Pl@ywith my heart Episode 5

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 5🥀
I was the first person to get to Cleo’s h0tel the next day. A crowd of reporters had alre-ady gathered outside so it wasn’t easy getting in but I did anyway.
It was tricky but I was able to get the receptionist to give me her room number. Once I got to her room, I resorted to knocking as ha-rd as I could until she answered.
“Okay. Who the heck… Oh it’s you. Come in Andre.” She said opening the door, wi-de enough for me to enter.
“Are you okay? Are you alright?” I asked once in.
“I’m fine. Why are you asking that?” She asked, arching her eyebrows.
“You seem normal. Why aren’t you huddled over in one corner of your room crying or something?”
“Why would I be doing that?”
“I dunno. Maybe it’s because, half of New York thinks you’re a slut?!”
“Oh that! Meh I don’t care.”
“Wait a minute, you don’t?”
“No I don’t.” She replied simply, taking her seat on the be-d.
“Why? Most girls would be crying on their be-d and cursing life or specifically whoever published that article but you don’t even seem affected.”
“Because I’m not… Look Andre, if I spend every second of my life worrying about what people thought about me, I would never move ahead in life. In a few days, this whole thing would have b!own over so yeah, I don’t care.”
“Oh!” was all I could say as I stared at her.
“Yeah. So gimme a few seconds and then we can get looking at some sites.”
“Okay cool.” I replied as she walked into the bathroom.
“Well that was unexpected.” I muttered to myself, staring at the door of the bathroom.
I exhaled sharply as I stepped into the bathroom. I felt my eyes tear up as I slowly fell to a heap on the floor, brushing away unbidden tears. I closed my eyes as various memories began rushing back.
“California Pl@yGirl, more like California’s #1 Slut.”
That’d been the headline of the article from yesterday. It had been about me and literally every line in the article had called me a slut. The writer had attached pictures of me and several of the guys I’d pla-yed and had said that even though I was rich and all, I was nothing more than a cheap who-re.
The line alone brou-ght back memories that I thought I had long forgotten. I tried desperately to st©p the flashbacks but they c@m£ nevertheless.
“St©p plea-se st©p!” I muttered, tears alre-ady streaming down my cheeks but that didn’t st©p the flashbacks at all.
In any case, it seemed to make them worse, ma-king it seem like it was happening to me pres£ntly.
I could still hear their voices and the hatred in them.
“You’re nothing more than a slut.” I heard in my ear even though there was no one there.
“No no no!” I muttered as the memories bec@m£ more vivid.
All of a sudden, everything faded and I heard Andre calling my name from outside the bathroom.
“Cleo, are you alright in there?” I heard him ask.
“Yeah yeah. I’m alright.” I sniffled, brushing away my tears.
I wasn’t going to let one tiny article ruin. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
With that thought in mind, I sli-pped out of my nightgo-wn and turned on the shower to have a nice relaxing bath.
“Cleo, are you sure you’re okay?” Andre asked for the umpteenth time that day.
I sighed. “Ask me that one more time and I swear you won’t live to lose the bet.”
“What makes you sure you’ll win?”
“Because I’m me.” I replied in a ‘duh’ tone.
“Yeah right. Keep kidding yourself.”
I rolled my eyes at him and was about to reply when a guy suddenly approached us and began throwing questions after questions at me, creating a scene as he did.
He was a reporter and he was asking questions like “Why am I the way I am?” “What do I have to say about the article?” “Do I agree that I’m a slut with no moral ethics?”
I wanted to answer or fire back but I couldn’t. Instead I felt the wall I’d built up to prevent my emotions from showing, cracking little by little. Just when I thought, I couldn’t hold it in anymore.
Something happened or to put it correctly, Andre happened.
“Hey Mister, I would appreciate it if you’d st©p calling my fiancee a slut.”
“Your what!?” I and the reporter exclaimed at the same time.
I felt for Cleo when the reporter crashed our lunch and began asking all these stupid questions. It was obvious that she was trying desperately to keep from cracking so I stepped in and did the only rational thing I could (the only other thing I could have done would have been to punch the guy in the gut).
“Hey Mister, I would appreciate it if you’d st©p calling my fiancee a slut.” I yelled, earning a g@sp from everyone.
“Your what!?” Cleo and the reporter exclaimed at the same time.
“Yes. Cleo and I are getting married and she’s not a slut so I would appreciate it if everyone st©ps calling her that.” I sh0t Cleo a look that told her to pl@yalong so she kept quiet. That didn’t st©p her from gaping at me though.
“But–but…” The reporter stuttered.
“Y’all heard me right. We’re so in love and will be getting married very soon… Now if you don’t mind, I and my beautiful fiancee will be leaving now.” I said gr-abbing her hand and heading towards the exit, ignoring all the questions thrown at us.
Once we were safely in the car, I signaled the driver to take us back to her h0tel while Cleo remained quiet.
“You didn’t have to do that, you know. I had it covered.”
“Didn’t seem like it.”
She scoffed. “Whatever!”
I laughed before looking away from her.
“Thanks though.” I heard her say a few seconds later.
I sm-irked. “You’re welcome, wifey.”
“Don’t call me.”
“Whatever you say…wifey.” I whispered into her ear. She sh0t me a glare but didn’t reply.
I laughed aloud. This should be fun.
“Argh! What do you mean they’re getting married now? You were supposed to ruin her reputation…. Just get out of here. You’re useless.” I yelled into the phone before throwing it against the wall. It shattered upon impact but I didn’t care. It was old anyway.
I can’t believe my plan to ruin Cleo didn’t work. Now they’ve moved from d@t!ngto being engaged. Andre never even proposed to me.
Could it be that he’s actually serious with her?…… No no, he can’t be.
But nevertheless, I’m not giving up. Andre’s mine and only mine and I don’t mind getting rid of anyone who stands in my way…..
T B C 😒😒
Cleo has a dark past. Any ideas on what it is?
Andre just lied that he and Cleo are engaged to help her… I’d say that’s a point in his favor. If you’re Team Andre, indicate.
Team Cleo, your time is coming soon.
Reyna was responsible for the article and she’s not done yet. What do you think her next course of action will be?