Pl@ymy heart Episode 9

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 9🥀
I stared at my phone for a while, trying to make s-en-se of the call. Who exactly was the caller and what was their purpose for calling me? Could they also be looking to harm me or was he/she just bluffing?
I tried asking myself these questions but no answer I got seemed plausible so I decided to head back to Andre.
“Hey! There you are… I was thinking you were planning on staying there overnight. Look I’m sorry if my questions upset you. I know this whole engagement thing is fake so if I c@m£ off as pushy!”
“Wait! So you’re apologizing despite the fact that you did nothing wrong?” I was surprised.
“I did do something wrong. I shouldn’t have meddled.”
“But you didn’t…”
“No I did and I’m sorry.”
“Oh okay. Apology accepted I guess.” I replied, taking my seat beside him.
Once I was done with my food, we headed back to the h0tel I stayed in so I could get the rest of my stuff and sign out before heading home…rather back to Andre’s house. Today has just been a very rou-gh day and it doesn’t make it better that Andre’s being all nice and supportive. Knowing that he’s doing it just to win the bet even makes it worse.
(Sigh!) My life couldn’t be more complicated.
With the whole Damian and unknown caller thing, it’s a wonder I have fainted yet.
“So what do you wanna do now?” Andre said as we walked into the house.
“Wanna watch another movie?”
“I’m really not in the mood for that. I think I’ll go to my room now.” I muttered.
“Oh! Let’s go then.”
“You don’t nee-d to worry Andre. Just give me my bag. I’ll be fine.”
“You’re not fine Cleo. Come on I’ll help you. Come on.”
I sighed and trailed behind Andre as we headed up the stairs to my room.
Once we got in, Andre dropped the suitcase beside the closet and made sure he tucked me in before leaving.
I know he’s faking and all but I kinda like this Andre better. Too bad it’s not that easily. Any normal girl would have started growing feelings for Andre but I know all too well that love and Cleona are two words that do not mix.
“You will never find love. ” echoed in my mind and I sighed.
It was with that thought in mind that I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
I sm-irked to myself as I hung up the phone. Since my first plan to ruin Cleo’s reputation didn’t work, I’ve come up with a new strategy that’s sure to get me Andre.
“Miss Goldwyn, your father is re-ady to see you.” My dad’s secretary said approaching me.
“Thanks Rhonda.” I replied standing up.
“For the love of God Reyna, it’s Wanda.”
“Don’t care.” I replied, giving her the f!nger 🖕 before disappearing inside the office
“Hey Daddy.” I greeted, pe-cking him on the cheek.
“My precious. How are you doing?” He asked, gesturing me towards a seat.
“To say the truth, I’m not fine.”
“Aww why my darling?”
“It’s Andre. He broke up with me.”
“Really? I thought you were over that.”
“No I’m not. I love him so much and now he’s getting married to someone else.”
“Okay dear. What do you want me to do?”
“Persuade him Dad. You’re one of his biggest clients and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to lose you.”
He sighed. “If that’ll make you happy, my dear.”
I giggled. “Yes Dad. Yes it will.” I replied, hvgging him from behind.
“Anything for you, pumpkin.”
I sm-irked to myself, still hvgging my dad. It’s only a matter of time before Andre is mine again. Only a matter of time.
After I ensured that Cleo was asleep, I decided to do some work. I couldn’t go back to work, rather I didn’t want to go to work so I decided to work from home.
I began to make some phone calls to my office so they could start ma-king preparations concerning Cleo’s h0tel construction. I nee-ded everything to be set by tomorrow.
It was while I was handling this that a call c@m£ from Mr. Goldwyn, Reyna’s father.
📱 Hello Sir… I greeted picking the call.
📲 Hello Andre. I hope all is well?
📱 Yes Sir. Things are going well concerning your project if that’s what you mean.
📲 I meant that and some other things… I heard you were engaged.
📱 Huh yes Sir. We’re getting married very soon… I lied.
📲 Well I have a preposition for you.
📱 What’s that?… I asked not liking where this was heading.
📲 I want you to get married to Reyna.
📱 No offence Sir but I can’t.
📲 You will if you know what’s good for you. You know you and I have a lot of projects still pending. A lot of projects that’ll bring you a lot of money… You wouldn’t want those to be cancelled alongside the one you’re handling for me right now.
📱 Excuse me Sir. Are you trying to bribe me?
📲 Call it whatever you want to Andre but it’s either you get back with Reyna or risk losing a VERY valuable customer. Goodbye!
📱 But… I started but he’d alre-ady cut the call.
“You have gotta be kidding me!” I muttered to myself, staring at my phone, wondering what to do……….
T B C 😒😒
What are your thoughts on the deal Reyna’s dad is proposing?
What would you advise Andre to do? What is he going to decide on?
What are your thoughts on Reyna?
What exactly could Cleo be hiding?