Pl@ymy heart Episode 22

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 22🥀
“Oh it was just you.” Cleo said as she opened the door. I was about turning it off but I just had to see what exactly happened.
“Yup. Just me.” He said with a snicker.
“Come on in Cam. Where’s Ari by the way?”
“Oh she’s on her way. She should be here any minute with Kyla and Scott.”
“Okay. That sounds nice.”
Cleo led him to his seat before going to the kitchen and coming back with several bowls of popcorn. After which she sat down a few metres away from c@m£ron.
I expected them to exchange dirty flir-ty words or something of the sort but nothing of the sort happened. Instead, Cleo seemed engrossed in whatever she was doing on her phone and instead it was c@m£ron who drew closer to her.
She didn’t do anything but I could see that she was uncomfortable and she even moved a bit. Then he traced his f!nger down her arm.
“What are you doing?” Cleo immediately asked staring at him angrily.
“This.” c@m£ron had answered, crashing hisl-ips against hers against her will to my surprise. He did that around the time I, Ariadne, Scott and Kyla walked in.
She’d tried pushing him away but from where I’d been standing that day, it’d looked as though her hands had been around his n£¢k. Only watching it now did it all make s-en-se.
I’d been such a fool. She told me that he’d been the one who k!$$£d her but I didn’t believe her. Instead I’d pushed her away like a fool and like Kyla said, gone back to “my pla-yer ways”.
I have to go to her, apologize and pray that she believes me and accepts me. I love her too much to let go… Wait a minute!
Did I just say… I guess I do. I do love Cleo and I’ll tell her so. I don’t care about the bet or my reputation or anything of the sort. All I care about is her and only her and I’ll prove it to her.
With that settled, I gr@bb£d my car keys and a jacket before heading out.
“Hey bartender! Get me another bottle of this.” I said rowdily, swinging the almost empty bottle in my hand.
“Will do Miss.” He replied turning his back to me before producing another bottle.
I downed all that was left in the last bottle before gr-abbing the new bottle and gulping half at a go.
“Easy Missy. A pretty lady like you shouldn’t be drinking like this.” I heard someone say beside me.
I turned to see a guy smiling at me. He didn’t even hide his lvst for me as his eyes openly raved my b©dy. Normally I would have told him off or even went as far as beating him up but I was drinking and this was probably my last day on earth so I might as well have fun while I’m still alive.
With that settled, I smiled flir-tatiously at him as I leaned even more into him.
“What’s it to you how much I drink, h0t stuff?”
He sm-irked and called the bartender over.
“One more bottle for the lady and the usual for me.”
“Coming right up Sir.” The bartender replied.
“The name’s James. Friends call me Jamie.”
“Hello Jamie.” I said slyly.
“Well are you going to tell me your name?”
“Nope.” I replied looking away from him.
“That’s alright. I don’t mind.”
“That’s good.” I said, gulping down a hvge portion of the drink just as another bottle arrived. The night continued with Jamie and I ma-king small talk while drinking.
“So…what do you say we go somewhere else and have some fun?” I heard him whisper into my ears, all of a sudden.
I stared at him in thought as I debated the idea before I eventually agreed.
He smiled and gr@bb£d my hand as he began to lead me away the bar throu-gh the rowdy crowd, de-sire pres£nt in his eyes. We were almost throu-gh the crowd when someone suddenly blocked Jamie’s path.
I didn’t nee-d a soothsayer to tell me who it was as his scent had alre-ady wafted into my nostrils but I still had to see if it was who I thought it was.
And so, I slowly looked up to see Andre staring at Jamie with an angry glint in his eyes. My jaw instantly dropped.
“What was Andre doing here? What’s with the look? Why’s he staring at Jamie like that? Why’s he staring at me like that?” I thought, still gaping at him.
“Dude, do you mind moving aside? The lady and I have some business together if you know what I mean.” Jamie said and even though I was dead drun!kand could ba-rely see, I could instantly feel Andre’s b©dy tense up as the muscles in his jaw twitched.
“Well, I think your business will have to be put on hold because that lady you’re holding is MINE.”
“Wait what? I must be more drun!kthan I thought I was. I must be dreaming… That’s right. It’s all a dream. Andre isn’t here and he’s definitely not calling me his in front of a total stranger.”
“What do you mean ‘MINE’?”
“I mean she’s mine as in my responsibility. And I’ll appreciate you handing her over to me right now.”
“Who the heck do you think you are, a*shole?” I heard Jamie say as he attem-pted to punch Andre, an obvious mistake.
I didn’t wait around to see what happened next though. Instead, I stumbled back to the bar and asked for another drink. I could hear the ruckus and crashes behind me but drun!kme couldn’t care less.
Instead I calmly waited for my order and when it was finally brou-ght, I busied myself by getting even more drun!k.
My objective as of now was to get so drun!kthat I would become numb to everyone and everything around me, to Jamie, to Kyla, to c@m£ron, to Ariadne, to Andre and my messed up life. I would to get so numb that when the time finally c@m£ to leave this world, I wouldn’t feel a thing as the life slowly ebbe-d out of me and nothing was going to st©p me from doing that…from taking my life today.
No one. Absolutely no one!
“Next time, you stay away from my woman! Got that?!” I growled as I landed a final b!ow on his face.
“Of course. I will. I will.” He replied fearfully, running away immediately I got off him.
“Prickly bastard.” I muttered to myself heading towards the bar where I saw Cleo drinking like she had no care in the world.
“Cleo! Baby, let’s go.” I said gr-abbing her hand but she pu-ll-ed away.
“Go where?” She asked in a drun!ken tone.
“Home Cleo. Let’s go home.”
“What home? Last I remember, you kicked me out of that HOME. You!” She replied, poking me in the che-st.
“I know. I know and I’m sorry. But I know the truth now and I want you to come back home with me.”
“No! I’m not coming “home” with you. Just go and leave me alone with my drink.”
“Cleo plea-se! Just come with me.” I said trying to pu-ll her up but she resisted and instead, she pushed me away and I fell on the floor, hitting my head on a table nearby.
My head hurt like crazy but I couldn’t stay on the floor for long as Cleo wasn’t alre-ady ma-king her way out of the bar and I couldn’t risk her walking around in her drun!ken state so I immediately got on my feet and began trailing behind her.
I couldn’t run due to my head which I’m pretty sure was bleeding so I managed to walk fast while calling on Cleo to st©p.
I lost track of her at a point. I had alre-ady lost hope of catching her again when I suddenly noticed a figure standing on a nearby bridge 🌉 and from the looks of it, whoever it was was preparing to jump off.
The closer I c@m£ to the person, the clearer the person’s face bec@m£ and I suddenly realized that it was Cleo on the bridge.
“CLEO!!!” I yelled as I rushed towards her praying I wasn’t too late.
T B C 😥😥
Will Cleo decide to jump off?
Will Andre be able to save her and profess his love for her before it’s too late?