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July 24, 2021


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Personal assistant finale

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When Elizabeth’s phone buzzed in the drawer

of her desk she didn’t notice it doing so. Nor

did she know the impact of the message. So it

is safe to say that at that point she was

completely unaware of what was about


At that very moment, she was in a meeting. In

fact, she wouldn’t read that text until that

afternoon. Some say ignorance is bliss…

James, on the other hand, was quite on edge.

Ever since that meeting had ended he had

wanted answers. Sure he might be

overreacting, but why hadn’t she told him

anything about that?

He sat behind his desk, staring out of the

window behind him when there was a knock

on the door. “Come in,” he said not turning


“Sir, it’s 6, would it be alright if I leave?” His

assistant asked tentatively.

“Yeah.” He said slightly dazed. “I mean yes!”

He said looking up at her. “Yes you may.”

The girl nodded and was about to leave.

“Wait!” He said suddenly remembering


The young woman stiffened as he said that,

she had been working for him for a month now

and she had been on edge quite a large

amount of that time. Sure being a P.A. is

demanding, but being a P.A. for this man was

downright terrifying. He had fired quite a few

P.A.’s after his old one left. Adding to that,

knowing that he once had the ‘perfect’

assistant, doesn’t really brighten spirits.

So when he told her to wait she feared the


“Before you leave, did you write down my

appointment with Mr. Johnson?” He said.

The young lady released a breath she didn’t

even know that she was holding. “Yes I did sir.

Friday the 8th at 15:00 sharp.”

“Thank you, Marion, see you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow sir.” She nodded quietly

before leaving the room.

At around six pm Elizabeth got back to her

phone, quickly grabbing it before leaving the

building. With bag in one hand and phone in

the other, she walked into the parking garage

and over her car. She quickly opened her car

door and stepped inside the vehicle.

She was about to put her phone away when

she noticed the text by James.

We need to talk….

That doesn’t sound to good… She thought to

herself as she read it. What would there be

wrong? She wondered as she debated calling

him for a moment. Deciding that she would

see him at home she drove out of the garage

and to her appartment.

Once she reached the lobby she smiled at

Wallace who greeted her kindly, before saying,

“The skies are dark today ma’m, they’re dark

as can be. ”

“Wallace what are you talking about the sun is

shining bright.”

“I know ma’m I know.” he said pointing up.

It then clicked in her head that he was most

likely talking about James.

“Ah I see, thank you Wallace.”

“Allways ma’m.”

Elizabeth breathed in a big gulp of air as she

put the key into the door. Softly she turned the

key, not wanting to be heard.

The door opened slowly and Elizabeth stepped

in. She put her bag away and walked further

into the appartment. All the way over to James

who was sitting on the couch legs spread.

“We need to talk.” He repeated to her as she

walked over to him.

Sitting accros from him he said, “About what?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He asked her leaning forward.

“Didn’t tell you what?” She said crossing her


“Don’t pretend, Elizabeth you know damn well

what I am talking about.” He said getting up

from the couch.

“Pretend? Pretend? How old are you? Tell me

what bothers you.”

“The job offer why didn’t you tell me?” James


“Ah now I see.” Elizabeth said getting up. “You

heard about that and thought that I had took


“That I don’t know, but why didn’t you tell me

is what bothered me.”

“I didn’t tell you because I needed time to

think. I needed time to think what I want.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to be happy.” She said leaning against

the edge of her kitchen table.

“I want you to be that too.” James said looking

at her. “I’ll won’t stop you if you want to move

there. I’ll buy us a nice house there.” He

started but was cut of by Elizabeth.

“See that’s not what I want. I don’t think that

will make me happy.” She said walking over to

him. “You see, I don’t care much about money.

You know. Because money can’t buy me love.”

She smiled. “And I think… That I’m happy and

that I’ll remain happy right here where I am.

That’s why I called Mr. Urrick this morning to

decline his offer.”

At that moment she was standing face to face

with him. Slowly she wraped her arms around

his neck. “I told him that I’m happy to stay

right where I am.”

“God I love you…” James said right before

kissing her pasionatelly.








