Pregnant episode 11

episode 11
♠️ Ethan ♠️
I dialed Mrs Daniel’s number and she picked up after 3 rings . I got it from a source
📲 well, hello mother inlaw
📲 Who is this?
📲 Ah! Have you forgotten this voice? It’s Ethan your son in-law
📲 Ethan? How did you get my number and why are you calling me?
📲 Chill mother inlaw… I just want you to cooperate with me on something
📲 Something? What? And I don’t think I’m your mother inlaw. You are not married to any of my daughters
📲 That’s what I wish to call you.
📲 Why did you call Ethan?
📲 Your daughters are here with me, how about I kill one
📲 da.. daughters? W..why ? d.. don’t do anything to them
📲 Aww, mother in law is pleading. Anyways, I won’t kill any only if you comply with me
📲 W..what d…did you want?
📲 Nothing much, you shouldn’t inform your husband about this . It’s between you and I
📲 Y..yes plea-se don’t t©uçh my daughters
📲 All I want is you in my mansion in 30minutes. Any extra minute added will put your daughters life astake .
I said and hung up…. I’m not that heartless to kill, I can only torture them. I just said that to bring her here, I mean no mother will know her children are in danger and just sit back
I know I have wronged Olivia too but I wasn’t in my right s-en-ses that moment. I was drun!kand I apologized after that, I even took the risk of marrying her and leaving my flir-ty bachelor life I was enjoying just to earn her forgiveness
She forgave me still, I just can’t st©p feeling guilty …
All I want is just to teach them how to be kind to people..
And hey, I’m very kind, just that I do get angry at any slightest thing …
I won’t do more than that because I know my good-hearted fiancee will never be happy with me if she finds out… And I just want her to have a family that loves her . My believe is that after all this, they will realize everything they’ve done to her and ask for her forgiveness then, they will become one happy family…
I know the pain of being hated by your own family who should be the one to Love you More than anyone in the world .
I know how it feels to be rejected and maltreated. Hell! I have a heart and I can feel she’s hurting inside without the love of her sisters and mother .
They means a lot in her life.
♨️ Olivia ♨️
Where the god in heaven did Ethan kept his phone? I have dialed his number numerously but he didn’t pick up ..
It might be that he’s in some kind of troubles….
I’m really getting worried..
” What are you doing there hunny ” Ethan’s mom called ..
This woman won’t kill me, I’m very certain I will develop a running stomach because of the junks I have taken in a day..
If it was to be that I was staying here, oh God! Heaven!
I will be pampered and showered with the love I never had from mother .
She made me feel the love of a mother, she even asked me to call her mum so I will not feel the abs£nce of my mother .
And my mum, what if she was here? Maybe I would have have siblings from her who might have loved me. Coolval stories
Sometimes I sit and cry so ha-rd seeing people with their siblings and pla-ying with them..
My case is different, I have this siblings but they hate me.
Maybe, just maybe they will love me one day ..
I didn’t realize I was crying till a tear sli-pped my eyes
” Why are you crying ? Are you hurt? Did I say something bad? ” She asked worriedly which made me smile ..
” Uhhmm, no mum I’m fine. Just Ethan, I have tried his number severally but he isn’t picking up ”
” He…”
” Did someone miss me ?”
Oh! I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Ethan entered looking so h0t .
” You made me so worried Ethan, I thought something happened to you ” I said and hvgged him..
Just some hours and I so much Miss hearing his voice .
” I’m sorry Angel, I was hooked up with some issues at the office ” he said and I narrowed my eyes at him
” Office? I thought it’s Saturday?”
” Oh yeah, I decided to complete my yesterday’s work ”
” Is that why you weren’t picking up your calls ?”
” I’m sorry Angel, my phone was on silent. I’m here now and fine ” he said and k!$$£d my p@rtedl-ips while I blu-shed..
” I’m still here Ethan and did Ethan just said sorry? Oh my! I nee-d to let Edmund know about this change. ” mum grimaced and we laughed …
This family has brou-ght nothing but peace in my life..
” The baby is fine and there’s nothing wrong with you Mrs Ethan ” the doctor said smiling at us.
I love the title, ‘ mrs Ethan ‘
” Thank you doctor ” Ethan said
” You are welcome sir but there’s one thing I wish to let you both know ” he said and stared at us while we nodded .
” Okay… ” I trailed off
” Well, since it’s your first baby. I will advice you to have constant S-x. It aids in inducing labour, it helps contract the pelvic muscles and open the cervix and again S-x makes the bladder area strong thereby helping the regulation of flow of urine. Lastly, it keeps you strong and equally grow the bond between you two ” he said and I was f0rç£d to batter my eyelashes..
Is he saying we should….
” Wait doctor, you mean we should have S-x ?” Ethan asked and glanced at me .
My face turned red in embarras-sment.. geez!
” Yes sir, it is very important for a woman to during pregnancy. She’s your wife to be right?” He asked and Ethan nodded
” So no cause for alarm, she’s all yours. And it’s for the betterment of you Mrs Ethan ” ..
My eyes met with Ethan’s and he sm-irked pla-yfully…
Goodness! Is it really important we have S-x? Oh God!
He was almost laughing at my condition right now, did he know what I’m thinking?
I looked away shyly and covered my face in my palm ..