Pia – episode 9

Episode 9

I couldn’t go back to be-d even after the man instructed me to go and relax, my heart was filled with joy and slee-ping again was not in the line for me,
I went to the kitchen to as-sist Ben, he was happy to have me around and I was also happy, I asked him to leave the cooking I Will do it but he said no and when I insisted he later left to do other things,
I was looking forward to seeing Jerry, I kept checking the time to know when he will arrive, my boss c@m£ back with bags of cloth and shoes, and handed it over to me, I try to kneel down and thank him, I wanted to show how grateful I was, nob©dy has ever gone shopping for me since I was born, the first person that ever bought something nice for me was Jerry which Aunty Koh pieces on my b©dy,
I have never own anything nice before,
 but my boss really surprised me by going to shop for me by himself when he could as well s£nd one of his house or office staffs or even s£nd me, I felt important, I felt I was someb©dy, it was an extra ordinary feeling which I can’t just explain, when I knelt down to thank him, he asked me to stand and gently told me never to kneel before him again because he is just an ordinary being like myself, he said he will give me money and his driver will take me to get other things that he couldn’t get for me, like the undies, p@n-ts, br@ and some sanitary pad,

It was mind b!owing, just imagine myself in one of his cars, and his driver driving me to a shop almost takes my breath away,
 I can’t remember owing a new p@n-ts except what aunty Koh and her daughter gives me, most of them are mostly worn out especially Aunty Koh’s own, even though her p@n-ts are over size for me she will ask me to mend it with nee-dle and thre-ad until it becomes my size, and I will gladly do that, and I’m always happy and grateful when I’m given anything, I will always go to her, kneel down to thank her because that’s what she requires of me, when I started my monthly flow some years back and I told her she scolded me for telling her because she’s not my mother, she said I was disgusting her the more by telling her such thing,
so I was suppose to sort myself out and I started with the tissue papers but she bans me from tou-ching her tissue, she said I was wasting her husband’s money, after being ban from tissues I went to my corner and pieces most of my cotton cloths, and I started using it, Aunty koh never asked me what I use, but she always check her tissue papers to make sure I don’t t©uçh them,
I watch her buy sanitary pad for Lano her daughter and I stole one piece from her one day and she didn’t notice, the following month I stole two pieces of it and she found out and told her mum and it landed me in a serious beating, I’m not the bosty type, so i don’t wear br@,
maybe because the one i got from Lano who felt she’s doing me a favour by given me her old stuffs was bad, Lano was bosty like her mum, one of the br@ Lano gave me, the iron pin from it almost injured me, and no matter how I sew it up or amend it, the iron will still pu-ll out, I have to dump it and start wearing big cloths instead where my small br£@st won’t be easily noticed,
well I was always getting into trouble in that house, nothing I do is ever good, I was always a nob©dy, an ugly bastard who will eventually end up like her mother, this was always there believe which I sometime agrees with them, on being a nob©dy but I wanted to make sure I don’t end up like the picture they created of me
just sitting down and holding the money that my boss gave me to go shop for undies and other things made me to flash back
It brou-ght sad tears to my eyes and I quic-kly clean it up,
is a terrible world we live in but not everyb©dy in it are bad,

I was still looking out for Jerry and who ended up not coming and even the following day he didn’t show up,
My boss told me to let him know any day I’m re-ady to go with the driver to buy my stuff so that he can re-lease him for me,
 I almost ask my boss about Jerry after one week,
I was so worried about him, I haven’t seeing him since I started staying with my boss, what could be the problem, I hope I didn’t offend him
One evening after ma-king dinner and cleaning up the whole place i started praying for jerry to show up, I was still hoping and praying that Jerry will come but he ended up not coming again

The following day was weekend ma-king it two weeks, I have alre-ady made up my mind to ask my boss, after ma-king breakfast that morning I was trying to rehearse the way I will ask my boss about Jerry so that he won’t be offended or even collect Jerry’s number so that i can call him with Ben or puff the kind security guard’s phone,
just when I muster courage to go meet my boss I saw a car driving into the compound, and he was the one, it was Jerry, my joy was full and I screamed before running out, my boss was just laughing at me
I couldn’t contend myself on seeing him, I ran outside and threw myself into his arm, he held me so ti-ght, I Almost thought I will disappear inside his b©dy,
And when he re-leased me I was in tears while he was smiling, he wiped the tears with the back of his hand,

“I’m glad to see you Pia, hope those are tears of joy, it better be because nob©dy will bother you ever again, you are safe now, you look good by the way, I trust Mr Ken, your boss, he is taking good care of you…

” I thought i will never see you again, I have being worried sick, I’m so happy to see you Jerry… Where have you being…oh Jerry… Thank you…thank you so much for all your kindness God will definitely reward you, I owe you greatly…

“Shhh…you owe me nothing Pia, I’m so happy to know you are fine, God always have a way of caring for his people, he answered my prayer over you, our path crossed for such a time as this, that you may come to know him and un-derstand God loves you just as you are, I was suppose to travel but postponed it because of you, I felt in my spirit something was wrong, and I started digging, well all glory to God for leading you out of what could have destroy or harm you, i c@m£ immediately Mr Ken called me that you are here, I went to your quarter and saw you on your kneel… slee-ping, it was a sight to behold, I gently l@yyou on the be-d before covering you up and leaving you to sleep in peace, I felt happy and my mind was at rest, so knowing you are in safe hands, I have nothing to worry about again, I just went home and thank God and i traveled the following morning for work and c@m£ back yesterday…

he held my hand as we walked in to the house, he greeted my boss who was smiling and gave him a handshake, and he ask him if he was able to finish the job he traveled for and he replied affirmatively, Jerry also greeted Richie, my boss younger brother who glanced towards me before replying,

After the whole plea-santries I couldn’t wait to take him outside and have a long gist with him,
 I remembered the money my boss gave me for my extra shopping was still with me, maybe I could ask Jerry to take me instead of his driver, it only depends if Jerry is free for a ride,
After I was done with the little chores, I whispered to Jerry if we can go for a ride and he said he will love to,
So I quic-kly took permission from my boss who said it was fine, and told me not to stay late outside, I as-sured him I won’t, Richie my boss brother said he was going for shopping tomorrow I should Wait till then so that he can take me but I just thanked him for his surprisingly kindness, and told him I will go with him next time, I’m going with Jerry today.

I will rather go with Jerry than with Richie, who recently looks at me in a way I don’t un-derstand

I rushed to my quarter and got dressed, before leaving with Jerry, he was the first to speak

“You are adding up, looking more fresh and beautiful compare to the last time I saw you, and you also look relaxed and happy…I can’t st©p saying that,

” thanks to you Jerry, you are God s£nt to me…I can’t st©p saying that too

We both laughed at same time as he drove me down

“So where I’m I taking princes pia to…

I laughed even more with the way he attached princess to my name,

” we are going for shopping, my boss gave me enough money to go and buy what I will nee-d…..even after he got me lots of stuffs, so I just want to go and buy some personal things,

“Wow…I will select good “personal things” for you, don’t worry, I’m always here for you, I’m glad to be your boy, your driver, your hand bag…and your friend…hope you will buy some personal thing for me too…

I laughed even more just hearing him say all that, and he said it in a funny way, he also laughed, I felt so free with him, he was my second best friend after June, I’m so happy to be sitting beside him,

” I feel so happy watching you laugh, I know sadness is the thing if the past now, joy has come to stay in your life Pia…

And with his word I said a very loud Amen, still with a smile and I know even God heard it.


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