(💙When two players fall in love💞)

🥀Episode 16🥀





Andre’s surprise picnic was relatively the best thing that had happened to me in a very very long time. The fact that he claimed it wasn’t for the bet made it even better and kinda warmed my heart in a way.


Only the guys I played ever did things like this for me in an attempt to get into my pants and usually I told them point blank that I hated surprises but right now, as I sat down with Andre, I couldn’t help but actually feel special for once.


After having the delicious lunch which Andre had spread out, we spent a while talking about literally everything we could talk about. Needless to say, I was having a really great time and it only got better.


“Would you mind coming with me?” Andre said all of a sudden standing up from the blanket.



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“Just come.” He replied stretching his hand towards me.


I nodded and placed my hands in his. He pulled me up as if I weighed nothing and led me away from the picnic site. We walked a little and came to the site of a beautiful waterfall.


“Whoa Andre, it’s…” I was about saying when he placed his finger on my lips and urged me to be quiet.


Normally I’d be offended but nothing about today had been normal so why start now?


I kept quieter and as I listened closer, I could hear low whistling sounds coming from the direction of the waterfall. Andre removed his finger from my lips and we quietly sat down while still listening to the low whistling coming from the waterfall which sounded like it was being played by angels.


I couldn’t stop a smile from playing on my lips as I stared at Andre. He noticed I was staring and gave me a look that spelt “What?”


I smiled again and nodded negatively towards him before looking back at the waterfall and for some weird reason, I found myself having the weird urge to rest my head on his shoulder. I tried fighting it but eventually gave in and placed my head on his shoulder…. It felt like home…like I was home.






I felt a stir in my body as Cleo slowly placed her head on my shoulders. I could feel her body tense up before she finally relaxed into me. I couldn’t stop myself from leaning into her as well.


Truth be told, I have no idea why I decided to organize this picnic for Cleo. It’s just when she flared up at me, I could sense that something was wrong somewhere and so I decided to do this to surprise her and help her relax…and it was working.


Surprisingly, when I told her to forget about the bet just for today, I actually meant it. It felt good just hanging with her without thoughts of the bet looming over our heads and it felt even better with her head resting on my shoulder, our bodies side by side….


It would be so easy to turn and fuse our lips together… In fact, maybe I should. After all, the bet was off for today so it might as well be my only chance to kiss her without any repercussion….


And so, I decided to do it. Kiss Cleona just this once and find out just how she tasted right here 👄💏.


Bracing myself for whatever might be the outcome, I slowly turned to my side hoping she’d lift her head and I’d use the opportunity to steal a kiss. When she didn’t, I took a deep breath and slowly tilted her head upwards with my finger when I suddenly realized that she was asleep.


“Dammit!” I muttered disappointedly as I lifted her in my arms.


She moaned softly and shifted in my arms before placing her arms around my neck and resting her head comfortably against my chest.


Her being like this in my arms made it very hard to breathe or even move but I was able to push myself to do so. I made my way to the car and reluctantly placed Cleo in the passenger’s seat at the back of the car before getting into the driver’s seat and driving off.


Before long, I was home and after parking the car I’d used, I made my way out of the car and opened the passenger’s door. I carefully carried her out of the car and made my way into the house with her in my arms.


I took my time walking up the stairs to her room and even found myself unwilling to let go of her when I finally got to her room…at least, not without tasting her lips first.


Brushing the thought aside, I slowly dropped Cleo’s limp body on the bed and tried to leave but I found that hard to do as Cleo was gripping my shirt with all of her might. When I tried pulling away, she responded by pulling me even closer towards her and going as far as pursing her lips even in her sleep. I forced myself to look away from her face and slowly freed myself from her grip on me.


I made my way out of the bed and was on my way out of the room when I suddenly turned around, walked over to Cleo and kissed her… It wasn’t so much of a kiss but still it was just enough to sate my hunger for her and fuel it at the same time. It took every bone in my body not to break away from her and instead deepen the kiss.


Instead I found myself making my way out of her room and to my room, my body tingling all over… What is going on with me?



T B C 😋😋

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