Pia – episode 7

Episode 7

I walked until I was so tired, I didn’t even know where I was going, I was moving as if I have a place in mind, evening c@m£ then night settled and I was still going,

 I climbe-d a pedestrian bridge and climbe-d down again, I was tired from a long walk and nee-ded a place to sleep, I don’t have appetite for food neither do i even have anything to eat, all that I cared about was a place to l@ymy head,

 I looked un-der the bridge if there was a place for me but I wasn’t comfortable with the kind of men smoking around there, I try to hang around to see if they will leave so that I can go and check for a place to sleep but it was as if they also sleeps un-der the bridge too,
I bec@m£ scared as I saw retarded looking woman, she was mentally ill, she c@m£ to pitch her own tent too un-der the bridge,
later another mentally ill man c@m£ and went to his slee-ping space,
 I hide and watch as the smoking men also spre-ad a cartons un-der the bridge and l@ydown to sleep, the sound of speeding cars, the mad man singing so loudly from his space, the mad woman talking to herself and laughing out loud, everywhere was so noisy, after five minutes two of the smoking men who alre-ady fell asleep started a snoring competition, they were three but the two men’s snore was echoing like a trumpet sound, everyb©dy around here were really crazy maybe I’m also going crazy,

I quietly walked to a space far from the crazy people, with the help of the road light I was able to clear some dirts,

 I wish I will become invisible tonight just to feel safe, I was scared but I have no regret leaving Aunty Koh’s house, she would have kill me anyway and nob©dy will question her,
 I will rather end up in the street than to be un-der Aunty Koh’s roof, is a very deadly place for some one like me to live in, I don’t want to die yet, I still want to experience what real happiness feels like,
I was able to get empty cartons and spre-ad on the floor to sleep,
I was too scared I couldn’t even close my eyes,
and when I finally fell asleep I was awoken by someb©dy tou-ching me, and as I open my eyes it was the mad man, smiling and ex-posing his brown teeth,
it was not day break yet, darkness has not cleared off,
I was shock and wondered how the mad man got to know that i was laying down there, I tried to move back and look for any stick to scare him but he look like he was about to devour me, he was looking like he has seeing a treasure as he stretch his hands beckoning me

“my love..come…come to your husband.. Come and do your wife duty to me…my pumpkin…your husband nee-d you..Come and t©uçh me…don’t be scared my pumpkin…come..

He kept saying that while still showcasing his brown ugly looking teeth, he looks so disgusting with the way he says that while holding his man-hood and l!çk!ng hisl-ips..

I was scared but I have to be br@ve, if I don’t do something quic-k he may pounce on me,
as he got closer and gr@bb£d me I screamed so loud while trying to get away with the little strength left in me,

I kept screaming so loud which woke the smokers up, they ran down to where I was struggling with the crazy man, one of the men gave him a ha-rd b!ow which s£nt him to the ground, he swore and cursed un-der his breath before leaving as the men pushed him away,

After the mad man left the men started talking within themselves, they were three men, two wanted to have their way with me, they asked me what I will offer them for saving me from the mad man,

 they wanted to have turns with me,
When I thought I have overcome a problem another one will surface,

 the heart of men are filled with so much wickedness, I know I can’t escape from them, I was frail, thin and weak to fight, my head aches, I have pains all over me from the beaten I got from aunty Koh, I just stood there daring the worst to happen,
 but the other man who punched the mad man tried in defending me he gave me a sign to run, and he stood in front of the other two men as they argue on who to go first with me, the good man created enough space for me to run away and I did,

They two bad men try to run after me but a fight erupt between them and the good plumpy guy, I ran as my leg could carry me until I was far away from them, I kept moving until the day light settled in,

 where I’m going or what to eat I don’t know, my head ache heavily, I felt tired and dizzy, my happiness was that I wasn’t r@p£ by those crazy people, thank God someb©dy stood up for me,

I wish I can see Jerry right now, i wish I have money to transport myself to my work place, I will kneel down and beg the older man to allow me to work, If he refuse to take me back I will beg him to give me Jerry’s number, if I get the number i will call Jerry, he may be able to help me but the problem now how do I even get money for transport,

I saw a place to sit and i sat and held my head, a sachet water seller pas-sed by and I pleaded for one water and I was later given, I drank de-eply and poured the remaining on my aching head and washed my face, and the water helped a great deal, I was never allowed to make hair in Aunty Koh’s house, so I was always on low cut which was okay by me, I easily pour water on my head after Aunty Koh’s usual beating, and it always suit me better,

snacks seller pas-sed and i begged for some but i was ignored, I begged some pas-serby for some small amount of money but no one pays me any attention,

 i was still thinking of what to do while sitting down there, I unknowingly put my hand in my long go-wn left pocket which was half torn and I felt something inside the pocket
I quic-kly pu-ll-ed my hand out with whatever it was and it happens to be the small pouch that June gave me which I never bother to open,
 I put it into my pocket after she gave it to me and totally forgot about it
 I gently opened it to check what exactly was inside the pouch, and to my greatest surprise there was a paper something was written on it and then there was small amount of money which I guess was her snacks money she saved up and put in there, I opened the pieces of paper and re-ad it gently
  that was what June wrote on the small piece of paper.

I felt like crying but held back my tears as I saw a drawing which June drew with a pencil, a bigger girl holding a smaller girl which I as-sume was me and she,
I allowed a tear to drop, I felt like really crying out loud but cry will not help my pres£nt situation,
the money in the pouch was enough to transport me down to the place I intended to go,
So I stood up but I felt dizzy as darkness clouded my vision, I quic-kly sat back, and allow the dizziness to settle, I saw people Hawking fruits and malt drink, I bought something just to eat, so that I can be energize to continue my journey,

After eating something I went to the park where I entered bus which will convey me down
I still have headache but it has st©pped a little, I was happy to have gotten the miracle money from June’s pouch, which will help me greatly,
June is my little angel,

I felt safe knowing well that someb©dy is actually praying for me.

Even if God doesn’t listen to my own plead for mercy I know he will listen to little June, a kind little girl.


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