Pl@ymy heart Episode 10

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 10🥀
“I can’t believe Reyna or her dad would stoop so low as to f0rç£ you to marry her.” Jordan remarked after I relayed everything to him.
“I know right. I’m so fv¢king confused. I have no idea what to do.”
“I have no idea what to tell you either. I mean Goldwyn Enterprises is one of the biggest companies in the world. If you refuse, you’ll be losing a lot of money but if you agree, you’ll be selling yourself to Reyna and her dad… Damn! I knew Reyna was crazy but this is totally psych0tic.”
“Tell me about it.” I replied downing another glas-s of the vodka in my hand.
“So…tell me about your fianceé. Who is she?”
“Uhm she’s Cleona Reynolds.”
“I know that. Just tell me about her because you can’t imagine how surprised I was when I heard the news about you getting engaged. Are you serious about her or is she another conquest-to-be?”
I thought about telling Jordan about the bet. He was my best friend after all..but I decided against it.
“Nah. It’s serious this time.”
“Oh really? You’re telling me that you’ve finally found love?”
“Mm-hmm. I guess so.” I replied nodding my head.
“Wow! I always knew the day would come. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon… So when are you guys getting married? I’m going to be your best man right?”
“Yeah yeah. For sure.. We haven’t really set a d@t£ though. We’re focusing on building her h0tel though.”
“Oh right. She’s a h0telier.”
“Mm-hmm. Right.”
“Oh well, congratulations bro. If you’ll excuse me though. I’m about to go work my magic.” He replied before downing down his drink and walking over to a petite strawberry blonde a few chairs away from us.
I sm-irked as I stared at him. Jordan and I were no different in that aspect. We were both chronic pla-yers.
I returned my attention back to my drink until I saw someone slide into the chair beside me. She was a pretty redhead and even though I tried to resist the urge, I found myself turning to talk to her and from there, well you know how it goes…. 😋😋
I woke up with a clear head and a refreshed b©dy. Yesterday had been pretty hectic but I was more than re-ady to take on anything the world might throw at me today.
I was however not re-ady for the sight that awaited me down the stairs in the living room. Andre and an unknown redhead l@yon the floor slee-ping in each other arms, their clothes sprawled around them with several bottles of alcohol.
It looked as though they had a p@rty last night. Both of them were n-ked so the first thing I did was use Andre’s jacket to cover him up. It was a wonder I didn’t puke or faint. The sight in front of me was simply 🤮🤮🤮
I tried my best to clean up the sitting room as best as I could. The only thing left to do was wake them up.
“Andre! Andre! Wake up!!!” I yelled but to no avail. The lady wasn’t too responsive either so I settled for another option.
I gr@bb£d a bucket and filled it with ice cubes from the freezer which I then proceeded to dump on them.
Almost immediately, they j£rked awake screaming.
“What..what happened? Cleo!? What the heck was that for?” Andre yelled glaring at me.
“That was for waking you up Mister. Couldn’t you and your friends have taken your business upstairs… Oh God!” I muttered looking away when he stood up n-ked.
“What are you… Oh! I would never have pegged you for the shy one, Miss Reynolds.” I could hear the sm-irk in his voice.
“Andre, cover up!”
“Andre, cover up or I swear I’ll cut your ba-lls off.”
“You’d have to look at me first… Come on Cleo. Just one glance.”
“Gross Andre. I’ve alre-ady seen enough.”
“Come on. Just one more glance.”
“Oh really!”
I ran towards the kitchen and gr@bb£d a knife 🔪.
“Cleo! What are you doing with the knife?”
“I’m going to do what you asked. I’ll look at you right now and cut your ball off.”
“I wasn’t expecting you to act on it.”
“Well I’m going to if you don’t get dressed. Same goes for you too, Miss Redhead.”
I heard some ruffling before Andre finally spoke up. I looked and saw the redhead fully dressed while Andre was in his bo-xers only. His che-st was ba-re and it gave me the opportunity to admire his physique.
“Cleo! What are you staring at?” I heard Andre’s voice all of a sudden, interrupting my thoughts.
“Oh right!.. You, Redhead, out! Andre, get upstairs.”
I watched as the redhead gr@bb£d her purse and headed out only to st©p halfway, turn around and give Andre a pas-sionate k!sson thel-ips and a ‘call me’ sign when they pu-ll-ed ap@rt before she finally left.
“Are you done now?” I asked sarcastically when Andre kept staring at the door after she left.
“I am and by the way, there’s nothing for you to be jealous about.”
“Jealous? You wish!” I scoffed.
He sm-irked and walked towards me. He st©pped several feet away from me and asked “You sure you’re not jealous Miss Reynolds?”
“Yeah I am.”
He chuckled, leaned in and whispered into my ears. “Are you sure because you just li-cked yourl-ips and I’m sure that’s your tell.”
I froze. Kyla always told me that I like myl-ips when I’m lying….
“You don’t know what you’re saying Andre.” I replied, brushing the thought away.
“Trust me, I do.” He whispered again before pu-lling away and heading upstairs.
“I’m not jealous…am I?” I asked myself still trying to make s-en-se of whatever just happened…..
T B C 😋😋
So…what do you guys think? 😏
Is Cleo really jealous?
What will be Andre’s decision concerning Reyna?