Pl@ymy heart Episode 7

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 7🥀
All of a sudden, I caught myself. What the heck was I possibly thinking? I wasn’t about to let Cleo win that easily. In fact, I wasn’t about to let her win at all.
With that in mind, I drew away and returned my attention back to her ankle.
“Just keep the ice on it while I go check on the food okay?”
“Mm-hmm.” She replied as I walked out.
Time to turn things in my favour.
I sm-irked to myself after Andre left. He’d been about to k!ssme. I saw it in his eyes… He might have st©pped right before he did but I wasn’t even bothered. I didn’t want it to be that easy anyways. I wanted to make sure he fell in love with me first before getting that k!ss.
That is the plan. Too bad I had to get hurt.
“Ow!” I muttered, placing the bag of ice on my ankle to reduce the swelling.
A while later, Andre c@m£ back with a plate of macaroni and cheese. I had one spoon and even I had to admit that it was delicious.
“Soo what do you think?” He asked, sm-irking.
“Okay okay I have to admit, you’re a pretty good cook. What’d you put inside?”
“I’ll never tell.” He said in a singsong voice.
I rolled my eyes and focused my attention back to the food.
“So how’s your leg?”
“It’s okay now. Still hurts though.”
“But you’ll be fine though. I don’t nee-d to call the doctor?”
“Nah. I’ll be okay.”
“Okay. If you say so.”
Once I was done with my meal, Andre took the plate back to the kitchen and returned back to my room with a bandage and scissors.
“What’s that for?” I asked when he sat beside me on the be-d.
“Your leg. Duh!” I rolled my eyes at his statement.
“Well hand it over. I can do it myself.” I said, motioning for him to hand the bandage over.
“No. You’re hurt. You’re in no condition to wra-p your ankle by yourself.”
“It’s not like I broke it. Come on Andre. Hand it ov…. Oww!” I yelled, feeling severe pain in my ankle.
I sat back in place and muttered a grumpy “Fine!” to the sm-irking Andre.
I then watched as he slowly began wra-pping the bandage around my ankle, being careful not to twist it too much. I was so focused on him that I didn’t notice he was done until he called my name.
“What!?” I yelled, jo-lting back to reality.
“No nee-d to yell. Sheesh! I’m done. I just wanted you to know that.”
“Oh okay. Thanks.” I muttered, looking away from him, flu-shed.
“So…what do you suggest we do now? It’s not exactly nightfall yet.”
“I guess… We can watch a movie then.”
“Yeah. That sounds great. Lemme help you get to the parlor.”
“No nee-d. I can do that by myself.” I replied pointedly.
I got out of the be-d and slowly began ma-king my way towards the door with Andre trailing behind. Then it was out the doors and down the stairs which turned out to be quite the ordeal.
Nevertheless, I made it down the stairs and gracefully plopped down on the sofa.
“Finally! I thought we’d never make it down here.” Andre said with a dramatic roll of his eyes.
I glared at him. He smiled back.
“I’ll go get the snacks re-ady. You handle picking the show.” He said handing me the remote.
I nodded and watched as he disappeared around the corner that led to the kitchen before returning my attention back to the TV.
A while later, he returned with a large bowl of popcorn, ch!ps and orange jui-ce.
“What are we watching?” He asked, sitting down beside me.
“Truth Or Dare.”
“Wait a minute, what!?” He yelled.
“What? Why are you yelling?”
“Truth Or Dare is a horror movie.”
“No it’s not. It’s not that much of an horror movie…. Or don’t tell me you’re scared?” I asked, stifling a laugh.
“Uh no. Of course not.. I was asking just to know if you’re sure about Truth Or Dare. I’m not scared.”
“Mm-hmm. Yeah right.” I said and snickered before facing the TV.
The movie started and I couldn’t st©p myself from laughing at the look on Andre’s face as the movie progressed. Who would have thought that popular pla-yboy, Andre Simmons would be scared of a movie like Truth Or Dare?
The look on his face right now is ma-king me regret my decision not to pl@yone of the clas-sic horror films like Annabelle, The Conjuring and others.
He would have probably peed his p@n-ts if I pla-yed Annabelle.
With that thought in mind, I couldn’t st©p the laughter that escaped myl-ips when Andre skrie-ked for the umpteenth time that night. The guy just cracks me up 😂.
At a point, I began to get bored. I’d watched Truth Or Dare before so it was boring now plus I was alre-ady getting quite sleepy. I tried to fight it but I soon found myself dozing off. Soon I gave in, closed my eyes and fell asleep.
I had forgotten all about Cleo until I felt her head hit my shoulder. At first I’d been terrified until I looked beside me and saw that she was the one.
I rolled my eyes at her slee-ping figure. After forcing me to watch a movie that has literally scarred me for life, she had the audacity to sleep during the movie. She’s lucky she looks so cute in her sleep or not, she’d be on the floor by now 😒.
I looked at the TV and quic-kly turned it off when one of the characters began ma-king the Truth Or Dare face.
“Why is everywhere so quiet?” I thought to myself looking around the house.
I shook my head and took a de-ep breath before lifting Cleo in my arms to take her to my room. I watched as she curled against me and wra-pped her arms around my n£¢k.
I took my eyes off her so I could focus on ma-king it to her room without dropping her. I was able to and after tucking her in, I made my way to the door so I could leave to my room but I couldn’t leave her room.
After opening the door, I found myself staring at both sides of the illuminated hallway but try as I may, I couldn’t take a step out of the room. Taking a shaky breath, I closed the door and did the only thing that I could.
I jumped in be-d with Cleo. I knew that I was probably going to pay for it in the morning when she woke up but right now, I didn’t care.
So I went to sleep with Cleo lying beside me, my hands wra-pped around her……..
B C 😋😋
Can anyone guess Cleo’s reaction when she wakes up? 😏😅
My best guess is : Someone’s child is about to die 😂