Pia – episode 8


When I finally got to the big house, two securities where on duty, one of the security boy, who was younger didn’t want to allow me in maybe because of the way I was looking unkempt , the other man told him to allow me in but he insisted on s£nding me away, and was acting as if I I c@m£ to beg for money,
he looked at me as if I was disgusting him, and pushed me off as I held the gate, the older man scolded him for being so harsh on me but he didn’t pay him any attention, he just wanted to make sure I leave,
As the whole thing was going on I saw my boss younger brother driving him, he just looked at me and didn’t give me a second look as he ignored my existent,
it was normal and i was use to being treated as trash and nob©dy,
as they opened the gate wi-de for him to drive in, the older man asked me to come inside maybe my boss brother may help me but he wasn’t looking like someone who wanted to help me, he has always given me a cold look, and I know he doesn’t like me or he doesn’t care like unlike his elder brother,
The older man who was nice to me, who’s name was Puff, went to meet my boss brother as he stepped down from his car,
he said something to him and he glance towards me before walking away, Puff c@m£ back and ask me to wait because Richie, my boss brother want to go and inform his elder brother first, the young rude security boy does not even want to see me anywhere in the compound Even after Puff told him that the boss has not being informed of my pres£nce and the boss will have the final say not them,
“let the boss decide if he still wants her or not”
As they argued I just kept mute and pray silently to the God Jerry and June believed in, I just pray that if God really care about me he should help me to find favour before my boss,
Even my own prayer sounded funny in my ears, because all I did was to stutter, I didn’t even know what exactly i was even saying I just hope that God un-derstands my de-epest sadness
A mare look from my boss and I will be put off, I looked crazy with my appearance, I looked very dirty and sad,
After sometime Ben the butler c@m£ out, he smiled on seeing me, he was the only person that seem cool seeing me, he told me he thought I wasn’t going to come back again, he boldly said he was happy to see me and I really felt relieved, Ben told me that the boss asked me to come in he has being hoping I will come back, so I quic-kly followed him
The boss was seating at the living room with his brother who never bother to glance up at me, his eyes was glued to his phone
Immediately my boss saw me he frown, and gave a sign of relieved, he looked at me for sometime before asking me what happened to me, he said Jerry has being looking for me,
I tried to explain myself but I didn’t even know how to start, tears filled my eyes and as I wanted to held it back it gave way and poured down from my face,
I bent my head and my boss asked me not to explain again until I’m calm, he asked Ben to take me to the staff quarters where I can have my bath, he said I should take my time he will be available when I’m re-ady to talk,
I followed Ben and was shown where to refresh, there was everything in the staff quarters except female cloth, it seems that Ben re-ad my thought and told me he Will arrange what I will wear, and by the time I’m done bathing I saw a short flower go-wn with leggings lying on the well dressed be-d, and there was a White flat Snickers beside the be-d, I took time to cream myself and apply hair cream, everything I nee-ded was in the room, I combe-d my hair properly before wearing the fine dress and the white flat snickers which was bigger than my leg, I took tissue paper and stuff in the shoe, i put enough tissue paper in the shoe so that it can fit in well for me, after trying shoes on again, it was a bit loose but I can manage to walk in it, it was 7:41pm as I checked the wall clock,
Everything looked as if they are mistaken me for an important person by getting me a very fine cloth and shoe, and also allowing me to take a good bath, which enables me to scru-bbe-d my b©dy very well and I felt clean enough, I dried myself with the towel i saw there, i also brushed my mouth,
it was like a movie to me, i don’t know how the cloth was quic-kly arrange and also the shoe but I was so grateful for everything and I felt so thankful and decided to kneel down and thank God for helping me to find favour before my boss,
as I knelt down beside the be-d after saying few words I dozed off, I sle-pt off while still on my knees
When I woke up it was the following morning and I wasn’t knelling again I was laying on the well dressed be-d, I was covered up with a duvet, my shoe was on the floor, I was still on my fine dress,
I bec@m£ scared as I looked round the room, I try to recollect where I was, and when reality settles in, I ran to the bathroom, before rushing out, I totally forgot that I was ba-refooted
I have oversle-pt, I was suppose to go to the boss yesterday after he showed me kindness but I wanted to thank God first but end up slee-ping off, and someone l@yme on the be-d and covered me up, because i know i wouldn’t have dare l@ydown on such a well dressed fine be-d, i would rather sleep on the ground,
who could have done such a kind deed to someone like me, I don’t deserve such act of kindness, I hope my boss will not be angry with me, he has not even told me if I’m staying or not and I’m alre-ady slee-ping on the be-d, when he didn’t give me permission to,
who knows what will happen to me, he may even s£nd me back into the Street,
“God plea-se I nee-d your help again, save me this time and I will really kneel down to thank you, I will prostrate and roll in the dust if that will be plea-sing to you, plea-se save me Lord”
I silently prayed, When I got into the main building my boss was alre-ady dressed for the day he was going out, and on seeing me in the new dress and ba-refooted he smile and ask me to go and wear sli-ppers instead of being on ba-refooted, he said he knows that the shoe is probably not my size,
he said on his way back he will get me new things, he asked for my shoe size and I told him,
he said I should not bother about working today, I should go and take enough rest, and eat anything available, that Ben will make food today and I will start up tomorrow
I was shock as I hear him speak to me in that kind manner,
is he really talking to me r someb©dy else, I wasn’t expecting such kindness, being treated as if I really matter, he spoke to me as if I’m worth something, I stood there as he walked up to me stood in front of me, i bent my head and he asked me to look up at him and I did, as I looked closely at him, he will be almost same age with Aunty Koh’s husband or even less, I wonder where his Wife and children are, maybe they are outside the country or in different city, or probably he doesn’t have one, he built a very big house and he is yet to bring in his family to live with him which is non of my business if he has a family or not, my wish is that he doesn’t get angry with me and s£nd me away, he looked at me de-eply before saying
“Pia, you are safe now, jerry has being st©pping by everyday asking of you since the last time you were last seeing here, he was so worried about you and said you are probably in danger, he was able to get the address where you live and went there yesterday only to be told you stole, and almost killed your madam and her kids before running away with a hvge amount of money, jerry felt something was wrong and didn’t believe their story, a little girl met him by the gate as he was about to leave and she said her name was June, she briefed Jerry all you went throu-gh and she st©pped talking immediately she saw her elder sister coming and shouting at her, she ran back to the house, and Jerry has being looking for you since yesterday, I quic-k called him when you c@m£ in yesterday that you are here and he c@m£ last night, Ben took him to the staff quarters where you are, when he c@m£ back he said you were alre-ady asleep and he was really happy and relief before leaving, he was happy that you are safe and sound, we all are happy, …I don’t want to know what happened to you any more but just know that nob©dy will hurt you as far as you are un-der my roof, you will always be safe here, so feel free and relax because I’m not angry or worried I’m happy to see you again, I don’t know why but I’m happy that you c@m£ back here, I’m going out and Will see you when I return, go back and rest everything Will be alright”
It sound so unbelievable, could this actually be real, oh my God, so it was Jerry that put me on the be-d and covered me up with a duvet,
I know I haven’t really being praying or even believing but whoever that has being praying for me is doing a great job at it,
Jerry and June are obviously God s£nt to me, and i Will forever be indebted to them

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