Pl@ymy heart Episode 23 & 24

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 23&24🥀
“CLEO!!!” I yelled aghast as I rushed towards her.
“Cleo, what are you doing?” I asked again, slowly walking towards her.
“What do you think I’m doing, Andre?”
“Well whatever it is, plea-se don’t it.”
“Well why shouldn’t I? Ariadne hates me, you do too, my life is messed up. I’m broken Andre. I have nothing to live for. If I die, no one would be bothered. What’s the use postponing it?”
“That’s not true Cleo. I don’t hate you and neither does Ariadne. She’s just angry because she doesn’t know the truth. I’m sorry for not believing you. Just plea-se don’t do this. I’d miss you if you died…so plea-se don’t jump. Just get off there.”
“How am I sure you’re not an illusion?”
“An illusion wouldn’t be able to do this.” I said walking towards her and cu-pping her face before placing a k!sson her forehead.
“Would an illusion be able to tell you “I Love You”?”
“Wait what?”
“You heard me right Cleo. I LOVE YOU!”
“Yes I do. And I wouldn’t want you to die except we died together.”
She stared at me wi-de eyed for a few seconds before she suddenly went unconscious. Thankfully she fell right into my arm and I was able to lift her off the ledge she had been standing on.
Then with Cleo in my arms, I made my way to my car while muttering continuously “You’re safe…you’re safe now.”…
“Mmm” I gro-an ed as my eyes sh0t open and took in the scenery around me.
Wait a second! Why doesn’t it look like I’m in the h0tel room? Where exactly am I?
I tried sitting up but immediately had to lie back as my head began aching terribly almost bringing tears to my eyes.
I must have really drun!ka lot because this is the worst hangover I have ever had.
I l@ystill in the be-d waiting for the headache to recede as I tried to recall how I got to wherever I was.
Just then, I heard a door silently open and close. I then watched as Andre suddenly sat on the be-d beside me, using his hand to feel my forehead.
Wait a sec! I’m in Andre’s house or more specifically, his room!?
“How did I get here? Why did I get here? Am I still dreaming or is this another sign of an hangover? I can’t be in Andre’s room and he can’t be sitting down beside me. He just can’t!” I thought anxiously.
“I see you’re alre-ady awake. How are you feeling, Cleo?”
“Like I got run over.” I managed to reply still staring at him.
He smiled and said “That’s good… Do you mind sitting up so you can take some pills to help with your hangover?”
“Sure.” I answered as I tried to sit up despite the pounding headache I had.
I eventually managed to and after taking the drug, I watched as Andre placed a breakfast tray on my l@p.
“Thanks.” I muttered before I started to eat while Andre kept his eyes on me throu-ghout.
After a while, I couldn’t take the staring anymore so I just had to ask.
“Andre, what’s wrong?”
“Is anything wrong? Is the food okay?”
“The food is great. It’s just… Why am I here? How did I get here?”
“You don’t remember?”
“Last night. Don’t you remember what happened?”
“Last night? I don’t really…” I suddenly paused as the events rushed back accompanied by a mean headache but still I remembered.
The whole thing with Jamie, how Andre appeared, me pushing him away and then our talk on the bridge… I couldn’t help g@sping as I remembered his last few words to me before I blacked out.
“You-you said tha-that you…” I stuttered, my eyes alre-ady watering as I stared at him.
“That I love you?”
“D-did you mean i-it?”
“I did and I still do.”
“I-I don’t know what to say. I just — I just don’t believe it.”
He sighed and then covered my hands with his.
“Look, I’m sorry for not believing you, Cleo but believe me when I say, I really do love you…more than anything else in the world. I don’t know when, I don’t know how or why but I’ve fallen madly for you, believe that… What I want to know you love me too?”
I stared in his eyes and true to his words, I could see the emotions clear in his eyes… Still I was confused. Do I love him as well? Would he still love me if I told him the truth about me?
“I can see you still don’t know what to say so I won’t push you for an answer.” I heard him say, breaking my chain of thoughts.
“That’s probably for the best.”
He nodded and stood to leave but not before saying “This isn’t about the bet or anything like that. I really do love you Cleo. I want you to know that.”
And then, he opened the door and left leaving me alone with my thoughts.
Do I love Andre or not???
What do you think?
Does Cleo love Andre or not?
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(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 24🥀
The day went by with Andre trying to act as though everything was normal. Kyla called to check where I was but I explained that I was safe and sound even I refused to tell her where I was. Then again, I’m sure she knew.
I tried calling Ariadne but she still wasn’t picking my calls. It hurt but I tried not to think about it, instead focusing all my thoughts on whether or not to Andre and what my answer would be to his question.
I eventually decided that I would tell him when night fell and then I tried my best to focus on whatever activity we were doing.
