Pregnant episode 13

pregnant episode 13
Episode 13
Written by Simrah Saeed
🏑 Mrs Clarissa Daniels 🏑
Mrs Daniels was seated on the couch lost in thought..
They were re-leased by Ethan during the day and ever since, she wasn’t in her normal self .
Her daughters ignores her like a plague, they hate her for ma-king them hate their beloved sister, they hate her because they believe she’s evil, they don’t want to as-sociate with her anymore. All they want to is ask Olivia for forgiveness
and Mr Daniels tried so ha-rd to find out what happened but to no avail so he decided to rest the case since no one was re-ady to open up to him ..
Mrs Clarissa Daniels couldn’t help but cry remembering those times she maltreated her step daughter Olivia .
She never thought the pain she inflicted on the poor girl was horrible till she had the taste of what it feels like .
She feel so ashamed of herself for her acts . She wasn’t like this, she always loved Olivia till she had her children. Maybe that was because she didn’t have a child at that time .
What will she do to gain back her children’s love? Will Olivia ever forgive her?
She kept ruminating on it and sighing loudly .
She just have to give it a try and ask Olivia for forgiveness including her daughters.
She’s done terrible things that she wouldn’t forgive herself..
She now believed that sometimes, you have to learn a lesson in a ha-rd way to realize your mistakes .
That’s what’s happening to her, she would have still been blinded by hatred towards innocent Olivia if not as she tasted a ti-p of an iceberg …
She has made up her mind, she rather face the shame and apologize than to live with the guilt forever ..
Emily’s POV
” I’m really sorry Em, I had no option as at that time plea-se un-derstand with me ” Neo pleaded while I snorted
” Really? If it was as-sas-sins that asked you to bring me that was what could have happened? You could have tricked me to get me killed Neo. I was almost at the verge of loosing my life ” I yelled
” Like wise to me too, I almost lost my life because of you Emily and you still seems not to get it. If it was you, you will do same Em ” he said angrily ruffling his hair .
That’s true anyways, his life was astake and I would do nothing but just that if I was the one ..
I don’t really have to blame him ..
” I’m sorry Neo ”
” It’s fine, I’m happy you are fine now but I don’t know what business you have with Mr Ethan ” he asked narrowing his eyes ..
” Well, $h!ts happened and he’s my sister’s fiance. I’ve learnt my mistakes and everything will be fine soon ” I replied believing Olivia will forgive me when I apologize .
She has a soft heart unlike me. Now, I wish she’d be my role model.
I want to emulate her , this my character isn’t taking me anywhere.
I’m sure if Neo knows I don’t know how to do anything, he won’t even think of proposing..
I nee-d to follow her steps now to have a better home in the future cause not all of us will be lucky to get married to a rich guy ..
Yes! Neo’s family are rich but anything can happen you know.
” And you can’t share with me? ” He asked and I shook my head
” Believe me I will but not now ”
” It’s okay, let’s go for a walk ” …..
(Just st©p here if you are below 18😁)
♨️ Olivia ♨️
We both stared at each other without saying a word till ourl-ips interlocked ..
I’m seriously scared considering what happened before ..
Will I go throu-gh same pain?
The k!ss!ngwas becoming fascinating that I wouldn’t wish it st©p as he ran his hands throu-gh my b©dy ..
We were both enjoying the moment when a smell hit my nose ..
We both broke from the k!ssand I began coughing.
Oh my goodness! We totally forgot the pot on fire with nothing inside ..
I quic-kly turn off the g@s and dropped the burnt pot … God!
Smoke filled everywhere in the kitchen …
” Olivia are you okay? ” He asked holding my arm
” Yeah but don’t try this silly thing next time plea-se ” …
” Did you nee-d us Mr Ethan ?” One of the cooks said
” Oh yeah, take care of the kitchen and prepare us something to eat ” he instructed and they nodded …
” Let’s go Angel, we nee-d to continue what we started ” he took me in a bridal style ignoring everyb©dy on our way while I buried my face in his che-st ..

” I will never hurt you again for any reason angel, don’t be scared ” he placed me on the be-d and I nodded shyly .
He k!$$£d my stomach, ear down to my jaw.
We were both unclad. his hands into my hair while I held his back ti-ghtly.
His erection was tou-ching my c**t but he wasn’t pene-trating .
I shivered in plea-sure as my soft m0@n s fills the room..
I m0@n ed in anxiousness with my mouth and legs wi-de opened ..
It feels so good..
” Ow.. Ethan” a m0@n escape myl-ips as his c**k ru-bbe-d the edge of my c**t
My legs wi-de opened as I brushed my hands into his hair..
I was d–n we-t which made my de-sire for his pene-tration increase in multi-ple ..
Oww! Heaven!
I love the way his t©uçh made me go crazy..
I held him ti-ghtly as I felt him going into me de-eply ..
It wasn’t painful like the first time rather I want him, I want more, my de-sire rised to it’s peak.
He relaxed in my arm and began thrû-sting in slowly..
” Oh my God, Ethan.” I m0@n ed his name..
” Angel” he kept moving in and out of me as we both m0@n ed simultaneously.
I couldn’t help but m0@n in ectacy…
The feeling is heaven ..
I don’t want it to st©p ever
He brou-ght hisl-ips to mine and we went into a searing k!ss.
He brushed his hand into my bu-tts down to my th!gh
It feels so good and right his mouth went for my right bo-ob s with his hand fondling the other one …
” Oh heaven ,, so great don’t st©p ”
My hands ti-ght£ñed on his back I’m sure he’s going to be wounded.
My legs were wi-de open
Our m0@n s filled the room
I just wasn’t feeling better , I held him by the w@!st, at his back, I ran my hands throu-gh his hair so I could feel better , the pain isn’t gone totally ..
Lost in the moment, like it’s really sweet in the middle …
Oh God!
I m0@n ed softly as his **** slowly pu-ll out of my c**t before going in again with full f0rç£ ….
This is love…