Pl@ymy heart Episode 25

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 25🥀
I woke the next morning feeling so-re all over. Myl-ips curved into a smile as I remembered the night Andre and I had. It’s a wonder we got any sleep at all.
I turned to the side to give Andre a good morning k!ssbut he wasn’t there. Almost immediately, a warning went off in my head but I quic-kly brushed it aside with a “Andre would never do that to me”.
Almost immediately as if on cue, Andre made his way inside the room, a breakfast tray in hand.
“Good morning, babe.” He said, walking towards me.
“Babe?” I said, a smile pla-ying on myl-ips.
“Sure, we have reached that stage right?” His tone indicated that he wasn’t sure.
“Mmm… I don’t know… Just kidding! Of course we have…babe!” I said with a wi-nk.
He smiled as he walked towards me, dropping the tray on the dresser beside me before placing a k!sson my waitingl-ips.
“I love you, Cleo.” He m0@n ed into my mouth.
“I love you too Andre.” I replied as he moved hisl-ips to my n£¢k.
I m0@n ed as I lowered my back onto the be-d with Andre towering over my b©dy.
“Cleo.” He called out while still su-cking on my n£¢k.
“We have to go…to check out the h0tel.” He said in between k!sses. “We haven’t been…in a while.”
“I guess that means we should take this to the bathroom…if you get my gist.”
He st©pped k!ss!ngme and sat up.
“I do get your gist.”
Then he proceeded to carry me in his arms while we still k!$$£d. He walked out of my room and into his room which was a few rooms away from mine.
We got in and Andre led the way to his large bathroom. He placed me on the floor as he slammed me against the wall, his k!sses rou-gh and heady.
“Tub or shower?” He asked.
“Shower.” I replied in one breath.
“I thought so.” He said into my mouth as he helped me out of my un-derwear and moved us un-der the shower with me in front of him.
He wra-pped one arm around me while he used the order to turn on the shower. Then with it running, he turned me to face him and slammed ourl-ips together. He su-cked on my bo-ttoml!pthen bit it causing me to g@sp. Then he delved his ton-gue even dee-per into myl-ips.
With the water cascading down on us, it gave a whole new feeling that made the experience a lot more s-en-sual.
He moved from k!ss!ngmyl-ips to my n£¢k and I couldn’t help the g@sp that c@m£ from myl-ips as a result of whatever Andre was doing to my n£¢k. He was an expert k!ss£r, no doubt. Probably from experience but I didn’t care about that.
By now, I was dripping we-t and the fact that my very £r£¢tn!ppl!s were ru-bbing against Andre’s ba-re che-st didn’t make matters any better.
Andre seemed to realize that because he suddenly paused and directed me to hvg him which I did. Then I felt him slowly pene-tratemy v*gina, g@sping when I felt his full length in me.
With us still in this position, I wra-pped my legs around his w@!st and buried my hands in his hair as I hung onto him for dear life. Then he began moving in and out, slowly at first but he bec@m£ fas-ter overtime. While he ruthlessly fv¢ked me, his hands gr!pp£dmy a*s ti-ght while I j£rked my h!ps just in time to his thrû-sts.
My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my legs felt like jelly and I found myself muttering words I myself didn’t un-derstand. Then with one final thrû-st, Andre re-leased into me, ba-rely moments after I c@m£.
We were both breathless and p@n-ting at the end of the marathon but nothing could beat the feeling I had as Andre gingerly placed me on my feet, his arms still wra-pped around me.
“You know what I just realized?” Andre asked, ni-bbling on my ear as his f!ngerspla-yed with my b00bs.
“What’s that?”
“I don’t recall us using a c0nd0m.”
“Well, not to worry.” I replied turning to facing him. “I’m on the pill.”
“Ooh! I like that!” He said placing hisl-ips on mine. I smiled as I returned the k!ss.
“What say we move this to…the bathtub?” He said with a wi-nk.
“I say… Yeah!” I replied, giggling as Andre flung me over his shoulder, only to place me in his gigantic tub.
He climbe-d in with me and turned on the tap.
“This is gonna be one loooooonnnngg bath!”
“I agree.” I replied with a giggle as Andre lowered himself onto me………….
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