Three months later….

“Morning!” Elizabeth said to Natalie as she

walked into the McGregor building.

“Morning! What are you doing here? Don’t you

have a job to be at?” Natalie said confused but

smiling at her friend.

“I do, but I took the morning off.”

“You did now did you?”

“Yes. I did.” Elizabeth smiled.

“What’s the occasion?” Natalie said smiling as


“Well-” Elizabeth started but was cut off by

James who walked up behind her and placed

an arm around her waist.

“We’re going to check out a possible wedding

location.” He said kissing her on the cheek.

“That,” Elizabeth said right before kissing him

on the lips.

“I can’t believe it!” Natalie exclaimed. “O my

goodness, did you guys pick a date yet? Did

you pick a maid of honor yet?”

Elizabeth chuckled. “No, not yet and yes, yes I

did. Unless you don’t want to?”

“I’d be honored.” Natalie smiled. “I do have to

check if my boss will give me that day off

though.” She glanced at James.

“He’d better, else there will be no wedding at

all.” Elizabeth said.

“We can’t have that now can we?” James said.

“But we’ve got to go,” Elizabeth said. “So I’ll

see you tonight Natalie?”

“Yes, I’ll see you tonight.”

“This place is huge…” Elizabeth said, looking

around the gigantic room.

“Well we need a huge place. Else all the

people won’t fit.” James replied looking around

the room aswell.

“Who are you planning on inviting? The entire

state of New York?”

“Maybe…” James stated turning around to

look at her.

In response, Elizabeth chuckled and hit him

play fully on the chest.

“So Mr. and future Mrs. McGregor, do you like

our venue?” The elderly man behind them


“It is beautiful.”

“It’s sufficient.”

“James!” Elizabeth exclaimed, hitting him on

the chest once more. “Excuse my fiancé, he

hasn’t taken his pills today.”

The man chuckled and continued. “Very well, I

will leave you to alone for a moment.”

“So?” James asked as soon as the man left.

“So what?”

“So could you see yourself get married here?”

He asked placing his arm on the small of her

back, placing a kiss on her cheek.

“To tell you the truth I can hardly imagine

myself getting married at all.” She says

walking away from him. “But I do like this


“We could also go with a church.” James said

teasing her.

“Two atheists getting married in a church…”

She chuckled. “No this place will be just


Natalie smiled at the little piece of paper that

she held in her hand. It was rather simple,

white paper with black letters that read:

Elizabeth Waverton & James McGregor Jr.

would like to invite you to our wedding…

The card was rimmed with a gold line and had

all of the information on the inside.

She smiled to herself as she remembered how

it had all happened and how it all started.

Never would she ever have predicted this

outcome when James jr. came to take over his

fathers job. And now she was here, watching

as the hair dresser put the finishing touches on

her best friends hair.

She herself was already wearing her light blue

bridesmaids dress, and currently she was

patiently waiting. She was however surprised

when her phone started buzzing. Confused she

grabbed the thing from her purse.

The name on the screen was a name she knew

all to well. It was Patrick, one of James his

closest friends and actually his best man. “I’ll

be back in a sec.” She said to Elizabeth before

leaving the room and picking up the phone.


“How is everything going on that side?”

“Why do you ask?” She said rolling her eyes.

“Well James wanted to know…”

“I guessed as much. You can tell him that

everything is fine alright?”

And with that she hung up the phone and went

back inside.

“Who was that?” Elizabeth said smiling as she

turned around.

“Who do you think that it was?” Natalie asked

smiling at her.

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him that everything is alright.”

Elizabeth stared at herself in the mirror lost in

thought. This all somehow felt so surreal. She

smiled as she thought back to many of the fun

times that the two of them had had together

so far.

Thinking back to the time that he had met her

parents, she let out a small chuckle…

It had been not long ago when he finally met

them and to tell you the truth it had been long

overdue. Both of her parents were originally

from Illinois and she herself had lived there for

most of her childhood. Later on, in life, she

had moved to New York to pursue a career


Her parents had then stayed in Illinois and she

would only come home for the Holidays and

Thanksgiving. Then as time went on she

started celebrating them with James Sr. as he

had no one to celebrate those days with.

