Pl@ywith my heart Episode 17

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 17🥀
I woke up feeling warm and tingly all over plus myl-ips also had this warm buzzing feeling even as I t©uçhed them and I couldn’t figure out why.
While trying to figure out what could have happened, I suddenly heard a knock on the door and I watched as Andre walked in, a breakfast tray in hand.
“Good morning Cleo. How was your rest?”
“Okay I guess. I can’t believe I sle-pt till morning.”
“I guess you were just exhausted.”
“I guess. Thanks for yesterday though.”
“Nah. No worries. re-ady for breakfast?” He said placing the tray on my l@p.
“Whoa! You really went all out on this, didn’t you?”
“You bet.”
“Well it smells delicious.” I replied taking a whiff of the food on my l@p.
“I didn’t know your favorite so I went out on a limb here and made you chocolate pancakes.”
“Well you were correct. I absolutely love everything chocolate.”
“Really? I guess it’s nice that I added this cu-p of h0t chocolate and made you a chocolate cake as dessert.”
“Whoa! This all sounds and smells sooo delicious.”
“Of course it is. I told you I’m an amazing cook didn’t I?”
“You didn’t, didn’t you? Well I haven’t tasted it yet so don’t get your hopes up yet.” I replied with an arched eyebrow as I poured the chocolate syrup he’d made all over the pancakes and taking a hvge bite once I was done.
“Mmm mmm. This is pretty good…. Okay it’s delicious!”
“See! I told you I was a good cook.”
“I agree… I just…”
“Just what?… What is it Cleo?”
“I just don’t want you to think we’re something more.”
“Why are you saying that?”
“It’s just..breakfast, the picnic yesterday…”
“Are you saying I can’t make dinner for you?”
“Not that… It’s just.. I just…”
“Look Cleo”, he started, placing my hand in his, “I just made breakfast for you..and us having a bet doesn’t mean we have to be enemies or anything of the sort does it?”
“I know. I’m just over thinking things, I guess.”
“Friends then?”
I smiled. “Friends.” I replied affirmatively.
He smiled and left the room. Once he left, I closed my eyes and sighed as I leaned back.
He says we should stay friends and as much as I like the idea of us being friends (maybe more), can we sustain the friendsh!pafter the bet is over? After all, who would want to be friends with someone after the person broke their heart and took half their fortune along with them?
“Andre! Andre!! Andre!!!” I heard all of a sudden jo-lting me back to reality.
“I’m okay. I’m okay.” I answered shaking my head to clear my thoughts.
“Okay? Anyways I was asking what you’d think if we did it this way.”
“Um it’s okay I guess.”
“You guess? Andre, are you okay? You’ve been out of it for a while now.”
“I’m fine Kieran. No nee-d to be alarmed or anything.”
“Okay. If you say so… Now about the building, we’re thinking about hiring more workers. Should we do that?”
“That sounds alright. We should do that then.”
“Okay. Now I know something’s wrong. The Andre I know would never agree to hire more labour on a project without finding out if it was totally necessary… What’s wrong?”
“Nothing really. I just…” I st©pped mid s£ntence as Cleo’s face c@m£ in view. She looked so…
“Oh! We were saying?”
“What are you… Oh! I get it now.” He said sm-irking.
“Get what?”
“It’s Cleo, isn’t it?… You’d think staying in the same house together and ma-king love every damn time would tone down the love sickness a bit.”
“Love sickness? What are you talking…” I retorted but st©pped when he fixed me with a weird stare.
“I mean…uh yeah I love Cleo. She loves me too. We’re both soo in love.”
“Okay? You’re acting a bit weird right now but I’ll just as-sume that it’s your “sickness”.”
“Yeah my “sickness”… So what do I do about it?”
“Well, for starters, take her out for lunch so you can properly feast your eyes on her. Quinn and I will handle things from here.”
“Okay. If you say so.” I replied alre-ady walking over to Cleo.
“Hey you. Hungry?”
“Great. I am as well. Can I take you out to lunch?”
“Yes of course.”
“Can I tag along?” Quinn said behind her but I was quic-k to glare at her.
“Actually… I mean, have a great lunch you guys.”
“Really? But…” Cleo was about saying but I was quic-k to st©p her.
“No nee-d Cleo. She doesn’t want to go. We don’t have to f0rç£ her… Come on!” I said leading her out of the site and to my car.
We drove for a few minutes and soon arrived at a Chinese restaurant I’d heard about but had been yet to try out.
“Here are the menus sir. Just pick your choice and I’ll be back in a while.” The waiter said shortly after we took our seat.
We made our choices and before long, we’d been served. One bite of the meal and I alre-ady wanted more.
“Whoa! This is good.” I remarked to Cleo who nodded in response.
“I agree. We definitely have to come back here again.”
“Definitely.” She replied and returned her attention back to her meal.
“So uh…why did you become a pla-yer?” I asked all of a sudden.
She paused for a moment and I could see her hand tremble as she slowly raised her head to see me.
“I uh… I don’t really wanna talk about it.” She replied, her voice quivering.
The fact that she was about to cry over my question piqued my interest even more but I didn’t bother asking.
We stayed quiet and continued eating until Cleo suddenly got a call. She picked it only to end up exclaiming almost immediately.
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