Night c@m£ sooner than expected and I found myself growing anxious and nervous as Andre esc-rted me to my room.
We got in and he tucked me in with a good night pe-ck on my cheek and he was on his way out when I finally built up the courage to call him back.
“Andre?” I called as high as I could. It c@m£ out as a whisper but he heard still.
“Yes Cleo?”
“Can we um…can we talk?” I asked.
“Sure. What do you want to talk about?” He asked sitting beside me on the be-d.
“Before I answer your question – the one you asked in the morning – I have something to tell you, something which I haven’t told anyone in a very long time. Only Kyla, my psychiatrist, my mom and dad know this.”
“What is it, honey?”
I smiled at the name but didn’t say anything about it as I continued.
“When I was 6, my mom and dad divorced. It was ha-rd on me and them as well but no matter how much I begged, they refused to get back together. After the divorce, my dad just left me alone with my mom. He didn’t pay visits or pay child support. He practically abandoned me and my mom.
I could tell my mom still loved him a lot because she didn’t charge him to court for neglecting me and her despite knowing how rich he was.
Soon after, my mom remarried again, this time to a man named ra-phael. I never knew why she married him but at least she seemed slightly happier and we all got along fine until ra-phael started… He started…”
“What did he do Cleo?” Andre asked, taking my hands in his.
“He started abusing me.” I said shuddering. “First I noticed, someone was always watching me when I was in the bathroom. I always thought it was Mom but soon he would walk into the be-droom while I was getting dressed always claiming it was a mistake.
I believed him. Then he started coming my room late at night and tou-ching me…. Sometimes he made me t©uçh him. He always c@m£ whenever there was a thun-derstorm, always!
The one time I threatened to tell my mom, he lied to me and said that my mom was the one asking him to do such things to me. I believed him and never tried to tell her. After all I was 10 and naive.
Things began escalating and a few times, he would tie me to my be-d and do things to me. Things that I… I couldn’t tell anyone. I-I…” I tried to continue but couldn’t as the memories of all that that monster did to me rushed back and despite how much I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry, I just couldn’t help the tears that ran down my cheeks as I broke down and began crying.
All of a sudden, I felt the be-d di-p behind me as strong hands encircled me and held me close.
“Shh. It’s okay honey. You’re safe now. You’re safe.” I muttered as I held Cleo close.
This would be the second time I would be seeing Cleo vulnerable and the first time I would be seeing her cry. Then again I don’t blame her.
She had to go throu-gh all that because her dad left her and her mom and her mom got married to a monster.
“Eventually my mom found out. She c@m£ back home from one of her many trips and found me tied to my be-d crying. ra-phael had left me there as a punishment after I tried running.
At first I was reluctant to tell her what had happened but soon I told her everything. She was shocked and broken and it was a wonder that she didn’t kill ra-phael before dying herself.
She divorced him, filed a restraining order and then sued him to court. The bastard tried pinning it on me and my mom. He claimed my mom was never around and so he was only using me to sate his de-sire since he didn’t want to cheat on his wife. He practically dug his grave.
Soon after, I learnt my mom had cancer and that was the major reason for her frequent journeys not even her work. Her disease was terminal and probably finding out that it was the major cause of what happened to me, she died a few months after ra-phael was jailed.
It was the saddest day of my life. Surprisingly, my dad who’d abandoned me for years suddenly appeared at her funeral saying that he was sorry for everything that happened to me. He said he’d heard and that it was my mom’s fault for distancing him from us.
I couldn’t believe my ears. He was actually blaming it on her. He was actually blaming it on her. I moved in with him and his new family. His new wife didn’t like and I didn’t like her either. I basically hated my whole life and most especially my dad so when my mom’s sister, Aunt Olivia who lived in California c@m£ to pay a visit, I asked to go back with her.
For once my dad listened to me and I left England with her. My aunt was a rich spinster and she basically let me do whatever I wanted and even though I was alre-ady over the whole ra-phael thing — mostly — I really had no interest in guys. I was basically a loner in high school until Ian Wright, a s£nior started paying attention to me.
I tried to stay aloof but he knew all the right words to say and soon I fell in love with him and after a few threats and plea-s from him, I went to be-d with him.
Next day, I went to school only to discover that Ian had been pla-ying me. He and his friends had made a bet about me and he won. He was supposed to take my vir-ginity but I wasn’t a v!rg!nso he spre-ad the news that nerdy Cleo was actually a slut.
That basically destroyed me. After how much ra-phael scarred me, Ian was supposed to be the “ light at the end of the tunnel ” but he ended up shattering me completely.
I was able to finish high school and the rest is basically history. I hated men and love even more so I bec@m£ a pla-yer or a pla-ygirl if you like.
