Pl@ymy heart Episode 6

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 6🥀
“I think it would be best if we stay at my place to keep up the facade of being engaged… Or what do you think?”
“I guess so. We can do that. Yeah. It’ll give me more time to work on getting that k!ss.”
“Oh you’ll be k!$$£d alright but you’ll be the one doing the first k!ssing.”
“Yeah right.” I replied, rolling my eyes.
“Don’t be so confident wifey.” He said sm-irking.
“Don’t call me that!”
“Why? It’s not wrong, is it?”
“You know what, call me whatever you wanna call me. I don’t care.” I replied fuming as I crossed my arms.
He chuckled and looked out the window. The car remained silent and soon the car was pu-lling up in the driveway outside a tall mansion.
Once the car st©pped, I watched as Andre got out and opened the door so I could come out. I rolled my eyes at his gesture and stepped out of the car majestically.
I took a second to admire Andre’s home when suddenly, he swooped me off my feet and into his arms.
“Uh what are you doing?” I asked, once getting over the feel that his arms gave me.
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m being a gentleman.”
“Put me down Andre.” I warned, my tone low.
“No.” He replied simply. I sighed and sn-ked my arms around my che-st. He seemed shocked by my actions but immediately let go of me after I pinched him ha-rd on his n£¢k.
He’d ba-rely recovered when I hit him in his stomach.
“Next time, you’ll let go when I tell you to.” I said sm-irking at him before heading towards the door.
I walked in and was immediately taken by the decor of the living room. It was cozier and more homey than I thought it would be.
“Like what you see?” He asked a while later, behind me.
“Mmhmm. Yeah kinda. You have a great house.”
“That’s nice to hear especially from a lovely lady like you.”
“Flattery doesn’t work on me Andre… Where’s my room by the way?”
“Come along…and by the way, flattery always works.” He whispered into my ears.
I sm-irked as I turned to face him, wra-pping my arms around his n£¢k.
“It might work on others but definitely not on me.” I whispered sultrily back into his ears before bringing my face back to his, the distance between our faces only inches.
I stared into his eyes with a pout on my face, ourl-ips only inches away before pu-lling away.
“My room, if you plea-se.” I said as though I had no either what I just did.
“Uh what? Yeah…your room. Um, follow me.” He replied, stuttering.
I sm-irked as I trailed behind. One of the keys in pla-ying men is to leave them always wanting more and that’s exactly how I’ll win this bet.”Here you go.What do you think?” He said gesturing towards a door.
I looked into the room and found it to be really nice. The room was quite large with the walls painted light blue. It also had a large four poster be-d with blue be-dsheets and blankets placed over it.
I could really get used to living here… Wait a minute, what am I thinking? It’s only a temporary arrangement… I have to remember that!
“Is it okay or would you like another room?” Andre asked, interrupting my thoughts.
“Oh no nee-d. It’s okay… I might nee-d some clothes by the way. Mine are at the h0tel.”
“Oh right. There are some clothes in the closet. You can wear those for now.”
“Yeah right. I’m not wearing one of your conquest’s clothes.”
“Actually this is my cousin’s room. She no longer comes here but she left some clothes here.”
“Oh. That makes it a whole lot better.”
“I’m happy you’re okay. Dinner will be re-ady in a bit.”
“Dinner? As in you’re actually cooking?”
“Yeah. Why do you sound so surprised? I’m an excellent cook.”
“Oh really? We’ll just have to see now, won’t we?” I said smiling at him.
“Yeah and maybe after dinner, you and I could have some fun.” He said, resting his hand on the door frame, leaning towards me.
“Yeah. Maybe.” I replied, smiling suggestively at him, leaning even more.
He stared at me, his mouth in a perfect “O”, clearly surprised at my answer.
“Bye Andre.” I said closing the door before he could talk.
I sighed to myself resting on the door. This should be interesting.
I shook my head to regain myself after Cleo closed the door. What was happening to me or more specifically, what was Cleo doing to me?
I’d met a lot of ladies in my life and getting them was always simple but there was something different about Cleo. She’d alre-ady drawn me in twice only to shut me out again.
The girl was toying with me and I didn’t like it one bit. Why is our scenario even different? Why isn’t it as easy as it should be?
I can’t keep letting Cleo toy with me the way she’s alre-ady doing… Hopefully dinner will turn things in my favour.
“Yeah yeah. Dinner! That should work.” I said to myself heading to my room to change out of what I was wearing into something more comfortable before heading to the kitchen to start dinner.
I am not about to lose this bet.
“Hey.” I heard Cleo say a while later.
“Oh hi.” I said raising my head up to see her.
It was ha-rd for me to contain the “Whoa” that was my first reaction.
Though dressed in a plain hoodie and a pair of sweatp@n-ts, the clothing seemed to stick to her b©dy in a way that made her look even more arousing than normal.
Holy hell! What am I thinking? Cleo has really got to me.
“So what are you ma-king?” Cleo asked, hopping on the counter.
“Mac and cheese.”
“Oh really? Sounds kinda basic for someone who claims to be such a good cook, don’t you think?”
“Yeah. Whatever you say, o wise one.” I said with a mock bow.
“Why thank you. I’m quite honoured.” She replied with an air of royalty, her voice taking on an accent.
“Haha! I was being sarcastic… Nice accent by the way.”
Her expression fell for a second before returning back to normal. Weird.
“Mm-hmm. Thanks.” She replied, her voice low.
“Oh well, dinner will be re-ady soon.”
“That’s nice.” She replied, su-cking on a strawberry.
I felt my s-en-ses heighten as I stared at her. There was something about Cleo that made even her tiniest actions seem so unique…
“Get a grip Andre. You don’t want to lose to her, do you?” My subconscious interjected.
That said, I took my eyes off her and focused back on what I was doing. I’m winning this bet no matter what.
“Oh well, I think I’ll be heading back to the room now. Call me when dinner’s re-ady.” Cleo said jumping off the counter only to yelp in pain.
“Hey what’s wrong?” I said rushing to her side.
“Ow! It hurts. It hurts so bad.” She said, holding her left ankle. “I must have landed on it when I jumped down.” She muttered.
“Okay. Lemme help you to your room. Do I nee-d to call a doctor?” I asked, sliding her arm across my shoulder.
“No. No nee-d. Ow!” She winced as I lifted her to her feet.
“Sorry sorry.” I muttered, slowly leading her to her room.
Once we got to her room, I placed her on her be-d and propped her leg before leaving to get a bag of ice. I found one and wra-pped it in a towel before placing it on her leg carefully.
“Ow ow ow!” She yelped once I placed it on her leg.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I cooed, carefully placing it on her ankle.
“I know. It just hurts.” She said pouting as I stared at her. Herl-ips looked soo full and pink and sooo enticing, I found myself slowly inching towards her…………
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