Pl@ymy heart Episode 19

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 19🥀
📱 Reyna, would you tell your staff to open the damn door? I’ve been here for…thirty minutes or so….. I yelled angrily into the phone.
📲 Cool your horses, Erra. I’ll be down in a sec.
📱 Why you…. I yelled but she’d alre-ady cut the call. I growled as I cut the call.
A few minutes later, I heard the door open to reveal Reyna dressed in a bathrobe with her hair disheveled and all over her face.
“Glad you could make it!” I sh0t out stepping into the house.
“What do you want Erra?” She asked closing the door as she turned to face me.
“For the last time, don’t call me Erra. It’s Sierra.”
“Whatever you say! What do you want!? I’m quite busy.”
“Busy you say? You’d call ban-ging Tanner up there?”
“You’re one to talk. I seem to remember you ban-ging Terry while you were d@t!ngAndre?” She said with a mock smile.
I rolled my eyes and took a de-ep breath.
“That’s actually why I’m here.”
“Look if you’re here to talk about Andre, you might as well leave. I want nothing to do with him anymore.”
“Why’s that?”
“Let’s just say we have an agreement.”
“Does that agreement include you not helping me because I could really use it.”
“What do you nee-d?”
“I nee-d to get Cleona Reynolds out of the picture.”
“Believe me, I alre-ady tried. Who do you think published the article about her being a slut?… That’s right. Didn’t work. Instead, it drew them closer than ever.”
“You don’t nee-d to worry about your plan failing because you have me now.”
“Okay. What do I gain from this little arrangement?”
“Revenge…and Andre if you want him.”
“I don’t.” She replied simply.
“Then you’ll get to get back at Cleona then.”
“Okay then. You have yourself a deal.” She said stretching her hand forward. I accepted the hand with a sm-irk on my face.
“So..what did you have in mind?” She asked.
“Well I have a few ideas and I’ll be nee-ding your help with them.”
“Sure. l@ythem out on me… First though, I nee-d to go round things up with Ben up there.”
“Sure. You do that.” I replied.
It’s been a few weeks since Kyla and Ariadne arrived and one more week added to that since Andre and I made the bet and to say the truth, I’ve never been happier in my entire life.
The construction of the h0tel coming along nicely and Andre and I have become even closer, despite the bet and all. I seriously couldn’t be happier with everything’s that’s going on. Life actually seems to be going well for me.
The whole experience with Andre has been very good, better than I expected. I have no idea whether or not I’ll win or if he will but it’s been fun to just be with him. I don’t know about love yet but all I can say is despite how much I’ve tried to fight it, Andre Simmons has found his way into my heart.
Leaving that, it’s movie night and we’re having it in Andre’s house. By we, I mean Ariadne, c@m£ron, Kyla, Scott, Andre and I. Since I’m staying in Andre’s house, I’m busy prepping everything in time for the arrival of everyone else including Andre who had to go to the office to handle some business.
I’d just placed the bowl of popcorn on the table when I heard the door bell ring. Thinking it was Andre, I immediately rushed to the door only to find that it’d been c@m£ron, Ariadne’s b©yfri£ndat the door.
“Oh it was just you.” I muttered disappointedly.
“Yup. Just me.” He said with a snicker.
I rolled my eyes with a smile.
“Come on in Cam. Where’s Ari by the way?”
“Oh she’s on her way. She should be here any minute with Kyla and Scott.”
“Okay. That sounds nice.”
I led him to his seat and left to check on stuff in the kitchen. A few minutes later, I c@m£ back and took my seat beside him on the sofa while waiting for the others. I thought nothing of it as I sat checking some things on my phone until I felt his arm on my shoulder.
I said nothing and continued typing on my phone. I felt him draw even closer towards me but I still said nothing until I felt him trace his f!nger down my cheek.
“What are you doing?” I asked turning to face him.
“This.” He said as he crashed hisl-ips against mine all of a sudden.
Before I could react, I heard a loud g@sp a few feet away from us. I pushed him away and stood up to the sight of Kyla, Scott, Ariadne and Andre staring at c@m£ron and I with the same look in their eyes.
All I could say was “Oh no!”………….
T B C 😱😱
I told you guys to expect more drama and here it is. Ariadne’s dumb b©yfri£ndjust k!$$£d Cleo and everyone including Andre saw…
Do you think they saw the beginning or will Cleo be judged before she even has a chance to explain?