She would call her parents once in a while, but

to tell you the truth, she didn’t call them

enough anymore.

Then one day James had a business trip to

Chicago and then the subject of Elizabeth’s

parents came up. She never really talked about

them much, nor had she told James much

about them. So when she found out that he

was going on a trip in that direction she took

the opportunity to have him meet them.

“But I know virtually nothing about them…”

James said as they got on the plane.

“Well this is the perfect opportunity to get to

know them.” She said walking in after him.

“But do they know anything about me?”

“Not really.” She said sitting down. “Well

except for the magazines or things like that.

Though I can’t say for sure if they read that.”

“That’s comforting…”

Hours and quite a few miles later they stood

on the front porch waiting for the door to

open. As soon as they had knocked they heard

a dog barking and people talking. A few

seconds later the door opened, revealing

Elizabeth’s mother, overjoyed at the sight of

seeing her daughter.










Some time later…

“Mrs. McGregor, there’s a Mr. McGregor here

to see you,” Paul said, popping his head

around the corner with a smile on his face.

“Is he now?” Elizabeth said looking up from

her desk.

“Why yes, he is.” She heard James say as he

walked into her office.

“My my, are you here to pick me up?” She said

standing up from her desk.

“Why yes, yes I am.” He said as wrapped an

arm around his wife and kissed her.

“O god, I love you”

“I love you too. Now let’s get going to our new

house.” He said lifting her of off her feet,

taking her by surprise.

“Why?” She yelped.

“Why what?”

“Why did you pick me up.”

“Doesn’t the groom usually carry the wife over

the threshold?” He said smiling down at her.

“Yes, and you did that after we came home

from the wedding and when we went on

our honeymoon, and yesterday, not quite sure

why you did that.” She replied.

“But this is our first house together.” He said

starting to walk over to the elevator.

“Wait!” Elizabeth said, “I need my purse.”

He turned back still carrying her. She quickly

grabbed her purse and he turned back around


“Wait!” She said again. “Sorry I need to log


He sighed and turned back again, and she

quickly logged out on her computer. “You

know you’re making this less and less

romantic.” He said as they finally left for the


Sometime later they arrived at the mansion,

finally fully finished… Elizabeth was about to

exit the car when James yelled, wait! as he ran

around the car to her side and opened it.

“Milady.” He said with a bow.

“Why thank you.” She said smiling.

He extended his elbow and she hooked her

arm in his. Together they then walked to the

front door. From his pocked James got two

keys and handed one to Elizabeth. He then

unlocked the door with his and opened it.

Elizabeth was about to take a step in when he

swept her off of her feet and carried her in.

“Welcome home, Mrs. McGregor.”

“Welcome home, Mr. McGregor.”

Elizabeth was walking through the house,

wandering, taking everything in. Though the

general part of the house was designed by her,

a large part of the interior wasn’t. Sure most of

it was her, but James wanted to do

somethings himself.

Of course, Oscar and Natalie had helped him

with that, but the project was eventually taken

out of Elizabeth’s hand as he wanted to

surprise her.

So now she walked through the house taking

everything in. When she walked across the

room they had had a fight about before…

The door was slightly ajar and curiosity got the

best of her. Softly she pushed it open. She

didn’t know what to expect, but what she saw

surprised her…

The entire room was empty. It had white walls

and a wooden floor. There were three windows

and two doors both of which she didn’t know

where they led to.

He heels clicked on the wooden floor as she

walked over to one of the doors. She opened it

and noticed that behind it there was a small

bathroom. She was about to turn back around

when James stood behind her.

“God, you scared me.” She said putting a hand

over her heart.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to,” James said. “But I

wanted this room to be a surprise.”

“You left it empty.”

“I did.”


“So we could build whatever we want to build

here.” He said as they walked back into the

empty room. “It could be a study, a guest

room, or-”

But he was cut off by Elizabeth, “A baby


“Whatever you want.” He said, right before she

kissed him passionatly.




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