”
” Yes sir ” he said and left ..
I held her r0ûghly landing a sl@p on her cheeks . How dare she try to pin me down with a fake pregnancy…
I kept sl@pping her angrily till she fell to the floor with blood coming out of her mouth ..
Well, as the CEO of the hospital, I have my office and we are there so no one can come in without my permission even if I’m killing someone unless they want to be fired instantly
” I sorry plea-se forgive me ”
” Why did you have to lie huh? What was your plan? How did you plan on achieving this? ”
” Answer me you fool ” I flared kicking her so ha-rd … She brou-ght back my anger, the anger I have tried so much to control..
Is this how she would have fooled me if mum never knew about this?
I really have an empty br@in, I thought as much.
She can’t even be pregnant for me in the first place…
I put a call across Jack and he was here in a matter of time ..
I held the strand of her hair circling around with her …
” Ouch! E..Ethan I’m sorry, I have always loved you but you didn’t seem to care about me except having S-x with me. I thought this will make you love me plea-se.. I’m sorry ” she pleaded tearfully
” How selfish you can be, what will you gain in being with me ? I know it’s for your own de-sires. You want to be with me to get fame isn’t it ?”
” Next time, don’t ever try this again. I’m sure you will learn your lessons when I’m done with you ”
” Take her away Jack, beat her till she pas-s out and wake up again. Don’t let her escape amd you can only re-lease her only if I say so ”
” Yes sir ”
” You know where to keep her right? ”
” I do sir ”
” Good, take this fool out of here before I murder someone, I will gladly face the jail term ”
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” I hope you didn’t come back with that lady ” Mum asked as Ethan entered into the house…
She insisted on staying till Ethan was back just in case I will get bored
” No mum, I didn’t and how’s my angel doing ?” He asked smilling at me and I threw my face away .why didn’t he come back with Anna or maybe he bought an ap@rtment for her
” You didn’t expect her to answer you Ethan ” mum said and he sighed
” I Know mum but I’m de-eply sorry”
” Say that to her not me but before then, maybe you should be dealt with ” she replied and held his ear twisting it so ha-rd while he winced in pain..
” Ow.. mum you are hurting me ” he said turning around with mum..
I couldn’t help but laugh at him
” I am never doing this so you could enjoy it Ethan ” she replied twisting it the more..
His face looks so funny right now though he’s still cute
” Ouch! Wifey you won’t beg her on my behalf ?” He said giving me a puppy eyes .
As much I want to ignore him, I just can’t resist him .. He’s so charming
” That’s for ma-king baby girl sad ” she said re-leasing his ear ..
Aww, she did that for me ..
Ethan held his ear which looks so red and I pity him… It’s painful but he deserves it
” But I said I’m sorry ” he gro-an ed
” What of her ?” Mum asked and I stared at Ethan to answer the question..
” Her? Who’s her ?” He asked and mum hit his arm
” Don’t ask me that silly question Ethan, I mean that s–t that says she is pregnant for you”
” Well, she left alre-ady ” he replied and I narrowed my eyes..
How can he allow her go with his baby? Is he crazy?
” That’s a Good news but how about the pregnancy?”
” She isn’t pregnant mum ” he said and I choked on my spit ..
What? She’s not pregnant? But… Why did have to fake a pregnancy?
I hieved a sigh of relief as my heart did a happy dance ..
” I knew it, she was just trying to fit in. I’m glad she’s out of the way now”
” Anyways, since you are back, I will have to leave now and make sure you make peace with Olivia because the next time I will come here and she isn’t happy, I will kill you… Take care baby girl ” she said and hvgged me pushing Ethan out of the way ..
” Am I not your son anymore? I’m pained ” he said dramatically and I chuckled..
” Maybe you are not but my daughter first” mum replied pla-yfully
” Extend my greetings to dad mum and I love you ” I said and she nodded and entered into the car …
” Angel ” Ethan called holding my hand. I tried j£rking away my hand but his grip was strong
” I’m really sorry, plea-se forgive me. I have changed ” he pleaded
” How sure am I that you are changed ? plea-se let me be ” I said
” Thanks last time I had S-x with any other lady ap@rt from you was uhhm that p@rty night.. but ever since you c@m£ into my life, your love has blinded me to even look at another woman believe me ”
” Okay, I believe you but you are hurting my hand ” he re-leased me immediately seeing that my wrist has turned red ..
” I’m sorry angel”
” It’s okay ”
” So am I forgiven? ”
” Just the last time ”
” Yes! Thank you so much angel ” he said k!ss!ngme
” I’m taking you somewhere, go get dressed ” I stared at him and rolled my eyes..
” Where are you taking me to ?” I asked
” Just somewhere, just go dress up ”
” Are you indirectly taking me on a d@t£? ”
” Maybe ” he said and shrugged

” You like it ? ” He asked as we got to the restaurant .
Who wouldn’t like this place?
” Of course, I love it ”
” I’m glad you do, so take a seat ” he said and sat down while I sat opposite him..
It’s a VIP reservation..
” I will just go to get our orders so it can arrive quic-kly ” he said and stood up while I nodded..
” Don’t move okay ?” He instructed and left ..
This place is amazing, Only the decorations will make you fall in love with it..
Wealth can do many things..
I stared around not minding if people are staring or not… It’s my first time here ..
” Hey cu-pcake, is this really you ?” My heart race ra-pidly… cu-pcake? The only person that calls me that is not here anymore..
My head snapped at the voice’s direction and I was not wrong. It was him..
My heart clenched in fear while he smiled wi-dely at me …. My b©dy bec@m£ sweaty as my eyes almost bulged out of it’s sockets
” Mario? ” I called shivering with fear …
” The one and only ” he replied and took Ethan’s seat..
He’s really back, oh my God! This isn’t happening….
I ..thought he was dead ?!…
My b©dy began shaking visibly… He shouldn’t try to hurt me again plea-se