Pia – episode 14

Episode 14

Jerry was busy with work the day I was suppose to go meet with Cecelia, June gave me the necessary information about how to locate her,
My Dad got a car for me and a well built driver, who looks like a bouncer, my dad thinks i nee-d a b©dy guard, so he got the hvge man, who will be driving me for the main time before I leave the country, I told him I don’t nee-d a b©dy guard or a driver because two months from now I will be gone, I insisted so he decided to teach me how to drive by himself and Jerry too thought me in his spare time,
now I know how to drive, ,
So I drove my car to see Cecelia, it was a two hours drive, i still put the learners sign as daddy insisted,
i parked at a place waiting for her, June told me that she Will be going to the market today so i waited,
After sometime I saw slender lady, not more than twenty eight or thirty, she was walking so fast, I guess that was her, she fit into the picture, just the way June describe-d her, so I quic-kly c@m£ down and waited until she got closer

“Hi…Cecelia.. I’m Pia, I don’t nee-d to ask you how you are doing because the answer is obviously written on you, June s£nt me to you, the girl has being praying for you and God has answered her prayers again, I guess you are going to the market..

” hmm..yes ma..

“I’m not ma, don’t call me ma call me Pia, and I’m here to help you, I once live with Aunty Koh and her family for almost ten years, it was years of hell for me too, she’s not just being wicked to you wickedness lives in her, she’s ill tempered I don’t know if she will ever gets better

” I have ha-rd so many things about you Pia, so many bad things from Aunty Koh which I can’t really tell you, but June.. Oh June she’s just a sweet loving child unlike her siblings, she told me not to believe anything her mother says about you, and she do tell me that she’s praying for me but I never takes her serious, what can a prayer of a little girl do,

“Do not un-derestimated the power of prayer and positive words, is one of the reasons I’m still breathing, I use to doubt like you but today I can loud it with a trumpet that God is not dead, he sees and he hears, so are you re-ady to get the freedom you yawn for, are you re-ady to be Free from aunty Koh, I got job and accommodation for you, and you will never go hungry again, I don’t want to f0rç£ anything on you Cecelia, you nee-d to make this decision yourself, you nee-d to make a choice,

” I have always wanted freedom, yes I’m re-ady even now if is real, I so much want to be free but realize there’s no freedom in this world, life is so difficult, I don’t even know how to smile again, I have live with different people and being with different people, and I learnt that people will always treat you like trash when they realize that you are a nob©dy, i have being so unlucky with everything, with love too, empty promises Pia, some men will promise heaven and earth to you before crossing your leg but once they achieved that they bid you goodbye leaving you shattered, having nob©dy to call for help in time of nee-d is just another painful p@rt of life to the unfortunate, I was stranded then I heard a woman was looking for maid, and it was Aunty Koh, the first time I met her she seem like a nice person, I was happy, she told me she will be paying me a certain amount, which was little because she will be accommod@t!ngand feeding me and I jumped at the offer, even if she doesn’t pay me but having food to eat and a place to l@ymy head would have being OK for me, is being a terrible experience so far Pia, I can’t describe-d how terrible it has being, she sl@ps me and stone me with anything that is at her reach, she threw her high hill shoe on me last week and it landed on my head and I was in pu-ll of my own blood, I could have being gone but where will i go to, nowhere, I loose hope on God, if he ever existed is not for someb©dy like me, why will a loving God watch bad things happen to good people, the evil people keep prospering and the poor keep being their servants… Is saddening..I have no friend, no parents or even relatives, life is not fair

“I use to ask God such questions too but that never st©p him from being God, God does things according to his own timing not your own, and this is God’s time for you to smile again Cecelia, i Will drive you down to the market and you will buy all you were s£nt to buy and I will give you extra Cash to buy even more things for aunty Koh, that will be your goodbye gift to them, she always say her maids steals from her so I want us to dry words from her mouth, let’s surprise her, by the time she Sees all the whole packs filled with food stuffs and wears she will remain speechless for the rest of her life, after the whole shopping I will drive you back and help you offload everything, then you will carry everything inside, once you are done just come out let’s start going, I will be Waiting for you,

And that’s what happened, Cecelia was out after she did as I told her, as she stepped out if the gate I watch her re-moved her sandals in front of Aunty Koh’s gate, she cl@p the two sandals together like she was dusting it at same time saying something’s after she was done she wore her sandals back and c@m£ to join me in the car, I quic-kly asked her the meaning of what she just did and she said she dust off every bad luck from Aunty Koh and family that will follow her, and she prayed that aunty Koh will never find another child born of a woman to use as slave again,
I just laugh and we drove home, the journey back home took another two hours drive,
Cecelia quic-kly settles in, she was going to be living in the staff quarters, my Dad and everyb©dy in the house were cool with Cecelia as she began work,

Just about six weeks and I Will be leaving, Jerry hasn’t being himself of recent, I noticed and asked him if he was alright and he smiled and nodded,

dad’s friend always visit with his son who is two years older than me, the young man who’s name was Frank studied abroad and he speaks like the Americans, he was also handsome and Frank father want me to go on a d@t£ with Frank before traveling out, he said it in a funny way but I know he meant it, Jerry who has being acting so cold of recent was also there, Jerry stood up and went outside,
I know he is worried because I will soon be off and he doesn’t know how to tell me his concern about me leaving, I will really miss him too, yes, i will, but is just for few years and I will be back, i will still be visiting home too,
Frank took a walk with me one day and he held my hand as we walk round the big compound, he told me he’s in love with me, I just smile because i don’t feel same way,
 I feel so connected with Jerry not Frank, I told Dad to tell his friend that I can not d@t£ his son because I’m d@t!ngsomeb©dy alre-ady even though that was a lie, Dad laughed and ask me to be bold enough to tell Frank how how i feel, i shouldn’t be scared of anyb©dy, because one day and very soon i will be in charge of his business,
so one day Jerry visited, he wanted us to spend cool time together before I travel, so I was sitting by the swimming pool gisting with Jerry when Frank drove in and walked up to me, he suddenly bent over and k!$$£d my two cheeks and just when he was coming to my mouth I sat up, Jerry excused us and walked away, I was not happy that Jerry left
So I used that opportunity to tell Frank that we can’t be lovers, I can’t love him the way he want and I’m alre-ady in a relationsh!p, he was not happy and pleaded but heaven has sealed my word because I wasn’t going to change my mind for anything, not so easy, love suppose to be mutual not one sided,
 because his dad is well connected and a friend to my dad and he want to seal their friendsh!pby wanting his son to marry me, Frank is alre-ady acting like he owns me, I don’t like that, Dad wants me to handle this myself and that’s what I’m doing

Jerry was inside his car when I met him, I apologies for the interruption and he smile and said he just want me to be happy, I don’t un-derstand him because I’m Happy,
 he looked at me like he has never did before, I even thought he was going to k!ssme, he looked at my eyes and down to my mouth, he then took my hands into his and at that moments I thought he was going to say what I have always wanted him to tell me but he just open his mouth shut it again, then he closed his eyes for few seconds ru-bbe-d his hand together, he was uncomfortable, he wants to say something whatever it was he was struggling to say it,
He later asked me if I will like some sea food and I nodded even though I just want to make him happy, and that is not what he wanted to tell me, so he drove me down to sea food restaurant

I know Frank will not easily give up, he will keep trying until he wins me over
And all I wish is for Jerry to tell me whatever that is bothering him before I travel out, Jerry is very outspoken I just wonder why he is finding it difficult of recent to speak to me,
I know I love him but I’m waiting for him to tell me how he feels first
Until then I have to get re-ady for my journey which is a week from now.


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