Pia – episode 4


“You were Lucky to have meet up…I was alre-ady leaving… Being waiting for you over twenty five minutes…we agreed on a time Pia…what kept you so late…
“I’m sorry sir…I was so busy with chores…sorry..
” don’t call me sir…always call me jerry, you nee-d to try and be keeping to time because the person we are going to meet is a no nons-en-se man, his younger brother lives with him and they are both difficult to plea-se but if you really nee-ded the job you have to keep to time and do your work well…like you said you nee-d the money to support your family so the ball is in your Court….Pia
When we finally got there, it was a fine new house, upstairs and the compound was big, a young guy who was on black and white, ushered us to the well decorated sitting room, he said we should feel comfortable while he inform his boss of our arrival, Jerry Sat down and I stood, he asked me to sit so I just sat with my hands clutched together in front of me,
After sometime a tall hvge looking man c@m£ from the stairs, Jerry stood up and greeted him, I stand because I wasn’t comfortable at first sitting on such a lovely big chairs, back at home I’m not allowed to sit on the sitting room so I felt uncomfortable sitting down now, the man asked me to sit, i looked at Jerry and he nodded for me to sit so I sat back but I wasn’t relaxed
The man called his butler, who’s name was Ben to get us drink, he asked me what I wanted but I told him I don’t want anything, Jerry spoke up for me and said I will take malt while he will take fruit beer, and it was served chilled to us, I just held the can malt in my hand without bothering to open it while Jerry sip his drink, the man looked at me from head to toe, he told Jerry that I was too young for the job, he said I look un-der age, too slim and malnourish, Jerry told him that I can do the job, he told him not to conclude yet because of my appearance until he gives me a trial first, I prayed silently to a God I didn’t really believe in, I just nee-ded some sort of miracle at that moment, he looked at me again before asking me how old I was, I have to lie or I will never get the job
“I’m twenty years sir, this is my real stature, is a family thing, we are not fat people in my family,
He asked me if I can cook, and I answered affirmatively, he asked me other things I can do and I started listing before he st©pped me, he said he will give me a try first which will determined if he will give me the job or not, he asked me to come the following day, around 8am and start,
As he was still talking, a young boy c@m£ down from upstairs, car key in hand, I as-sume he was the Man’s younger brother that Jerry spoke off, they both look alike, he told his brother that he was going out, he glanced towards me before heading out,
Me and Jerry later left, my malt was still in my hand because I didn’t drink it neither did I drop it, I was quiet as I began to think how I Will be able to leave the house early and resume by 8am, Aunty Koh will not allow me, Jerry noticed my countenance and asked what the problem is, I told him the impossibility of me resuming at the agreed time, he told me not to worry he will drop me off on his way to work, Jerry doesn’t un-derstand my plight yet, is not about dropping me off is about Aunty Koh, but I can’t tell him that now, but I thanked him for his kindness, he dropped me off far from my bust©p and said he was going to some where, he gave me money to continue my journey home, before I go down he asked me a question
“Do you pray.. Pia..do you believe in God…
” I don’t know how to pray…I don’t even know if God truly exist…because if he does why do he allow bad things to happen to good people…?
“Hmmm.. I can’t answer your question… Just take everything that ever brothers you to God…he always have answers to all question… Do me a favour, pray to night and commit your new job to God…tell him how you feel..i
” Jerry…I’m sorry… I st©pped praying long time ago, when I got tired of talking to a God who never cares about me…is really sad but is the truth…I have forgotten how to pray…
“Then just go home… I will pray for you Pia, you will always be in my prayers. I don’t know what troubles you but I know you will find peace in him…I will see you tomorrow Pia…
” thank you Jerry, I may not come out at the exact time but plea-se do not leave, just wait and I will come running like I did today…
Jerry nodded before driving off, as he drove out if sight I opened the malt that was still in my hand and gulp down everything at a go, I belched twice before walking away,
My aunty may want to starve me again today so I used p@rt of the money Jerry gave me to buy food, I ate very well before leaving,
I noticed one woman was looking at me, she was also buying food, but I didn’t pay her attention,
As I got close to the house my heart beat increase,
It was alre-ady evening and night has come to settle, I knew my aunty Will kill me today,
But as I opened the gate her car was not in the garage, which means she was not back yet,
I quic-kly walked throu-gh the backyard to my corner where I sleep, I change up immediately and wanted to go and continue the ironing before she comes back, I heard her car horn,
she was alre-ady driving in and her husband was driving behind her, I ran to the ironing table and to My surprise, the cloths were not there, Lano and Midi were busy with their favorite television series,
as I was still wondering who packed up the cloth June c@m£ out from her room smiling,
“Don’t worry mummy Will not hurt you today, I ironed and took the cloths to where they suppose to be, the ones I couldn’t iron I fold it up like that, I always watch you doing the ironing sometime so I learnt how to it, I knew you were suppose to iron them so I closed the parlour curtain so that Lano and Midi will not know I was the one doing the ironing, when they were hungry and started shouting your name I made cereals for them as they sat there watching television, they thought you where the one that made the cereals and gave me to serve them, and i also collected their plates and wash when they were done… I also…
Before she could speak further I gently drew her into a hvg with tears in my eyes, I can’t thank her enough.
Maybe truly there was a God watching over me
Jerry might be right.
Tonight I Will go on my knees and thank him for using Jerry and June to favour me today

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