I was happy doing so until I met you. I hated you at first…” She st©pped to chuckle as did I. “…but all I can is you were different. At first, with the bet and everything, that was all everything between us was… A bet but slowly and surely, I fell for you. I tried denying it but I did and I guess that’s why when you didn’t believe me and you threw me out, it hurt so much. I love you, Andre Simmons.”
“You do!?” I questioned.
“I really REALLY do!”
“Well I love you too, Cleona Reynolds.” I smiled as I placed a k!sson her forehead.
I pu-ll-ed away and found herl-ips just a few meters away.
“Yourl-ips… They’re so…red and full.”
“You want to k!ssme, don’t you?”
“So much.”
“But the bet?”
“Forget the bet. In fact I’m declaring the bet null and void.”
“Nah. Let’s try k!ss!ngeach other…at the same time. That way, there’s no winner…”
“Or loser. I like that idea… How about it?”
“Definitely.” She replied.
I smiled and cu-mpped her cheek with one hand as she leaned in. I leaned in as well and soon ourl-ips met in a sweet and gentle k!ssthat slowly grew fiercer.
Eventually we pu-ll-ed ap@rt, breathless as we stared at each other.
“You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to do that…and now that I have, I want to do so much more.”
“What’s st©pping you then?” She asked coyly as she traced a f!nger over myl-ips down to my che-st.
I caught her f!nger and then di-pped my head to meet herl-ips.
{This next section is RATED 18+ 🔞🔞🔞 so you’re advised to re-ad at your own discretion}
I m0@n ed softly as Andre covered myl-ips with his in a k!ssthat lit a fire in my belly. As the k!sscontinued growing fiercer by the minute, I slid my arms round his n£¢k as I buried my hand in his hair, pu-lling at it at intervals.
In response, Andre gro-an ed as he lowered himself onto me and began k!ss!ngdownwards from my n£¢k to my b*easts. He broke away for a few seconds to re-move the shi-t I was wearing before returning to feast on them properly.
He placed one of my b*easts in his mouth and li-cked, su-cked and even bit it at times before turning his attention to the second b*east. As he su-cked it, I buried my hands in his hair pu-lling on it as a way of urging him on.
However determined not to let him have all the fun, I sat up and made him lie on the be-d. I helped him out of his shorts at which his £r£¢tdi-ck sprang free.
I had to g@sp. It was hvge, probably the biggest I’d seen. Still I placed both my hands around it and began moving them around it, smiling when he gro-an ed and m0@n ed as I did.
Then I sli-pped it into my mouth and su-cked it while my f!ngerspla-yed with his ba-lls. This went on for a while until he finally c@m£ into my mouth with a gro-an .
“You give a mean b!owjob.” He said sitting up to stare at me.
“I try.” I replied cheekily.
He smiled and cu-mpped my cheeks.
“I know but it’s my turn now.” He said k!ss!ngme as he slid his hand into my pajama p@n-ts.
Cleo was simply incredible. I’d gotten a lot of b!owjobs in my lifetime but none could ever t©p the one she gave me. I simply love everything about her. Her smile, her laugh, herl-ips, her eyes… I loved the way her b©dy responds to me just like it’s doing now… And I’m going to give her plea-sure like never before.
I la-id her back on the be-d as we k!$$£d while ru-bbing my hand around her c*it. I re-moved her shorts along with her un-derwear and then I placed my di-ck at the very entrance of her v*gina using it to tease her, enjoying the way her b©dy reacted to what I was doing.
When I finally grew tired, I glanced up at her and asked “Are you re-ady for this?”
I took that as my answer and thrû-st into her slowly until I was fully buried in her. I stayed still for a while waiting for her to get used to it before I began moving in and out, growing momentum as I continued.
“Andre!” I g@sped as I felt his length inside me. It felt so hvge and it hurt a little since it’d been a while but still it felt good. It felt better than good. It felt like heaven literally.
Now I un-derstand why ladies swarmed him. He felt soo…. Gosh! There was no word to explain it.
Then he started moving, slowly at first then he bec@m£ fas-ter and fas-ter, k!ss!ngmy n£¢k andl-ips whilst he continued.
“I love you so much, baby.” He gro-an ed at intervals causing me to smile and ti-ght£ñ my hold on him.
“Andre!” I gro-an ed as we both c@m£ at the same time.
He rolled off me sweating as he placed a k!sson myl-ips.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” I replied leaning into him still n-ked, smiling when I felt his ha-rd -on on my backside.
“Looks like Junior wants more.” I said giggling as I turned to face him.
“What do you say…we give Junior what he wants.”
“Mmm…let’s do it.”
“I had a feeling you’d say that.” I said giggling as he climbe-d at©p me again………….
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