Pl@ymy heart Episode 26

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 26🥀
It feels real good to be in love. I’m living proof of that fact. I always thought that love wasn’t for me and that love was basically a scam but ever since Andre and I expressed our true feelings to each other, I have never been happier in my whole life.
After our session in the bathtub, we had one more round at the sink (don’t ask) before we were finally able to peel our hands off each other and actually get dressed.
Even in the car, we couldn’t st©p giving each other ‘googly eyes’.
Now I seem to un-derstand Kyla and Scott’s relationsh!pbecause Andre and I are even worse than them. Weird right?
Anyways, Andre and I surveyed the site. They were almost done. Once we were throu-gh inspecting them, we decided to go and see Kyla. She’d called and asked that I come see her.
When we got to the h0tel, I asked that Andre stay in the car just in case. He didn’t want to but eventually agreed.
I walked up to Kyla’s room only to meet Ariadne with her in the room.
“Cleo! You’re here…finally! Welcome!” Kyla said hvgging me. I returned the hvg, my eyes still fixed on Ariadne.
Once Kyla and I separated, I slowly approached Ariadne, taken aback when she hvgged me.
“Oh Cleo! I am so sorry! Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?” She cried.
“Of course… And if anyone should be asking for forgiveness, it should be me. I’m really sorry for everything that happened but I as-sure you, I didn’t come on to c@m£ron.”
“I know. I know.”
“Y-you do?” I asked surprised. I hadn’t even shown her the security footage yet.
“I mean. I thought about it and I decided that you wouldn’t do something like that to me. It was dumb of me to let a guy destroy our friendsh!p.”
“Awwn! Don’t be like that, Ari. It’s all in the past now.” I hvgged her back as a smile lit my face.
At this point, nothing could possibly go wrong.
Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and before I knew it, the h0tel had been completed. The Carmen Suites finally had a br@nch in New York. I still found it ha-rd to believe despite the fact that I was standing right in it.
I wish my mom could see this right now. I even named it after her. God, I miss her so much!
Still, no time to dwell on the past. It’s a new day, a new phase in my life…and there’s still a whole lot to be done in time for the opening p@rty in the evening.
It’s a little ha-rd to think that just a few months ago, Andre and I were ma-king a bet together, neither of us knowing that it would end up changing our lives and now, it did just that!
I still find it ha-rd to believe though. Wonder when I’ll get over it.
“Hey babe.” Andre said placing a k!sson my n£¢k as he hvgged me from behind.
Definitely over it! 😁
“What cha thinking about?” He whispered into my ears.
I smiled.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” I turned to face him and pressed myl-ips to his.
“Nothing at all.” I repeated.
I just can’t wait for tonight! 😁
“Excellent decor, Miss Simmons. You’ll definitely be seeing more of me.”
“That sounds delightful, Mr. Richa-rd s.” I replied with a smile as the old man moved on.
The opening p@rty is even going better than expected. It might just be my best one yet and it wouldn’t be special without one special someb©dy. As if on cue, he appeared looking h0t in his black suit. As always, he captured the attention of most of the women in the hall but he had his eyes squarely on me. I couldn’t help but feel special.
“Hey darling. How’s the p@rty going?”
“It’s going extremely well. You did it!”
“No! We did it.” I said joining ourl-ips together.
“Still though, I can’t wait to get home.”
“Home? Why?”
“You know why.” He said, his eyes twi-nkling.
I g@sped. “You n@ûghty n@ûghty boy!”
“Well you love the naughtiness. Admit it!”
I laughed. “Well you won’t have to wait too long. It’ll soon be time for my speech and after that, we can go home.”
“Mmmm. I like the sound of that… Your speech is soon right.”
“Yeah why?”
“Well, would you mind me if I left now?”
“Left why?”
“I’ll not be gone long plus I’m still in the building. I nee-d to get something from my office.”
“Okay but hurry back. I want you to be here during my speech.”
“Oh I will.”
I smiled and let him go with a sigh.
“Someone’s in love.” Kyla sang into my ear, causing me to smile.
“That I am, Kyla. That I am.”
I continued socializing with the guests when I suddenly realized that Andre had been gone for a while and it was almost time for my speech.
“Where could he be?” I wondered as I searched around for him when I remembered where he was.
His office!
With that in mind, I made my way to his office. I was in a hurry because it was ba-rely minutes till my speech.
“Andre! Andre, what are you…” I immediately froze as I opened the door to see a sight that I could never forget.
Behind Andre’s table, seated on the chair was Andre and Ariadne k!ss!ngeach like their life depended on it.
I got over my shock and let another emotion, i.e., sadness take over.
“Cleo, look it’s not what it seems like. Cleo, wait!” Andre yelled but I didn’t bother listening as I closed the door behind me, tears streaming down my cheeks.
I began to walk to the hall, trying desperately to st©p my tears but it was no use. I just couldn’t st©p crying, my mind repla-ying what I just saw.
Why me? Why does it always have to be me? Why can’t I just be happy for once in my life? Am I cursed? Why do things always have to go wrong just when I finally get it right? Is there no happily ever after for me? Why ME???
“Cleo! Wait plea-se! I’m begging you!” Andre called, dragging me back to face him by my wrist.
“What Andre!? What!?!?” I yelled, staring into the eyes of the man I once thought loved me.
“Look, you have to believe that what you saw there isn’t as it seems. I swear it.”
“Then what exactly was it? So you weren’t actually k!ss!ngmy best friend?”
“I was but it was an accident. I swear it. plea-se believe me.” He said covering my hand with his.
I desperately wanted to believe him but I just found myself unable to risk it.
“I-I just nee-d some time. plea-se un-derstand.” I said pu-lling my hand away and turning around, heading in the direction of the exit.
I couldn’t risk taking the one throu-gh the hall so I took the exit throu-gh the kitchen. It led to a dark deserted alley.
I sighed and began walking, ru-bbing my hands on my skin to create warmth since it was pretty cold and I was wearing a sleeveless go-wn without a jacket.
I could ba-rely hold my tears as I walked down the alley, the street a couple of feet away when all of a sudden, a car pu-ll-ed up blocking my entrance of the alley. I sighed and turned around only to see a face that I though I’d never see again.
“Y-you!” I muttered fearfully as I slowly backed away from him only to walk right into someone.
I turned around to see who I walked into only to see yet another familiar face.
“Wha-what are you doing here?” I muttered fearfully slowly backing away from him.
I walked into another person again but before I could turn to look, I felt an handkerchief press again my nose and in a few seconds, I felt darkness overwhelm me and I blacked out…………
T B C 😥😥
So…what just happened? 🤔
Was Cleo kidnapped and by who?
Why did Andre and Ariadne k!ss?
Was Andre lying to Cleo or was it all an accident?