Pl@ymy heart Episode 4

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 4🥀
I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face, re-ady to face whatever life threw at me and of course, win the bet. It would be nice to show Andre that not every woman could surrender to his charm.
I was still in be-d reflecting on the strategies to use in winning the bet when I heard a knock at the door. Curious as to who it could be, I got out of be-d and walked towards the door.
“Good morning Miss. This was delivered for you.” The guy at the door (a bellboy) said, handing me a bouquet of red roses.
“Uh thanks.” I said, accepting it.
“You’re welcome Miss.” He replied, walking away after I handed him a ti-p.
I closed the door and walked back to the be-d, while searching throu-gh the roses for a card to find out who s£nt the roses. I found it and sure enough, it was Andre.
Chuckling to myself, I threw the roses in the bin. Andre must really be insane if he thinks roses can win my heart.
Time to show him how real pla-yers work 😏
“Sir, Miss Reynolds just c@m£ in. Do I let her in?” My secretary said over the intercom.
“Yes of course. Let her in.” I replied.
“Okay Sir.”
I let go of the bu-tton I had been pressing and leaned into my chair with a sm-irk. The bet had been the only thing on my mind ever since we agreed on it yesterday.
It would be fun to charm Cleo like the others and prove to her that I was the better pla-yer. It would be more fun to have her in be-d and dump her like the rest… I’m so going to enjoy this.
Then Cleo entered and my jaw dropped upon seeing her. She was gorgeously dressed in an off shoulder black dress with a polka dotted jacket over it. The dress looked both official and s£dûçt!veat the same time. I was in shocked, just staring at her.
Probably noticing my reaction, she sm-irked and took her seat in the chair in front of me.
“Good morning Andre.” She said coyly, an innocent smile on her face.
“Uh yeah, good morning.” I replied, trying desperately to st©p ogling her.
She sm-irked as she reached into her bag and brou-ght out some files.
“So did you get the flowers I s£nt?”
“I did.”
“Did you like them?”
“Oh I did. I like them so much, I threw them in the bin.”
I chuckled at her remark. “You’re joking right?”
“Nope.” She replied, before returning her attention back to the files.
I took my eyes off her and began pla-ying with my pen, trying to pas-s time until she was done with what she was doing.
Once she was done inspecting the files, we began discussing in lengths about the plans for the h0tel. Cleo is actually a h0telier meaning she has a bunch of h0tels around the world so she’s currently planning on building one in New York which is where I come in.
“I think that should be all for today. We can meet tomorrow to choose a location for the h0tel. Is that okay with you?” She asked, alre-ady on her feet.
“I have an idea too.” She said st©pping in her tracks.
“What’s your idea?”
“How about we change our deal a little?”
“Really? Change it into what?”
“Let’s see…. The first person to steal a k!ssfrom the other loses.” She said, her face only a few metres away.
“Oh really? I agree.”
She smiled. “Of course you will. Let’s just see you try to steal a k!ssfrom me.”
“Trust me, you’ll be begging for me to k!ssyou by the end of the week.”
“Let’s just wait and see, shall we?” She win-ked before heading out of my office.
I chuckled. This should be fun.
📲 Oh my gosh Cleo. You’re kidding right?… Kyla said over the phone.
📱 Of course not Ky. Why would I lie? We really made the bet.
📲 Whoa! That’s exciting. you think you’re going to win?
📱 Duh! Of course I will. This will be a cinch.
📲 Are you sure or maybe you’ll end up losing your heart in the end?… I could hear the sm-irk in her voice.
📱 Don’t even start with that Kyla. We’re talking about Andre Simmons over here. How can you say that? If there’ll be any falling, it’ll be him falling for me and once I get that k!ss, it’ll be bye bye pla-yer reputation for him and hello half his fortune for me…
📲 You’ll be surprised. Love works in mysterious ways, you know.
📱 Yeah I know but not for me, it doesn’t… Look I’ll catch you later Ky. Room service is at the door.
📲 Okay. Bye bes. Ari and I will be there within the week.
📱 Yay! Can’t wait!… I squealed.
📲 Neither can I. Good luck on your bet. Have fun with Mr. h0ttie.
📱 Whatever! Bye Ky.
I hung up and walked to the door. I was handed my tray of food.
“Thanks Ma’am.” The waiter said, collecting the ti-p.
“Sure.” I replied, walking in and closing the door behind me.
I sat in be-d and turned on the TV. I was halfway throu-gh the meal when a p@rticular t©pic c@m£ up in the show that was currently airing.
It was about an article that had recently been re-leased about me and what it was about completely surprised me……
In the meantime, what do you guys think the article about Cleo is about? The bet has been tweaked but the stakes remain the same. Who do you think will lose first?