Pl@ymy heart Episode 20&21

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 20&21🥀
Nothing can quantify the pain I felt as I walked into the living room just in time to see c@m£ron plant hisl-ips on Cleo’s. I tried keeping my emotions in check as my br@in desperately tried to un-derstand what had happened.
“Why did she k!sshim? Does that mean that they are together now? Could all the connection we’ve been feeling have been fake? Why does my heart ache like this?”
These and many other questions stormed my mind but the most ramp@n-t question was “Why?”
I was still trying to process everything that was going on when Ariadne finally asked the question on my mind.
“Cleo, why?” She asked sadly. “Why would you do this to me? I was finally happy for once in my life and you did this… Why?” She asked again.
“Look Ari, I know what you saw must be pretty confusing but I swear it was a mistake. c@m£ron was the one who f0rç£d himself on me. I swear it.”
“Of course he did. After all every man always wants Cleona Reynolds. Who would want a old raggedy hag like me?”
“You don’t really believe that, do you Ari?”
“Well I don’t know what to believe.” Ariadne yelled hysterically, tears running down my cheeks.
“Ari plea-se, that’s not true. c@m£ron was the one. He…”
“Save it Cleo! I don’t want to hear. Just-just stay away from me!” Ariadne yelled before whirling around and exiting the house, closing the door loudly behind her.
“plea-se someone…anyone st©p her! I didn’t want to do it. C’mon tell them! Tell them you k!$$£d me! Tell them you f0rç£d yourself on me! Tell THEM!” Cleo yelled gripping c@m£ron who kept an indifferent look as he stared at her.
“Come on Cleo. You can st©p pretending now! Everyone knows so you might as well come clean and drop the act.”
“What!? You psycho! What the heck are you talking about!? You f0rç£d yourself on me. Just admit it alre-ady!” She yelled, tears streaking down her cheeks.
“Come on Cleo! You know you’ve been after me since the first time we met at the club. Your attitude in be-d said that much.”
Upon hearing his words, I immediately grew enraged and before I knew it, my fist had made contact with his face. He fell to the floor and in my rage, I knelt on the floor and began unleashing b!ows on his face, his words echoing in my head as I did.
“Andre, cool down. You’ll kill him.” I heard beside me as I felt arms try to pu-ll me off c@m£ron.
“Let me go!” I growled as Scott succeeded in pu-lling me off c@m£ron.
“Get out of my damn house now or I swear I’ll make you regret it!… Take your damn girlfriend as well!” I yelled angrily.
I watched as c@m£ron got up from the floor, bloody nose and all. He glanced at Cleo and I before ma-king his way out of the house.
“Didn’t you hear me? I want you out of here as well.” I yelled at Cleo.
“You don’t mean that Andre. You don’t right?” Cleo asked.
“I do Cleo. Now get out of my house before you make me do something I don’t want to.” I yelled in her face.
“Andre plea-se! You have to believe me.” I heard her cry behind me as she hvgged me from behind.
“Get off me and get out of my house if you know what’s good for you Cleo.” I yelled pushing her off me as I stormed up the stairs.
“You have ten minutes and if I still find you here afterwards, you’ll regret it.” I yelled at her on my way up before continuing up the stairs and ma-king my way to my room.
Once in, I closed the door soundly behind me and fell to the floor crying.
“You have ten minutes and if I still find you here afterwards, you’ll regret it.” Andre yelled at me, breaking my heart even more as I watched him climb up the stairs until he disappeared from sight.
Once he did, I felt all my will to live suddenly drain as I fell to my knees crying uncontrollably.
Why? Why me? Why does this always happen to me? Whenever I’m finally happy, something has to ruin it as always.
Why do I have to be so unfortunate? Why can’t I just live ‘happily ever after’ and be happy for once in my life?
“Cleo, get up. plea-se get up.” Kyla’s familiar voice boomed in my ear and she tried lifting me up but I pushed her away.
“It’s no use… Besides why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be gone like those two?” I asked more angrily than I intended.
“Well unlike them, I actually believe you and I saw c@m£ron a few seconds before he k!$$£d you and I know that you would never try to do something like that to Ari. You love her too much. And you love Andre even more.”
My head sh0t up as I tried to object but she placed her f!nger on myl-ips.
“Shush! Don’t try to object because you and I know it’s true.”
My eyes pooled as I stared at her and looked away.
“It’s a t©uçhy subject now so let’s help you pack up and get out of this house.”
I nodded and we were on our way up the stairs when I st©pped and asked “Do you think Andre loves me?”
“I think he does. Why else would he be upset if he didn’t? Come on, let’s get going.”
I nodded and followed her up the stairs to my room — former room — at least.
After we packed up, we made our way downstairs and despite everything, something in me wished I’d see Andre waiting for me at the base of the stairs with open arms but he wasn’t there.
It hurt like hell but he wasn’t and that was something I had to believe as I silently followed Scott and Kyla to their car. I got in the backseat and silently watched as the car started and I left the house that’d been my home for weeks now.
And despite how much I tried to st©p it, I couldn’t hold the tears from falling as I stared back at Andre’s house until I could no longer see it anymore…………
(💙When two pla-yers fall in lo
🥀Episode 21🥀
“Is it done?” I asked calmly dropping my drink on the table.
