Pl@ymy heart Episode 18

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 18🥀
📱 What!? You’re joking right?” I exclaimed into the phone.
📲 No. I’m not. Our plane just landed… What h0tel are you staying in?… Kyla asked.
📱 Well I’m not actually staying in an h0tel… I replied, sparing a glance at Andre who’s eyes were on me.
📲 Oh! That’s right. You’re staying with Mr. S-xy.
I rolled my eyes.
📱 You know why I’m staying with him plus his name is Andre!… I replied louder than I intended to.
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📲 Hmm! Your tone when I talked about him suggests otherwise… Oh my gosh! Do you have feelings for Andre?
📱 Argh! Don’t you have a bus or a cab or something else to catch?
📲 Changing the t©pic, are we?… Well, we’ll talk when we meet up tomorrow. Ariadne, c@m£ron, Scott and I will be staying in Crystal Palace h0tel… Gotta go!
📱 Yeah bye.
📲 Bye. s£nd my regards to Andre “Mr. S-xy” Simmons.
I gro-an ed and palmed myself.
📱 No comment… I replied cutting the call as her laughter boomed throu-gh the speaker.
I placed my phone on the table and looked back at Andre while faking a smile. Kyla was right though. He did look S-xy…
“Everything alright?” He asked staring at me with those dark beautiful eyes of his.
“Yeah yeah. Everything is just great. Some friends of mine are just coming to town for a visit.”
“That sounds nice. Sorry about my question by the way.”
“Oh that! It’s no problem..really.”
“Well I am sorry either way. I just have this uncanny habit of asking dumb pri-vate questions.”
“No nee-d to beat yourself up Dre. I alre-ady said it’s okay.”
He smiled. “You’re really special Cleona Reynolds. So special.”
“I alre-ady said flattery doesn’t work, didn’t I?”
“And I said it’s not flattery if it’s true, which it is.”
I rolled my eyes despite how his words t©uçhed me.
“Whatever you say Andre!… Are you done? I’m just about full.”
His expression fell for a second but he quic-kly replaced it and said “I’m done here as well. Let’s go.”
He dropped the bill and led me out of the restaurant towards his car.
“Cleo!” Kyla squealed as she rushed towards me and pu-ll-ed me into a ti-ght hvg that left me breathless and unable to breathe.
“C-an’t br-ea-th-e!” I managed to utter when the hvg lingered.
“Oh! Sorry!” She replied pu-lling away. “I just really missed you!” She squealed again trying to pu-ll me into an another hvg.
“No you don’t!” I sh0t out moving away from her.
She grinned toothily with a roll of her eyes and made way for Ariadne, my more normal friend to hvg me. The hvg was warm and not a death tra-p.
“I’ve missed you Cleo.” She said once we pu-ll-ed away.
“And I, you.” I replied smiling. “Now that’s how NORMAL people hvg.” I said to Kyla who was standing close.
“Yeah right.” She replied with another roll of her eyes.
“I’m just saying…you’re not normal.” I said again as we made our way to the table they’d been sitting on.
“Whatever you guys!… So Cleo, tell us!” Ariadne said once we were seated.
“Tell “us” what?” I asked, waving at waiter over.
“About you and Andre, dummy. How is it going with the bet, the pretend engagement… You know, those things… ” Kyla answered.
“Well, everything’s going fine. Everything’s good.” I answered as a waiter appeared.
We placed out others and waited till he was gone before resuming our talk.
“What do you mean “everything’s going fine”? We want details. Sweet delicious ro-mantic little details…” Kyla said l!çk!ng herl-ips.
“I second that motion.” Ariadne said raising her hand.
I rolled my eyes. “You do, don’t you?”
“Well…” I started as I began to launch into the tale of all that happened in the past few days, leaving only a few details out, enough so that Kyla and Ariadne had no idea what the mention of Andre did to me. The only p@rt I didn’t leave out however was the picnic he’d organised for me. It was too special to leave out.
“So…tell me Cleo, do you love Andre?”
“Definitely not!” I snorted in reply.
Do you have feelings for him?” Kyla asked again.
“Sounds to me like you do.” She said popping a French fry into her mouth.
“No! I don’t!” I replied vehemently.
“Are you quite sure?” She asked again.
“Of course I’m sure. How on earth could I love a guy like Andre?”
“Why not? What’s there not to love about him? He’s handsome, S-xy, definitely good in be-d…” She said wi-nking.
“A man who-re, a pla-yer, a scaredy cat… The list goes on and to t©p it off, there’s a bet between us. If I fall for him, I would be losing that bet and as my friend, you should be praying that it doesn’t happen instead of trying to pl@ymatchmaker.” I said pointedly.
She shrugged.
“Now how did it happen? You and c@m£ron, that is?” I said to Ariadne who immediately turned red once she heard c@m£ron.
“Well after that night at the club, we’ve been hanging out and seeing each other. It’s just that.”
“Oh really! If you say so.” I said with a sm-irk. “You love him right?”
“I do. So much.” She said dreamily.
I smiled as a thought filtered into my mind.
“Will I ever find love?
It took every bone of restraint I had in me to keep from heading out my car and slamming Cleo’s head against the table in front of her until she st©pped moving as I sat in my car watching her chat away with two other ladies.
I can’t believe Andre is actually planning on marrying her. After waiting for so long for him to finally come back to his s-en-ses and claim me again, Little Miss. Pretty Face thinks she can just waltz in and steal him from me!?
Andre belongs to me and I’m going to have him no matter what. The only question now is ; HOW?
How do I get Little Miss. Perfect out of the picture and win Andre back?
I was still pondering on this question when an idea suddenly struck.
I sm-irked to myself as I picked up my phone and dialled her number.
It rang for a few seconds before it was picked.
📱 Hey bit-ch!…. I said once she picked up……………
T B C 😋😋
What do you think Sierra’s plan is and who could it involve?
Is Kyla right? Could Cleo have feelings for Andre?