He nodded instantly.
“Last I heard, Andre was throwing her out of his house.”
“Oh really? You must have been a really good actor.”
“I guess I was. Now if you don’t mind, the video.”
“You see, that’s the thing Cam. I can’t give you.”
“Wait what? Why? You promised…”
“I know I did but things have changed. I nee-d to be sure that there’s no chance of them getting back together. Only then will you receive the video.”
“Why you…” He growled rushing at me but he was seized by two of my guards who shook their heads at him in a ‘that would be a bad idea’ way.
“Get off me!” He yelled getting out of their grip. “You better keep your word this time Sierra.”
“Of course, lovey.”
Once he was out, I motioned my two guards and said “rou-gh him up a little and by a little, I mean a lot. Just don’t kill him. I nee-d him to be unable to ruin my next plan, got it?”
They nodded and left the room.
Once they did, I picked up my phone and dialled a number. It rang for a few seconds before it was finally picked.
📱 Be sure to stay on her trail. Don’t let her leave your sight. Do you hear me?
📲 Loud and clear.
📱 That’s good. I’m on my way … I said into the phone before hanging up and ma-king my way to my car.
“Ari plea-se, you have to believe me. I didn’t k!ssc@m£ron. He k!$$£d me. He did, I swear it. plea-se believe me!”
“Let go of me Cleo. I know you at least I thought I did but it turns out I never did. I don’t believe you. Maybe if you’d just come clean, it’d be easier for me to try and forgive you… In fact you know what? Don’t ever try to pu-ll a stunt like this. Same goes to you Kyla.”
“Maybe you should try…” Kyla tried saying but Ariadne interrupted her before she could talk.
“Oh! So you’re on her side now? Is that it?”
“No it’s not and there are no sides. I saw c@m£ron k!ssCleo without her permission. You have to believe her.”
“Well I don’t. And you know why?”
“Well why?”
“Because no matter how much we try to support all her behavior as feminism or call her a “pla-ygirl”, we all know what she really is. She’s a slut and a bit-ch and that’s what she’ll always be.” She yelled in my face before heading out, ban-ging the door loudly behind her.
I fell to the floor, crying uncontrollably as Kyla went after Ari but I knew she wouldn’t come back. I felt my head start to turn as Ariadne’s words resounded in my head.
I f0rç£d myself to walk to my be-d after which the tears continued as Ariadne’s words continued repla-ying in my head ma-king me wonder where exactly I’d gone wrong in my life.
I sighed loudly as I watched Ariadne storm into her car and drive off. I turned around and walked back into the h0tel, ma-king my way upstairs to my room.
Once in, I could hear low sobbing sounds coming from the be-droom where Cleo and I couldn’t help but sigh again.
This whole thing has really hurt Cleo and Ari’s words just hit the sp©t. If only there was a way to prove that she didn’t k!ssc@m£ron on purpose and he was actually the one who k!$$£d her but I haven’t even been able to find c@m£ron since he left Andre’s house.
There might be another way though. I only hope it works and that bastard hasn’t taken in another girl. If he has, he’ll have me to answer to.
Ourl-ips had just been about to t©uçh when I suddenly heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was Cleo, I immediately rushed to the door and opened only to find Kyla standing outside.
“Hey K.”
“Hi Andre. Look I really want to talk to you about Cleo.”
I sighed. “Maybe now’s not such a good…”
“Andre, who is at the door? I’m waiting here.” Selena said interrupting me.
“Oh! So it’s like that now. While my best friend is busy crying herself a river, you’re here, going back to your pla-yer ways!”
“Well what do you expect me to do? We saw her k!sshim.”
“Well did you ever wonder why? Cleo loves…”
“Loves who?”
“Uh she uh…she loves Ari so much so why would she ever do something like that? How low do you think she is? You know what, it was my mistake for coming here. Goodbye Andre!… And to think I ever supported your relationsh!p!”
And just like that, she was gone, leaving me with only her words to think on as I closed the door and walked back to Selena.
“It’s about time. Now what say we get back to business?” She said suggestively but I was ba-rely listening.
“Andre! Andre!! Andre!!!” She yelled jo-lting me back to reality.
“What?.. Oh yeah! Look Selena, I can’t do it tonight. I’m not up to it.”
“You were up to it a minute ago. Why? What happened?” She pouted.
“Nothing really. I just can’t do tonight.”
“Okay. Tomorrow then.” She sighed as she took her bag, pe-cked me on the cheek before leaving.
I closed the door behind her and walked upstairs where I retrieved my l@pt©p. After booting it, I cli-cked on a folder labelled “Security Footage”.
I scrolled throu-gh a bit before finding the correct video. Taking only a minute to collect myself, I tapped on it and began watching…………
T B C 😋😋
Yay! Andre’s watching the video! Who knows what that means? 😉
What are your thoughts on Sierra and c@m£ron?
Why did c@m£ron k!ssCleo?
Will Ariadne forgive Cleo anytime soon?
What could Sierra still be up to?
One word for Kyla 😇. I want to have a friend like her 😍.